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Dayton... - 6/13/2009
Are you kidding me... Dayton is about as exciting as a rock. It's crime ridden, run-down, old economy (NCR just packed up for Atlanta) do nothing downtown unless you want some drugs and just plain depressing. Ya'all should come on over to Big "C" where everything is happening! Just behave Read More

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Not so great but I wish it was. - 3/1/2009
I lived south of Dayton as a child. I was lucky enough to move to Colorado for several years. Then I decided the cost of living was too high and moved back to the Dayton area 16 years ago. It is a fine place to live if you are content with going to work(if you can find a job), coming home and watching T.V., and spending the weekend shopping at the typical chain stores and eating at the usual chain restaurants. There are a couple of very good restaurants and shops here and there in the surrounding area, but you really have to poke around. There is a handful of interesting places to go check out as well. Unfortunately, once you've gone to those places, that's about it. Getting to them can be a little bit questionable at times because of the parts of town you have to go through to get to them, especially at night. Occasionally, well known bands come to a small venue in Kettering(suburb) which is very nice. Otherwise, everything good usually passes right by. The city itself Read More

It depends! - 2/15/2009
I've always liked the weather in the area because we have four defined seasons, and it's rarely extremely hot or extremely cold. The springs and autumns are long and beautiful. The summer is warm, but rarely extremely hot, and the winters are cold, but rarely freezing. Having said that, it does get cold and it does snow. Just not for very Read More

Culture and Recreation - 11/6/2008
I am disappointed in the lack of culture and recreation in a city this size. What is available is usually so expensive that the normal person can't afford to Read More

Dayton, Oh has lakes, great parks, museums,ann mor - 7/8/2008
Summers are wonderful in Dayton - museums, many different cultural festivals, lakes, car shows almost anything you might want. The summer draw backs are that heat and humidity most of the time. Since Dayton is in the Miami Valley, it is a little more shielded from the worst of the snows (most of the time). But, you do have to like a longer winter. Fall season seems so short. At one time, Dayton had a VERY large base for manufacturing plants for a variety of cars, car parts, etc. Most of that is gone now. This seems to be so much of our country Read More

Dayton Schools - 6/26/2008
Struggling with high drop out rates and poor test Read More

It's Great in Dayton - 5/7/2008
Have lived in Dayton all my life and have had the opportunity to travel around the country. We could live anywhere and we choose Dayton, Ohio - four seasons, on the edge of the eastern time zone so the summer days are long, great people, great work ethic, great cost of living. There is something for everyone here - except for traffic. If you can't find what you need here - Cincinnati & Columbus are within an hour's drive. We have access to 'major' city attractions - without the day to day hassles. We're the birthplace of aviation, the future of aerospace and the cradle of Read More

Not the place to be - 3/22/2008
This may be "piling on," but the last three or four comments are spot on. Cost of living is cheap, but you get what you pay Read More

Don't move here. Trust me. - 3/21/2008
I've lived in Dayton for over 10 years. The only reason my family and I moved here was because of Wright Patt Air Force Base and both parents were in the military at the time. After graduating from High School I wanted to move away for college, but starting dating someone, which is the only reason I did not move. I'm almost a grad from Wright State University and as they say "Right state, wrong school". It really is. Dayton is full of abandoned stores of a once thriving city, only a handful of restaurants that are worth visiting, and the saddest nightlife around. Downtown offers zero jobs for those wanting employment. I'm moving as soon as I graduate from WSU b/c of the poor job opportunity and of course the weather in ridiculous. Dayton is just a very poor city. The only good things are the Oregon District located on Fifth St. and that says something. It has about three bars on this strip, four good restaurants, and a record shop with good used and new cds. Dayton is just not a Read More

Dayton Ohio...A great place to live - 2/26/2008
Dayton Ohio is a surprisingly great place to live. If you are thinking of relocating to or moving with in the Dayton Ohio real estate market... we have a lot to offer. Just consider what is available within a one hour drive from Dayton Ohio.

* 70.5% of the Dayton Ohio population has a 30 minute commute or less.
* You will have access to 3 international airports with in about a 60 minute drive... more daily operations then Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington DC.
* A great selection of quality arts and entertainment options... Ballet, theater, fairs, professional sports and Aviation attractions.
* Quality healthcare facilities, many have won multiple awards from US News & World Report's "Best Hospitals in America" and "Healthgrades" awards.
* More than 10 4-year Colleges and Graduate Schools provide educational opportunities as well as quality job applicants.
* 6 professional sports teams to choose from.
* Several theme parks, Aquarium's, Read More

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5706 Algoma St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1352 Falke Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 1

3384 Sea Turtle Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1124 Chambrey Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3

5732 Marblehead Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2711 Laurelwood Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 4

1115 Oakwood Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 5


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