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Utica, New York Reviews

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Get to know Utica with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Utica

An average city which is doing better. - 6/30/2020
Utica has stabilized after a few decades of rather precipitous decline. It reached its peak population of just over 100,000 in 1960 but began a descent in subsequent decades in which it lost nearly half its population. Many neighborhoods ended up with many abandoned houses. Utica was not unique among communities in Upstate New York in this decline but was effected more then most as much of its industrial base was shattered by recession and movement of manufacturing first to the South and then overseas.
However there has been modest improvement in recent years. A large hospital complex is under construction downtown. In the last decade or two new housing is going up in vacant lots in previously decimated neighborhoods Munson Williams Proctor Institute is an art museum with a small attached art college in the city center with a summer festival which incudes a sidewalk art display.

There has been a large influx of immigrants from Bosnia, Burma, Nepal and Read More

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Great opportunities if you have a degree - 1/2/2019
I grew up in Utica and it is a great place to live and raise a family. There is a high immigrant population which has helped grow the city and make it very cultural. The food is very amazing and cheap and there is a wide variety of cultural food to choose from. The education system is also great and convenient. There are 3 local colleges that are inexpensive and close by. The cost of housing is cheap, but utilities and taxes are high. There aren't a lot of educated people, so there is crime and impoverished areas. If you do have a degree and manage to find a good job, you can live lavishly here. The weather is very cold and snowy most of the year. There are plenty of cheap ski resorts, and there are many lakes and beaches for the summer. It is very community oriented and a relaxed slow paced place to Read More

Great place to grow up and great place to come bac - 2/5/2012

The food is the best in the country, great parks, a zoo, it's own ski hill and great culture with the Stanley and Museum. Plus it's the gateway to the Adirondacks. I just moved back after being gone since 1990 and I am glad I Read More

living in Utica - 6/26/2009
Weather is wet and the winters are long. hard to get in an outdoor Read More

Most corrupt, vial city in New York State - 4/21/2009
Utica is one of the worst cities in New York State. Politics owns the city, there is no opportunity for growth, the crime rate is on the rise and the influx of pedophile offenders and drug dealers accounts for the exodus that is occurring.

I am a life long resident who is looking for a better quality of life out of this mess of a Read More

Athletic, cultural, beautiful landscape - 8/23/2008
Utica and its surrounding area is an overlooked gem that offers much to residents and visitors. The community is very athletic with a variety of outdoor and indoor activities to participate in. There are many beautiful golf courses, lakes within minutes and one within 35 minutes that offers bars, restaurants, music, on the waterfront, rivers, places to swim, fish, kayak(whitewater also),boat, waterski, run, bike, hike, roller blade, dirt bike, play tennis(for free),a small ski area within the city, and larger ski areas in the surrounding area, snowmobiling, cross county skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, softball, volleyball, bowling, rock climbing, ice skating, fish and game clubs etc. A variety of athletic events with particpants from all parts of the world. We have a small zoo that has a variety of animals, reptiles, etc. and I challenge anyone to identify every species in this zoo. Several museums, Munsun Williams, Fountain Elms, Oneida County Historical, Running Hall of Fame, Read More

Don't Do It! - 6/24/2007
I moved here from Albany. If ever there was a city that should be shut down...it's this one. Utica lacks a capacity for growth. Clusters of "hopefulls" try to "re-vitalize" areas that are beyond repair. Unfortunately, this city is the by-product of industries that have pulled out, politicians that have tossed ethics in the trash, and an overall discouraged community. If passing through, take some time to enjoy Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute. Spend a few hours, then get the heck out. I'm leaving in a month.
The sad truth is, this city is begging for a merciful Read More

A Very Nice Place - 6/24/2006
This is a nice town. Several colleges and universities, great ethnic restaurants (Italian, Greek, Lebanese) that are nothing short of world-class, and a beautiful housing stock. Nationally renowned arts museum ensures a vibrant cultural life and a grand old theater brings in Broadway plays and leading musicians. Also very close to the leading attractions in Upstate New York: 25 minutes from the Adirondacks, 35 minutes from the Catskills, 45 minutes from the Finger Read More

Utica - 6/23/2006
Lived there a while, wanted to get out, jobs were limited, always talking about economic developement but never attracted anything... not much to do there, I have been gone for 2-3 years and they have added new stores/restaurants but not much else. sales tax at one time was the highest in the country at 10.25% on the dollar
Winters are long and cold normally
Loved spring, summer and fall, rolling hills and slower paced lifestyle
cheap housing and adirondacks are only 30 minutes Read More

Must leave Utica Ny - 4/17/2006
My boyfriend and I are desperately searching for a new place to call home. I would love to be within a couple hundred miles or less of NYC, but it seems that things are bad all over NYS. Is anyone in Springfield Mass or is there a hidden treasure somewhere that I'm missing?? Utica it seems will not be improving no matter how we hope. We are in our 30's, artistic and would love some sort of night life (restaurants etc...) Help and don't come Read More

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