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Statesville, NC

Not so good... - 8/20/2007
I recently moved to Troutman, NC and unfortunately I'm not very far from Statesville... I do most of my shopping and leisure activities in the Mooresville area. I'm actually quite surprised at how slummy Statesville is. There are areas that are so run down and "ghetto" that I locked my car doors the few times I have passed through. Run down houses with grass 2 feet high...broken windows, cars sitting on blocks, just plain trashy. There are certain areas that are much nicer and well kept. Some of the stores/shopping centers there look a century old and quite frankly I aviod them. Just recently here, an innocent man was taking a walk in the downtown statesville area and got beaten by 8 teenagers..he died a few days later... so if I were you I would be wary of where you were and when. As for the industry/jobs.. there's not much going on. I have lived all over the united states and to tell you the truth, parts of Statesville remind me of southern California. Just run down and old.....

Mount Airy, NC

Be warned!
- 5/17/2007
I am a married 28 year old mother of one. I guess you could call Mount Airy my hometown, because I have lived here for 14 years. I met my husband here and I don't want to talk 'bad' about "Mayberry"..BUT I feel its my duty to warn folks who have heard about this wonderful little cute town of "Mayberry" and are drawn to this small town charm. Most people might think that the crime is non-existant here. Wrong. There is lots of drug activity here that remains mostly 'hush hush' because people dont want to talk about it. The issue is boredom. The town commisioners, etc. dont want to offer the younger crowd any type of activites.. there are no clubs, bars, concerts of any kind that would appeal to the younger crowd. The economy here is AWFUL!!! And when I say awful, that is putting it mildly. Ninety percent of the people I know have to drive to Winston Salem/Greensboro and even farther is Charlotte, making the commute at least an hour one way. The town used to be sprawling with mill/manufacturing type jobs, and now with NAFTA being in place.. those jobs are gone. There are many, many people here drawing un-employment checks. If it weren't for social security, government assistance and un-employment checks, this town would suffer. This town is nothing but a dead end road..its turned into a boring tourist/retirement town and nothing more than that.. and I think thats all it will ever be. Do your research.. look it up yourself. My husband and I are actually moving within a week to Charlotte and looking very forward to this. And by the way.. the people are so close-minded here, that if you wear the color black twice in a row, you are considered a "devil worshiper".

Mount Airy, NC

Very boring, poor, uneventful, empty!
- 3/30/2007
I have lived in Mount Airy for the past 14 years and hate it here. There is nothing here to offer anyone, unless you are over the age of 75 and enjoy doing absolutely nothing in your spare time. There are NO jobs here unless you want to work in the food/restaurant industry. People here are mostly overweight because the main activity enjoyed here is eating. People here are very close-minded and not open to diversity or anything out of their small town comfort zone. Most of the people I know have quite a commute to and from their jobs. There is not much of a variety of stores/shopping either...Wal Mart is always extremely crowded and I dread going there. I cant wait to get out of this town and am planning on doing so in the very near future.

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