Morrow, Ohio 

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Reviews for Morrow  based on 3 Reviews

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Redneck reaction - 4/9/2018
I've never encountered more redneck reaction in any place I've lived in my life until I moved here. It's a semi-regular occurrence.

Our realtor said "You can't go wrong in Warren County". Well, that's Mason and Springboro. Everything in between is redneck.

People get mad when you pass them on the road here. Some will actually drive under the speed limit on purpose solely to mess with you. Once you pass them, they get mad and speed up. Then, miraculously they are suddenly able to drive the speed limit as they tail you and chase you down the road and through town. People will drive fast to keep you from getting in front of them, and once you pull in back of them then start driving slow. If you honk at a driver to avoid an accident over something they did wrong, they will act aggressively and try to retaliate.

One of our neighbors, unaware that I lived in their development, pulled out in front of me in town. I lifted my hands up. Then, Read More
 | Norman, OK | Reply | 1 Reply

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Hopewell Valley Neighborhood.... - 6/11/2016
I had hoped I would not have to post a review with my opinion of the neighborhood in which I recently lived, but with multiple houses seemingly popping up for sale on a monthly basis (my opinion and to the best of my knowledge), I need to let folks know.

Please understand this is only my OPINION and my personal experience. I am not stating anything as fact in this review. That said...

"Hopewell Valley", a neighborhood located next to Little Miami high school, is best avoided if you enjoy some control and sanity over your life. Without diving too deep into the weeds, the HOA is, in my opinion, so power hungry that they drive decent people away.

This is not a good neighborhood for a new family starting out. It feels like high school all over again - cliques form, people think and do very petty things towards one another, and the overall atmosphere is one riffled with disgust, deceit, and regret.

I have had neighbors intentionally Read More

Morrow, Ohio - 7/24/2009
We are situated in SE Warren County and are home to Valley Vineyards, a winery located near the Little Miami Read More

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