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Wilson (Wilson County)- change is not positive - 2/18/2010
Wilson (Wilson County) is a fine place to live especially if you are from Wilson. Outsiders are not exactly welcome. Also the town is from 'old money' so the city planners are very reluctant to welcome change and new ideas. We have lived here for about 4 years. We have enjoyed the small town feel and starting our family here. There are not a lot of great restaurants or activities. Also there are very few sidewalks. If you have a family-centered way of life, practice a Christian religion and like to keep up with the Jones', you may like Wilson. If you are single, not religious, mind your own business and like outdoor activities, Wilson may not be for Read More

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A general overview from a lifetime resident - 10/4/2008
Food: There are very few nice places to eat, but everything is so cheap that you can get a good dinner at a clean, well decorated, sit-down establishment for $10. A few years ago, Wilson had the highest number of restaurants per capita in NC.
Shopping: Shopping is dismal unless you like bargain stores. We have a Target, TJ Maxx and Marshal's all in a row down the road from Wal-Mart and Goody's.
Crime/race relations: Crime is not "really bad" in Wilson, although it is slightly higher than other places of comparable size in NC. The crime is in pockets though and most places are either safe or legitimately dangerous, with little in between. The racial tension is very high and it seems like every race is bitter towards every other race.
Cost of Living: There are very few (and even fewer available) high paying jobs in Wilson because Wilson's cost of living is 23% lower than the US average. A family of 4 can live a nice life in a safe neighborhood for $100K/year. There are Read More

Living in Wilson - 3/11/2008
Wilson is a nice city with about 50,000 people. It is growing rapidly and has great potential. The only thing that Wilson needs the most attention on is the night life, and new Read More

Wilson: Just My Thoughts - 1/8/2008
I spent many years in Wilson and am very familiar with it. It's a city full of many people who are incredible snobs for no earthly reason--most of the so-called society folks are simpletons...literally--they attended sub par schools and colleges. And they’ve rarely lived or even traveled outside of their tiny provincial bubble. Most exist in Babbitt-like existence. (Note to the subliterate Wilsonian ruling class: Babbitt is a Sinclair Lewis book that is very, very famous--Google it.)
Wilson used to consist of families with old tobacco money--most of it is long, long gone. Hence, the “high society” aspect remains though the money has drained—a debutante ghost town. Now Wilson “bourgeoisie” is solidly middle class in relationship to the rest of the country. Most Wilson “big shots” work in a very limited economy: insurance brokerage, real estate, lawn care companies, auto dealerships. Nothing wrong with that---it's just their elitist attitudes would lead you to believe Read More

review - 7/10/2007
I find Wilson to be charming and hospitable. It isn;t too far from the Raleigh durham area if I want the ammenities and opportunities of a large multicultural city. The local color and easy way od life is very endearing and relaxing. I am considering movingthere to Read More

Wilson is a BORING DUMP - 6/28/2007
The only good things about Wilson are, its closeness to bigger cities such as Greenville, about 25 minutes to the east, and Raleigh about 50 minutes to the west, Barton College, we are on I-95, and we have the original Parker's Barbecue. THOSE ARE THE ONLY GOOD THINGS ABOUT WILSON.

This city sucks when compared to Greenville and Raleigh, there is nothing to do here and to shop or eat out at a decent restaurant or just do something entertaining, you have to drive to Greenville or Raleigh.

Crime is really bad. Racial tension can at times be bad. The city is divided into a black section which is run down and poor and a white section which has large homes.

There are no high paying jobs here. Again, if you want something that pays, you have to drive to Greenville or Raleigh and at times driving to Raleigh can be a pain because of the traffic along 64 and 440.

Wilson is an arm pit of a city. Some people can't decide if we are in Read More

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27893 27896

5103 Wiggins Mill Rd
Bath 0

3402 Belle Meade Dr NW
Bed 4 | Bath 6

1313 Buxton Rd NW
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4402 Portsmouth Dr NW
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2400 Fisher Ct N
Bed 3 | Bath 3

923 Rollingwood Dr NW
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1103 Forest Hills Rd NW
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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