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Greensboro, NC

Some of the most expensive water - 7/6/2007
I have lived in 4 states and the water is the most expensive here by far, all other areas of the cost of living are reasonable but the water is 4x what we paid in FL and 10x what we paid in NY
They appear to be overocharging to pay for new water lines ....

Greensboro, NC

- 5/13/2007
We relocated here @ 6 months ago from FL
The seasons and weather are a nice change and the area is great. The city is very clean and feels fairly safe. The city is concentrated on the north and west side and the east and south have largely been overlooked... but with the I85 corridor running across the south, you would think the city would look to expand that area. I had someone drive here and they never knew they were even near the city because rt 29 and I85 are either rundown (rt29) or country (i85)... much different from driving thru Charlotte or Raleigh where it is built out and clean/landscaped.
The area has decent schools, needs to have more to offer...lacking in restaurants and stores (1 mall in a city of 250k), it could use a few more parks. It has a lot to offer but needs to plan for the future better than it is.

Tampa, FL

My take
- 2/28/2007
I lived in the Tampa area for about 2 years and loved it. I think there are come issues with the heat, bugs/snakes... but that is FLorida. I have been back a few times and the traffic is still bad, but I would move back due to the fact that is was fun. You have many options to keep you busy from Golf, concerts, casinos, Beaches, Nightlife, Sports...
If you can not find something to do in Tampa, it is your fault.
The schools were not that great, all though we did live in a good district.
The only bad thing that would make me hesitate about going back is what you pay for home owners insurance... we were due to pay @ 3k the year we relocated and I am sure it is higher now.

Jacksonville, FL

I did not like Jacksonville
- 1/30/2007
We moved from Tampa to Jacksonville - 1st mistake - Tampa has so much more to offer except for the higher homeowners rates for hurricanes.
We bought a house in Jacksonville, great house but poor location, luckily we sold it when we moved out of state....We did not want our daughter to go to any public schools there, the crime was very bad and the murders (normally confined to certain areas in most cities) seemed to be all over - no safe areas except in the south/ St Johns county. It was hot and muggy and there were bugs and snakes... but that is FL. My wife could not find a decent job and we did not want our daughter in any daycares after a worker gave TB to a child, I would never move back to Jacksonville and am glad I was able to get out... do yourself a favor and don't move there to begin with.
This is a backwards, redneck, dirty city, they refer to it as south Georgia for a reason.

Utica, NY

- 6/23/2006
Lived there a while, wanted to get out, jobs were limited, always talking about economic developement but never attracted anything... not much to do there, I have been gone for 2-3 years and they have added new stores/restaurants but not much else. sales tax at one time was the highest in the country at 10.25% on the dollar
Winters are long and cold normally
Loved spring, summer and fall, rolling hills and slower paced lifestyle
cheap housing and adirondacks are only 30 minutes north

Jacksonville, FL

Lived here @ 1 year
- 6/23/2006
Jacksonville is a fairly nice area, crime is like any other bigger city except for the higher murder rate this year.(stay out of the northwest side of the city and near the center) I would live outside the ring/road around the city either on the north east / east or south. It is growing and the housing market is still fairly strong, new stores are coming in and It is coming along. You have a NFL team and a Dodgers minor league baseball team as well as a hockey minor league team, good beaches and a lot of area golf... some festivals and concerts, can not comment on the night life.
It is a southern city and still has a good old boy feel.... I would prefer a more cultured area and a little more climate change but Jan/Feb are colder. Jacksonville Fl is not an Orlando or Tampa, this is not like either of those areas and more southern feel.

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