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Visit - 7/13/2019
I came from buffalo New York home of the chicken wings and forgot my phone in the uber the people at the concert were very nice they let me and my friend and I leave and come back in so I could find my phone I finally got it back the next day I definitely will come back to visit Sincerely Christopher Read More

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People must have a weird view on what is beautifu - 4/5/2015
Saratoga springs is one of the safest cities to live in. You don't really have to worry about getting shot, mugged, assaulted (Those things do happen, but no where near the levels like in Troy Schenectady or Albany. Saratoga is a very expensive place to live with nothing to do. You have the track for the summer and dirty bars and clubs (STD anyone). Saratogians seem to be the most delusional people I ever met when it came to drinking booze. I think 95% of the city are borderline alcoholics and just don't want to admit they have a problem. I question their IQ levels a lot as for some odd reason they will bring their trash to the supermarket (Price Chopper, which will become Market 32 in the near future) I don't mean a small bag of trash say from McDonald's, I'm talking about a bag of trash from their house. Plenty of them seem to just hang out at the store with nothing to do. You will notice People simply don't watch their kids in the parking lot in Saratoga. The stay at home moms Read More

Proud of my Hometown - 1/27/2015
Saratoga Springs is a "small" town with a bigger feel. When I moved away for work after graduating college, I was happy to say I was from Saratoga. "Oh what a pretty town" and positive reactions were all I received. Uncommon Grounds and Saratoga Coffee Traders are great local coffee shops. Nice up kept downtown. I felt safe growing up here, walking around, riding my bike through the town, Congress Park and Saratoga State Park (which has a geyser, National Museum of Dance, Car Museum, Home Made Theater and Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) where big bands come in the summer time.

Yes it is more tourist-y in the summer when the horse race track is open but it just means a more bustling downtown.

Fun Culture-

New Year's Eve called "First Night"- Spend $15 for a button and go around the whole town with live music and entertainment, free shuttle, ending in fireworks for the night.

WinterFest/Chowderfest - usually late Jan/early Read More

Taxes! - 3/4/2014
Saratoga is gorgeous. There is no doubt about it. We have lived here for twelve years but are finally getting out of New York!

I work around the country with individuals from almost every state and when they have all heard what our property and state income tax burdens are here in the Saratoga area....THEIR JAWS ALWAYS DROP!

Don't get sucked into the hype here about Saratoga having the lowest taxes in the state....Just look at the bottom line amount that is absconded every year from TAX PAYING, hard working people and you'll understand why many are fleeing the state.

It's too bad....other than January, February and March weather, Saratoga is a fantastic place to live. It's the governments, State, City and County that are killing the golden goose.

It really is Read More

My 'hometown' - 10/5/2013
My 'hometown' is the breathtakingly beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. I was born and raised, moved away and relocated back to Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

I am a humble Ultra High Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, PRIVATE Investor.

I come from one of the most famous prestigious families, not only in Saratoga, but known around the world. I am not snobbish whatsoever. I am grounded, helpful, compassionate, giving, a positive chi energy, and one of the most patient and understanding people that I know.

I know many people. of all walks of life, various social well - respected...and I have equal respect, admiration, and am privileged to know or be acquaintance with each and every one of them! In fact... I am an advocate for people, places, animals and things.

I am very passionate about sustainable living, Eco friendly lifestyle, technology, Solar Wind, Solar energy / turbines, etc. I live a healthy Read More

It's an absolutely beautiful town - 7/2/2013
Wide treelined streets with rows and rows of amazing old victorian houses. Its in an extremely picturesque setting as well. The economy in that area is also much better than most of the rest of the region Read More

Lindsey is a angry, full of hate, social disorder - 11/1/2012
Lindsey, just because your life blows and you have no idea what "community" means doesnt give you the right to slam a wonderful small town full of history and hard working polite residents. I truely believe you secretly wish you could of "joined" or became a psrt of the community. But judging by your harsh words it is clear that you are not a decent or caring person with obvious social disorders. So in closing i think you should Read More

If You're Snotty and Rich, Come Here - 9/6/2011
I've lived nearby for 20 years. If you are stinking, filthy rich and incredibly snotty, then you will feel right at home here. This small city prides itself on taking every last cent from your pocket. The towns nearby sell nearly every item for about $2 less. You can't even use a laundromat in Saratoga for cheap!

The locals are either rich snobs or poor hippies in their 20s, complete with a handful of hipsters. This is all right for the music and art scenes. There is one major coffeeshop downtown, but because many of the young adults who work there spend more time smoking pot, there is the chance of getting food poisoning. The Starbucks down the street is no better.

Late summer is the worst around Saratoga. This city is completely obsessed with the abusive "sport" of horse-racing. In fact, Saratoga expects everyone living in a 50 mile radius of the small city to be into such a fake sport. During this time, people with money pouring out of their Read More

Weather - 12/29/2010
Winter = November thru March. Cloudy, cold, snowy.
Summer = Mid-June thru August. Sunny, comfortably Read More

Saratoga Springs living - 7/9/2010
Saratoga Springs is a small town about 45 minutes north of Albany! Broadway, the main street of Saratoga has marvelous little shops and wonderful restaurants. All different nationallity of food selections! In the spring and summer Saratoga comes alive with various concerts, the jazz festival, NYC ballet and symphony orchestra! The biggest draw to Saratoga is the annual thoroughbred racing season which is 6 weeks long from the end of July to labor day! Some of the biggest and best thoroughbreds come and draw tremendous crowds! That's when Saratoga is at it's finest! The weather is typical NE warm, humid and sunny! There are three lakes within a 30 min drive from Saratoga. Saratoga lake is ten minutes out of town, lake George to the north and Sacandaga to the west! There is also a wonderful community hospital and surgery center, with two urgent care facilities near by. Come and visit Saratoga! You will fall in love with it's charm, hospitality, and diversification! You will want to Read More

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5 Rose Ter
Bed 4 | Bath 5

64 Loughberry Lake Rd
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2 N Circular St
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21 Gick Rd
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28 Stockholm Rd
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1146 Route 9N
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4 E Cove Rd
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