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It's not Mayberry that is for sure!! - 8/23/2012
I have lived in Mount Airy much of my adult life. I have never liked Mount Airy. Mount Airy is very family-oriented and therefore very cliquish. It is very difficult for an outsider to fit in unless, of course, you are a doctor, doctor's wife or any other such professional. I will agree that Mount Airy is a beautiful town especially if you no the areas to avoid. They have a charming downtown where you will find the merchants very friendly. However, beware if you're coming into town on a late evening and expecting to get some shopping done on main street. Most stores close up early on Saturdays around 6ish. Very,very few stores are open on Sudays. I will praise the Downtown Mount Airy Association in that they have introduced several events over the course of time. But, like almost anyother town or city, Mount Airy has its share of drugs, crime, less-than-desirables, and your occassional street corner Bible Read More

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Mayberry Not What You Think - 2/15/2012
Although the previous comment is almost 5 years old, what was mentioned is pretty true. Crime has worsened, in particular drug activity, with a very active market in prescription drugs. So, if you're a junkie, pill popper, or disability seeker this is the place for you! On the other hand, downtown is small but charming, and most people are very friendly. Housing is available, but of suboptimal quality - no one can afford to upgrade. Employment is sparse. Just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway is a saving Read More

'mayberry' a friendly place? - 9/15/2011
I have been considering moving to Mount Airy. The thing is, when I tried to contact the newspaper classifieds about placing an ad no one replied. Ad when inquired about a job no one is just common courtesy to do so. So does this mean that MA is a 'closed' town? I thought that it prided itself on small town Read More

Small City with great access - 12/25/2008
The population of Mt Airy is about 10,000 people. Main Street is charming featuring a coffee shop, book store, wine shop and variety of others. The town in conducive to walking. The residents enjoy and foster an atmosphere of "neighborly-ness."

I enjoy the short commute to work. There is a decent grocery store and good dry cleaners. The day in day out is really easy.

When the mood for adventure strikes, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro are a quick trip for clubbing,dining or heavy-duty shopping.

Best of both!Read More

Very boring, poor, uneventful, empty! - 3/30/2007
I have lived in Mount Airy for the past 14 years and hate it here. There is nothing here to offer anyone, unless you are over the age of 75 and enjoy doing absolutely nothing in your spare time. There are NO jobs here unless you want to work in the food/restaurant industry. People here are mostly overweight because the main activity enjoyed here is eating. People here are very close-minded and not open to diversity or anything out of their small town comfort zone. Most of the people I know have quite a commute to and from their jobs. There is not much of a variety of stores/shopping either...Wal Mart is always extremely crowded and I dread going there. I cant wait to get out of this town and am planning on doing so in the very near Read More

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169 McCormick St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

130 Greenway Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

175 Linwood Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

157 Parker Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 3

2563 Westfield Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

175 Critz St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

134 McCreary Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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