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People here are idiots.
They're willfully ignorant, closed minded, and a lot of the times, overtly racist. Please god, democrats, Move here, we need your help and your votes so bad.



OK is not okay
The other negative assessments here are basically accurate. Notice the recurring issues.

I'm from OK, was raised there. I lived in California for about 21 years and made the terrible mistake of returning to OK when I retired. I'm a veteran. If you're a veteran, the Oklahoma City VA hospital is one of the worst. I ended up with third-stage cancer because of their neglect, their incompetence, their indifference. They wanted me to sign up for palliative care. They said there was no effective treatment. Thankfully, I found a much better VA and am now cancer-free. In 2015 and 2016, a federal investigation determined that the OKC VAMC had withheld access to the Veterans' Choice program for veterans.

And it's not just the VA. Their medical school, at the University of Oklahoma, has been referred to as "third-rate" by physicians I know. Outside the VA, I knew of several cases of medical "treatment" that badly damaged patients, and I wondered at the time if they were experimenting on patients, but, no, looking back, I think it was just gross ignorance and incompetence and a state that does not assure decent medical care for it's poor.

The culture of OK is sick. It's mean. They are superficially friendly but very angry and very resistant to change. They don't realize how badly they abuse themselves and each other. There is a long history of tragedy in that state, and I think the whole culture is stuck in grief - especially anger. Huge issues with drugs, alcohol, suicide. I rarely ever met a native who wasn't on anti-depressants.

Part of it is the fundamentalism. Pew Research found OK was one of only three states - Arkansas and Tennessee were the others - where more than half the population identified as church-attending fundamentalists. I repeatedly listened to natives proudly tell me that they beat their children.

And they love the death penalty. Per capita, the state murders by far more inmates than any other state. "Justice" in OK is deeply corrupted.

And, yes, they call themselves the "Sooner State," and their favorite university football team is the OU Sooners. They memorialize the criminals, referred to as "Sooners," who illegally crossed the border earlier in the land-run than was legal and took unfair advantage over the settlers who complied with the law. Scott Pruitt, before his appointment to head the EPA, was their attorney general, and he spent millions in state funds - a state that is financially strapped - on frivolous lawsuits before the SCOTUS essentially fighting for the right of Oklahoma not to comply with federal law.

And, yes, they've paid their teachers beans for years, and they leave for other states. But, then, wages in OK are generally very low. And the poverty is grinding.

Partly the problem is what passes for a newspaper in OK. It's stated goal was to convert the state into a bastion of republicanism, and they did it. The oil and gas economy is boom-bust and those with the means leave the state during down-turns - a recurring brain-drain. And, no joke, the average IQ in OK is five points below the national average, per Pew Research. Go figure.

And the climate has become extreme. I was lucky to find an awning under which to park during a four-hour hailstorm. Later, I got caught on the road in a hailstorm. Totaled my vehicle. I used to enjoy the lively weather, but the tornadoes are enormous and horrifying, now, like roving atom-bomb blasts. And it's intensely hotter than when I was a kid. Native vegetation is dying. And, with climate change burning the place up, there's a witch hunt on to get rid of the native red cedars, which are a colonizing tree that is tough enough to withstand the extreme weather. There's a myth there that they contribute to fire, but I spoke to the head of their state forestry service who told me they'd actually documented that red cedar protected other trees in forest fires. That information will never fly in OK.

And, yes, they trash their state and deny climate change. More than one fundamentalist helped me understand why: They expect the Second Coming of Christ at any time. Only the bad people will be left here - and I guess the innocent animals and plants. The bad people deserve the hell that they'll get, and since the good people will be leaving, why worry about wrecking the planet? Ah, it all makes sense, now. Needless to say, recycling isn't exactly trendy.

I think my worst memory is how so many of them presumed to tell me, if I would only pray and get right with Jesus, my cancer would be healed, as if they knew anything about my spiritual life. Whatever one's faith, I can't imagine anything more sacrosanct, more private, more off limits. They are a very wounded people, but they are not open to change. And, yes, there are some wonderful people in OK, for whom I am grateful.

I wish the state better times, but they need to tend their own garden. Or maybe their purpose is to be an object lesson in what not to do.



Welcome to the city on the rise. Not only is Oklahoma City's population growing quickly, but the cultural and progressive ideas are as well. OKC's downtown is growing at an amazing pace with great fan fair. The lucky people who call OKC home live in wonderful homes with amazing square footage. Oklahoma City is the best kept secret. So please don't tell anyone how cool OKC has become.

Check out OKC!!!



Less than OK
I moved to OKC to be closer to my family. Because of that, I can't say I regret it... but I do not like Oklahoma or OKC one bit.

Of course, everything is based on taste. So, let me try to put this in perspective so that you can make your own judgement.

