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Star Rating - 7/28/2021
I have lived here for 10 years and absolutely hate it, there is about an even split of whites and blacks, let tell you this place is very racist. If you are White Patriotic, or conservative they will hate you here, I was badly harassed by the Black female population at a hospital I worked at, when I complained to management they just ignored me. This place is very Racist against white people unless your gay trans or super liberal, very unwelcoming people and place. Also they will gossip about you so bad that you won't be able to a job anywhere if they decide that they don't like you. I guess this is the sign of the times, revenge is how Greensboro love everyone, take it from me a person who served in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple tours. What do they say when you say you don't like it or have had a bad experience, it is like that everywhere or leave.
Johnny | Greensboro, NC
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- 9/6/2022
Great Place for Families and College Kids!!
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Pat | Greensboro, NC | No Replies

- 1/19/2022
Sure..come to Greensboro
Born and raised here. Yes some crime like everywhere else, but overall, I'm not afraid to ...
L | Greensboro, NC | No Replies

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- 8/16/2021
Not a Good Place to Live
My fiancé and I moved here for her job. While we immediately found the city quite dull, we...
Craig | Greensboro, NC | 1 Reply

- 8/2/2021
This place is horrible, very racist the blacks here hate white people, and if you are not ...
Johnny | Greensboro, NC | No Replies