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Hidden among the churches - 5/7/2018
I moved to Kinston, NC for retirement. Purchased a house from the auction held by the court. As a person of color, I was unable to obtain an attorney, while I was sued for 110,000. for a unsigned promissory note; that was dragged out in court for three(3) years as this is a small town and everyone seemed to be in cohote. These houses has repeatedly been flooded some to the roof, 1999 example, and two more since. The schools are segregated. Job's Read More

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A Great Town of New Opportunity 2014 - 1/29/2014
I'm moving my business and family with 2 young children to Kinston in March from Chapel Hill/Durham. Kinston is really nice with a great new restaurants, close proximity to the ocean, and the best private school in the eastern part of the state. Parents drive their children from New Bern, Greenville, and Jacksonville every morning to attend the school. We can send our two children for the same price as one in Durham. Housing is 60% the cost of Durham, with nice homes within biking distance to the country club. Commercial buildings are a wonderful opportunity as well. I am buying 2 buildings total of 6,000 feet for about what you spend on a basic beach condo. Awesome. Being 30 minutes from the ECU college town is a perk for incoming lectures, football games, and all other things college towns have to offer. We feel it's a nice small town in which to raise our children. In some ways Kinston reminds me of Durham 5 years ago, just when the artesian businesses began to move into downtown. Read More

House hunting - 12/5/2012

I recently visted parts of North Carolina and was amazed! I loved the people and the helpful tips from townies. I saw some amazing houses, in Kinston. Actually put a bid in on a mansion that was selling for peanuts, but was out-bidded. That house would have cost 800K up here in New England. I still want to move to NC but really know nothing about it. I think with these city/towns that have tons of store fronts empty the towns should get together (landlords) and just paint the store fronts, with flower boxes and put signs across the front saying "come grow with us" or "a nice place to have a business". It would make the towns more inviting - because honestly (I loved the houses and the people) but the towns as you enter them - Like New Bern, Elizabeth City, Kinston, and some others look like the old west, like tumbleweeds are going to go rolling by. I know I'm not from their, but I would hate to see these beautiful towns, and small cities let go. It does Read More

A Town With No Hope... - 4/22/2010
I have lived in Kinston now for a total of 12 years. I moved away after the second grade, and foolishly returned. The sheer disappointment this town has become is appalling, to say the least. The shopping is horrible, it lacks any form of suitable entertainment, one must travel to neighboring towns for a decent meal, and the growing crime rate is something to be reckoned with. If I had no family ties in this dreadful town, I would be content with never returning again. It pains me to speak in such a manner about my hometown, but it is what it is… Read More

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28504 28501

804 Stadiem Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 1

744 Alphin Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2489 Troy Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1802 Saint George Pl
Bed 5 | Bath 3

2490 Trails End Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

901 College St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3016 Johnson St
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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