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Great place if you can enjoy all seasons - 5/1/2019
Moved here for a job at a defense contractor in 2017.
One Negative - you have to find a way to make the winter a positive - get the right gear and and outdoor winter activity.
After that the area is great. Low traffic, great waterway access, up and coming restaurant scene. People are not initially overly friendly, but generally honest and genuine when you get to know them. Culture and art, etc. Finger lakes region is Read More

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if you do not like seeing the sun you will love it - 3/15/2019
I lived in Rochester for 10 years. It is like going to a frozen wasteland. To imagine living there and to simulate the conditions crawl into your freezer and close the door for 9 months. The biggest event is a flower festival - the Lilac Festival - it will remind of retirement home. The most exciting thing to do on a Friday is to hang out at the Wegmans grocery Read More

There’s a whole other world out there! - 4/28/2018
I lived in Rochester the majority of my life thus far. Then, 5 years ago, I moved to Syracuse and found it to be worse. So eventually I made my way to Seattle and now I live in LA. After not suffering crappy cold/snowy winters the past 3 years, I know one thing! I would never go back to that craphole! So much better for everything else as well... I live in a real city, treat people, sunshine, palm trees, jobs! I mean “real” jobs with REAL pay! I’m well into the 6 figures... in Rochester, this would probably equivocate to $70k. Oh and I see the ocean every weekend, when I ride my bike on the 20 mike trail... in my shorts and t-shirt. So yeah better places... stay Read More

Unaware of the Poverty Rate - 12/7/2017
I commuted to Rochester, NY initially to visit a friend close to a decade ago and never left. When I first moved here, I was uneducated, had very little skills outside of kitchen work, and didn't excel in anything pertaining to positive aspects of my life that could also be career enhancements.

I became an engineer solely from my determination and dedication to my field of study. I somehow managed to overcome my impoverished state and, based on the charts above, earn a singular income that more than triples Rochester's median household income. Therefore, I truly cannot understand the poverty rate here. If I was able to fully succeed in life, then anybody can do it. Rochester, NY may not have much to offer, but what little the city does offer is more than enough for one to reap countless benefits, opportunities and amazing career options.

I highly recommend Rochester, NY to anybody who may feel as if they're stuck in their current daily struggles. You're not Read More

Me too - 6/4/2015
I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Loved it! (B ut I don't miss thge climate!) Marv Read More

Rochester was such a wonderful city in ages. - 1/29/2015
I am a Rochester native who was born and grew up in Rochester (now I live in Washington, DC and have been in the process of moving back to Honolulu, HI). Rochester used to be a wonderful city with many good companies such as Kodak, Xerox, Ragu's, Champion (sporting gears), IBM, French's (mustard and others), Motorola, Bauch & Lomb, and some good companies until the city became a very decayed city. Do you know why? Because the former mayor named Thomas Ryan, Jr. hurt the economy in the city for years and many stupid Rochesterians always kept voting him as a existing mayor. I had no idea why they always kept voting him for years. That is why he made the city very miserable. I am telling you the truth. His father, Thomas Ryan, Sr. as the Executive Director of Monroe County, also hurt the county lots. Many stupid people kept voting him just like his idiot son. If it was not for both of them, Rochester could have been the wonderful city for sure. The mayors after Mr. Ryan, Jr. Read More

breathtaking architect designed.... - 9/23/2014
Rochester, NY and esp. the east side suburbs, have some of the most beautiful architectural design, you will every find. The people are not overly friendly, like the midwest, but thats because they are back east. This is a very classy, and classic city. Lots of old money here. Many educated people, and your basic white collar city. Esp. white collar, on the east side burbs, and blue collar on the west side burbs. I lived in Fairport, NY. Fairy tale.. back in time, white collar environment, with people who obey the rules. Wonderful city for families..Need some big $$$$$$, though.. High taxes, but cheap housing in the city of Read More

Farmer's Markets as social event - 8/24/2014
I've been going to the Brighton Farmer's Market for a few years now. I prefer to support the local economy when possible and have come to rely on that connection to the people that grow and produce the food I buy.

The market is a manageable size with a zippy little assortment that goes beyond produce and fruit pies. Meats, dairy, baked goods that go above and beyond: croissants, hand pies, cake, crackers, biscotti; fresh juices, pasta, artisan chocolates, ice cream. I love all the organic, pesticide free and pastured offerings. There is always live music with space for kids to dance.

My favorite part is that it is dog friendly to the point that vendors ask where my dogs are when I leave them home. And they know that Sunday is Market day. It's a great family outing: they get socialized, we get socialized. We all share something to eat; maybe a breakfast sandwich, maybe an ice cream sandwich, possibly a little poutine. It's also a great place to meet other dog Read More

Dead City - 4/10/2014
I grew up in Greece, NY. I love the familiar streets and neighborhoods and colleges. But, the community, culture, and lifestyles have dwindled into single parenthood with women dominating the households. The majority of decent jobs here are service-based low-paying jobs with constant threats of outsourcing. The abundance of colleges pumps out more supply than the local market demands. So, just like me, so many graduates are bouncing out of Rochester to find friendlier, economically sound, and family-friendly geographies where graduates are appreciated and compensated fairly. $10-12 an hour for a Master graduate is not a reasonable wage. Too many call centers fill the job availabilities because of their rampant turnovers. You can choose from the 6th worst employer in the U.S. being ADT (Wall Street report), Verizon's ridiculous requirements of hiring before you can get a $28,000 a year job being micromanaged in a cubicle, Paychex's bureaucratic organization that thinks it is a god of Read More

Rochester use to be great, but not anymore do your - 10/8/2013
I have lived in Rochester for over 45 years, it use ot be great but not anymore. All major employers have either closed, relocated, gone bankrupt, or downsized. Gone are the days of good benefits, retirement, and a decent wage. Kodak use to employ over 60,000 but screwed it's retirees during bankruptcy. Rochester Tele, GM, and many others dis the same thing. If you like a low wage service job you can find one but don't count on any long term career. Many people in a variety of inductries reach a certain pay level and get laid off without prejudice. Sure real estate is cheep, until you get your tax bill, the school, town, and property taxes make up the difference in your payment for the low cost of housing and the high taxes keeps values low, don't expect much appreciation on your home, and if your don't live in the right neighborhood at the lowest pricve on the market good luck selling, with so many good paying jobs gone, no one can afford to spend a lot of money on a moderately Read More

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2575 Browncroft Blvd
Bed 5 | Bath 3

268 Jefferson Ter
Bed 3 | Bath 1

48 Margaret St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

35 Kinmont Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

139 Burlington Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

26 Club Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

494 Ballad Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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