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Star Rating - 12/5/2012

I recently visted parts of North Carolina and was amazed! I loved the people and the helpful tips from townies. I saw some amazing houses, in Kinston. Actually put a bid in on a mansion that was selling for peanuts, but was out-bidded. That house would have cost 800K up here in New England. I still want to move to NC but really know nothing about it. I think with these city/towns that have tons of store fronts empty the towns should get together (landlords) and just paint the store fronts, with flower boxes and put signs across the front saying "come grow with us" or "a nice place to have a business". It would make the towns more inviting - because honestly (I loved the houses and the people) but the towns as you enter them - Like New Bern, Elizabeth City, Kinston, and some others look like the old west, like tumbleweeds are going to go rolling by. I know I'm not from their, but I would hate to see these beautiful towns, and small cities let go. It does make you want to drive right through. But for growth to happen, people in the communities need to feel proud of their cities and towns and have a personal mission to improve it. I do hope I move to NC I so badly want to lose this "Boston accent". Kindest regards, from "Cow Hampshire".

Lee | Wilton, NH
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I'm afraid I'm the one who has out-bid you. Know that you were blessed to have lost the bid; as I had my house taken; sued repeatly with no compensation - No Justice, for people of color. Still hoping for restitution. 'officer. Just made a post 2018.
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