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Wilson (Wilson County)- change is not positive
Star Rating - 2/18/2010
Wilson (Wilson County) is a fine place to live especially if you are from Wilson. Outsiders are not exactly welcome. Also the town is from 'old money' so the city planners are very reluctant to welcome change and new ideas. We have lived here for about 4 years. We have enjoyed the small town feel and starting our family here. There are not a lot of great restaurants or activities. Also there are very few sidewalks. If you have a family-centered way of life, practice a Christian religion and like to keep up with the Jones', you may like Wilson. If you are single, not religious, mind your own business and like outdoor activities, Wilson may not be for you.
Bp | Wilson, NC
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- 10/4/2008
A general overview from a lifetime resident
Food: There are very few nice places to eat, but everything is so cheap that you can get a...
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Living in Wilson
Wilson is a nice city with about 50,000 people. It is growing rapidly and has great potent...
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- 7/10/2007
I find Wilson to be charming and hospitable. It isn;t too far from the Raleigh durham area...
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- 6/28/2007
Wilson is a BORING DUMP
The only good things about Wilson are, its closeness to bigger cities such as Greenville, ...
Victor | Greenville, NC | No Replies

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