1. The weather. I don't think anyone likes it. Highest anywhere for tornadoes (and earthquakes, though they are usually mild). Extremes from hot to cold which 2. Tears up the roads. Bumps, holes... I had to replace my tire well from hitting one. The roads aren't well maintained but 3. The budget is all screwed up. The answer? Raise taxes. We have one of the highest sales taxes in the nation. Oklahoma sales tax sits about 4%. BUT the city tax doubles it. It's always up for votes to raise taxes because 4. Teachers are seriously underpaid (they're running to Texas) and that doesn't do much for the education system which spends less money per student than the national average AND spends way too many years teaching "Oklahoma history" HOW MUCH CAN THERE BE?! But, really it's not just that, the jails are busting at the seams (goodbye more tax dollars), they try to fit loopholes to pay for religious stuff with tax dollars (ten commandments outside the capitol-- a former issue that was rectified in a shady way) 5. If you are religious and like to live at church, then maybe you'll like living here more, but if you aren't religious, are secular, or just not into regular worship -- watch out. You can't avoid the "what church do you go to" and all other topics that revolve around church. It's very hard to make connections with people unless you have that. Which brings me to 6. Overt friendliness. Some people love it. Others don't. I personally like to shop without getting bombarded with "need any help, how about now? now? now? now?" They run me out of the stores. I counted 27 times in a 10 minute span one time. Don't get me wrong, friendly is good... to a point. which brings me to 7. Fake smiles, daggers in your back. In all fairness, some people are really nice and I've met some decent people. Beware, because the culture is to show a friendly face. That doesn't mean that people rise above gossip and back stabbing. They just aren't as forward. If you think Oklahomans are really nice-- try driving around them. They'll cut you off in a heartbeat (since you can't see their faces they get rude). 8. Crime. It's there. Lots of carjackings. Also, pan handling is legal. There are places you get approached for money non-stop on the sides of the road or in parking lots. Near the Walmart on Penn Ave is one example. Oh and did I mention that this is a place for sex trafficking (center of the U.S. is a good crossroads for this kind of crime). 9. Speaking of roads, traffic sucks. Stop and go constantly. It takes ten minutes to go 3-4 miles. 10. Check out top and bottom lists for happiest and healthiest places. Oklahoma always ranks low. It is super high in obesity and consequently health and happiness. In the work place, I was inundated with food nearly being shoved down my throat at every opportunity. (Some people may like all the "fooding," I don't). 11. Food is taxed. Not every state is. In fact, while you save in housing, you'll pay higher rates than most places in insurance, sales tax, and pay moderately in property tax and income tax. 12. Just a closer on diversity. Because of the low diversity in politics, religion, ethnicity-- OKC seems a lot more unbalanced and unaccepting of others. If you come from a more diverse and educated background, you may find this to be ignorant.

Now, I want to be fair, so I'll share some good points about OKC.

1. You get a lot for your money in housing. 2. If you like to eat out, there are a lot of choices. 3. Those involved in church will find a strong community. 4. Gas prices are low. 5. The tax rate when buying a car is low. 6. The ups and downs in the job market aren't as severe as many other places. 7. If you love sports, there is a heavy sports culture here. Especially for college football. (Even women love sports here). You'll see OU and OSU plastered on houses and cars everywhere. If you don't like sports ... you will have to look harder for friends and places to eat without loud noise. If you don't like sports or religion-- run for the hills. Those are hot topics and it's harder to make friends without one or the other. If you like sports a lot, then it'll be easier to acclimate. 8. Something you can't find anywhere, if you like casinos, there are some around. I personally don't care for it, but I know people who do like them.



The most oppressive place to live
This place is cursed! I've never lived or been to city or state this depressing in my life. I'll suggest that anyone from the east coast not to move here. If you do, you will regret it and move back only after a few months and hate yourself for making the biggest mistake of your life. I'm going to start with the goods first. 1. If you're extremely conservative, judgmental and a introvert then you'll like living here. 2. Its a midsized city, less traffic than larger cities. 3. The job market is still relatively decent despite their recession. 4. OKC is a family oriented city, so if you're single and need not to move here. 5. The housing market is affordable but the rental market is not so...its cheaper cost living is relative because most jobs here pay lower pay scales. The bads outnumbers the bad. The bads are...1. Extreme weather that involves Earthquakes, tornadoes, hailstorms, hot miserable summers. 2. Lack of real entertainment and nightlife...your nightlife is basically going to a Wednesday night bible study or church service. 3. High crime/high poverty rates. You will become a victim of theft or burglary if you live here for some time. 4. Lack of infrastructure and decent public transit. Riding a bicycle is your public transportation. 5. Fake, mean spirited people and deceitful. They seem nice on the surface but they will backstab you, lie and steal from you without any conscience but get this they are CHRISTIANS! Lol. Misery loves company and this is a very miserable place to live. 6. Low teacher salary. The teachers are paid food stamp wages! 7. High child abuse, high incarceration rates for women, domestic violence rates, divorce rates, obesity, meth and drug use out of any state in the country. 8. Very boring city overall and not as attractive as other cities its size but there are some beautification projects underway downtown. 9. Bad schools, the schools are better in Putnam and Edmond. 10. The most backwards alcohol laws in the entire country. 11. Racism is acceptable...especially against blacks. This is the most racist dump that I've ever seen and the minorties live it and do nothing about it. 12. Thirty years behind every city in the entire've been warned!!!!!!



The name says it all - simply Okay
The pros :

1. Insanely low cost of living (you can get a two-bedroom detached or semi-detached house with a garage and yard in an area 15 to 20 minutes from downtown with good schools and moderate crime for $150 to $175,000, and pay less on groceries and gas than the national average).

2. Growing IT, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors.

3. Tons of outdoor recreation opportunities.

4. Pro basketball, and a pretty good team at that.

5. Mild winters compared to the rest of the Midwest.

6. