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This place actually does suck - 9/10/2019
So I wrote a review 3 months ago about this place and now im about to move away. Looking back, I would say that I was awful generous about this place. This town just plain out sucks and here are a few reasons why:

1) Not much of a working class. Most of the people in this town are either retired, a student, or on welfare. The people working jobs usually make minimum wage. There are not very many good paying jobs in this place. Its quite depressing interacting with people who got it rough or people who just dont give a crap. Greensboro is way too far behind in terms of keeping up with the modern times and no employers are coming here.

2) Very crappy infrastructure. Old roads, roads that are too small to hold all the SUVs and trucks, outdated speed limit signs, turn lanes that point to nowhere, no public buses in some spots, etc. Not sure if its the lack of tax dollars or what, but everything feels very old.

3) Speaking of old, the housing here are Read More

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This place kind of sucks - 6/22/2019
Lived here about a year and cant wait to get out. Too many reasons why but just a few that I can name are:

1) Its got a poor economy and low quality of life. Alot of companies are leaving the triad area since skilled workers dont want to come here. There is not really much going on in terms of life here. All there is here are a bunch of chain restaurants, churches and big box stores all sprawled out that take a half an hour to drive to. The crappy apartments cost 800-1000 bucks for a 2 bedroom and anything decent your paying the same prices as you would in the Raleigh area or literally any other mid major city. Outside of downtown, there is nowhere to really walk around since whoever was the urban planer of this town was on drugs and didnt know how to build a town correctly.

2) The things that people brag about Greensboro just suck. The parks suck since they are desolate with tons of hills that are difficult to walk on. Cone health is one of the worse Read More

Compton of North Carolina - 5/1/2018
If you ever go here you’ll see the resemblance to Compton. I almost got mugged twice while I was there, a horible bus system, herrasment from locals (if you are white), and a police force that you never see. Read More

tbd - 2/21/2016
tbd Read More

Pros and Cons - 11/19/2014
I am going to give you a real view of Greensboro, NC. Many of the reviews on here claim that the city is either good or bad, but there are aspects of both. I have lived in Greensboro now for 10 years. I have lived up North and down South. So I am not bias one way or the other.

Pros of living in Greensboro:

Healthcare - The healthcare here is excellent. I have met and been treated by some of the best medical professionals that I have seen in my life.

Colleges and Universities -I have researched many of the schools here in Greensboro and have found their programs to be affordable and credible.

Cost of living - If you are looking for somewhere to live, where you can get a nice place on the low end, then this is the place for you.

Dining - The city has numerous places to treat your taste buds to. Chain and local restaurants offer great dishes.

Cons of living in Greensboro:

Jobs - if you don't Read More

Excellent City - 11/1/2014
If you are thinking Greensboro, NC for settlement, you must have researched very well.
The best attraction in my view is the NICE people who live here. How caring they are is simply refreshing, and gives a new meaning to humanity.
I have lived here for 3+ yrs now, before which I lived in Houston, Detroit, Gastonia/Charlotte. I am so happy about my decision to relocate to Greensboro with my family of 8.
In my opinion , Greensboro is perfect for 2 kinds of people. Those who want to raise young family will have a wonderful mix of very good to excellent public schools both in city limit and suburbs. You also have prestigious options for well established private schools from daycare to highschool to college. The area also offers fair shopping choices.
Big name North Carolina Universitis, like Duke, UNC, High Pint, Wake Forst, Davidson, etc are within 1 to 1.15 hours drive. The other kind are those who want to retire into a laid back quiet life. Tons of options Read More

Thinking of moving to Greensboro, NC - 7/29/2014
Not a review. Looking for answers.
I am 72 y/o single woman living in central NY state is thinking of moving to Greensboro, NC in a year or two. I would like honest (hopefully more positive than negative) regarding living in Greensboro. My first attraction was for Boone, NC, but upon reading about Boone, it sounds expensive. I am retired, do not work, have fixed income. Living in central NY continues to be expensive; hoping to find something that will be economically attractive and friendly toward retired people.

Thank you.
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A place that you wil love to call home! - 3/25/2014
Nestled in the heart of NC is an area known as the Piedmont Triad which includes the Greensboro metropolitan area. Situated along the North to South major interstate of I-85 and the East to West interstate of I-40 means that you have easy commutes to and from all of the other NC cities, as well as the beaches and the mountains. Imagine living in a place where you have all of the amenities of the city such as cultural, recreational, educational, healthcare, and employment opportunities; while being only 1-1/2 hours to the ski slopes or just over 3 hours to the Atlantic Ocean's beautiful beaches. Come see all that Greensboro has to Read More

Greensboro is Fine; Pay No Attn to Haters - 3/4/2014
Having lived in so many differing regions in the U.S., what I've found is that people who move to a small town from a large one and/or moving to one region from another one, these people tend to bring their own prejudices with them. If they expect the town or region to be a certain way, especially if they want it to be "their" way, they talk very badly about the place. Northerners move to the South and criticize the Southerners very badly... VERY badly. Southerners who need to move to the North try to assimilate, but then get resentful because of the way they get "teased" even called -- supposedly in all "good humor" -- names. These negative comments about Greensboro are evidently from people who probably expect the fun to come to them. The town is in the middle of the state and it's obvious that the mountains and beaches are a few hours' drive away. It's also a small town, meaning that there's not going to be a great big party lifestyle there; it's the same for small northern town. Read More

Greensboro is a wasteland - 10/5/2013
So, thinking about moving to Greensboro? Don't. I moved here for work a year and a half ago and it's probably the worst decision I've ever made.

You'd be perfectly happy here if you grew up here, went to school nearby, and decided that Greensboro is awesome and I'm gonna live here forever! IE you have no frame of reference for the mediocrity at best that this 'city' has to offer. You'd be perfectly content going to the same trashy bars in strip malls, you'd love the fact that everyone dresses the same and goes to the same 2-3 churches and parrots the same opinions. You'd think it was awesome to try different networking events only to see the same damn people over and over and over. By all means, if you're very Southern and like to surround yourself with the same simple minded stereotypical Southern people, this is your town.

I could write a novel but I'll leave it at that. If you like diversity of opportunity in every aspect of your life, don't move Read More

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809 Douglas St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

704 Summit Ave
Bed 8 | Bath 4

1104 Double Oaks Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

5412 White Blossom Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

6116 New Bailey Trl
Bed 4 | Bath 4

5504 Tier View Trl
Bed 4 | Bath 3

5616 Country Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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