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Stay out of Hendersonville nc - 9/27/2020
I went to visit, was attack on Hendersonville Hwy by to cars. They tried to run me off the road cursing at me shooting birds at me. Very very scary. But I called 911 when the deputy arrived I was told not to call 911! The reason for this you ask? I had a Biden bumper sticker. I'll never risk my or my families life visiting a city like this. Read More

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Love this little town - 5/30/2018
We love Hendersonville NC. We moved to NC from NJ in 2005. We tried different areas of the region (Leicester, Weaverville, Asheville and South Asheville). Each area had its own charm and challenges. We finally settling here in Hendersonville in 2016. We wanted a small town feel with access to quality lifestyle choices. We found that in Hendersonville. Hendersonville has an adorable downtown with great restaurants, coffee shops and a variety of boutique stores. There are plenty of places to shop for local fresh foods from roadside farm stands to the Hendersonville Co-Op. We do have a movie theater and a great live theater if that is something that interests you. We have a small little mall and we have an awesome community center. There are plenty of parks to walk your dogs or get your walk in. We have been very happy with the city school district as well. Every city has to evolve with change to Read More

My thoughts as a 36 year resident - 8/31/2016
My post is a review of Henderson County in general. First off, the teenage girl who said there's absolutely nothing for kids to do here is absolutely spot-on. If you're interested in stomping through the woods for fun, visiting DuPont and Hooker Falls 37 times a summer, or driving at least 2 hours for any real entertainment, than this place is for you!

I've lived in Henderson County for 36 years (minus 4 years in the Air Force). Back in the '80s and '90s, this was such a popular spot for retirees (mainly from NY and FL) that it earned the moniker "Geriatric County". As time went on the the infestation (and I do mean infestation) got worse, with transplants from farther reaches moving in, as well as working-age people with small kids.

Now this county is an overcrowded melting pot of illegal Mexicans, white trash and transplants that, if they're not outright rude and self-centered they are in-your-face santimonious. When they abandon their overcrowded meccas Read More

Nedra Moles preys on elderly for $- Beware - 12/14/2015
Nedra Moles, former deed registrar, makes 60k a year in a tax payer funded pension.....and still yet, took my family relative to her attorney, who didn't have an office and had herself written into the will, for 6% executor fee and 25k, 6 months before woman died at 87. Nedra mailed her ashes up North, and threw out the dog ashes, of 20 dogs....She worked for the County so knows everyone- nthe bank teller at WF closed my account without my signature!. I had to hire an attorney outside the county area....and only got 1/3 of what my notarized agreement and lease required..... Nedra Moles and the self riteous Jesus loves me attitude, while she preys on elderly women. Shame on you Nedra Moles, let this be a warning to anyone letting neighbors take them to the Dr and not assume they have to pay them money.
Lack of education and incestuous relationships have created a lot of weird people!
The laws in NC don't have any timeline for Claims made to the Probate Court.....so Read More

Beautiful place but - 10/29/2013
We moved here to escape the cold of 99764. It has the most beautiful spring and fall, but if you have arthritis problems this is not the place for you. People here are friendly, I love the street dances and quaint downtown, that has just been Read More

despreat people - 2/4/2013
talked with neighbors abt activates I shud be aware of , but got comments from land renters and neighbors that it was a safe an nice place to live . About 2 weeks of settling there I wud get random knocks at my door anywhere frm 12am till 4am , I wud go see what was going on , and look out the window ,there wud be a female at my door so I opened to see if she needed help n. well in fact they did , if u call door to door prostituting !!! How disgusted I was , and if the look of an heavily drugged up female sweeting bulits in cool weather wasn't enough , I kindly told her that kind of business is not acceptable here and my son was sleeping and to not bother us again, well she apologized , and then asked again for service for change . I offered to call ambulance cause of her tweaked out persona . anyways she left and ever so often in wud be a retina but different girls , I was even assaulted on my porch if front of my son , called police and then gentlemen that assaulted me stuck around Read More

As close to perfection as possible - 7/12/2012
We have lived in more than 15 communities in over 40 years of marriage due to husband's job transfers. We were lucky enough to get to stay in Hendersonville for 6 years and found it to be the most friendly place we have ever lived. With all the National Forest around if you can't find anything to due it is only your lack of imagination. Asheville is just a short hop and has a multitude of shopping, entertainment, and art venues to take advantage of. Our neighborhood consisted of thirty homes with every ethnicity represented. People would walk around every evening and speak to their neighbors. We knew the names of each resident, their children, and their pets. I have lived in other communities where I never got to know the names of my neighbors. Our church was extremely family oriented and we miss it terribly. Given the opportunity we would move back in a heartbeat. Reminds me of my childhood when it was safe enough for kids to actually play Read More

It sucks here - 11/30/2011
I'm a teenage girl in Hendersonville, NC and I must say no matter the reviews that say it's a nice place to raise kids 90% of us hate it here. There is absolutely nothing to do and the only good thing we can find are the leaves when they turn or when it actually snows. Then again, no matter the great and beautiful leaves we always get those tourists....hate Read More

The Fall is to Die for - 11/11/2010
Our Family recently visited Hendersonville during the Fall season, what a beautiful place Hendersonville has become. The town is very cute and very busy considering the state of the economy, the people are very friendly and the scenery is incredible. Put this place on your bucket Read More

Small Town, USA - 3/28/2010
My husband is from Dallas and I am from Chicago. We were living in Orlando when we got married and had kids. After several years there we made a move to the Mountains. In our opinion, this little town is the best kept secret in the Mountains. We have two little boys and this is the environment that we want to raise our kids in. People are friendly and still talk about God and Jesus in public. This place reminds me of Mayberry, RFD. We love it Read More

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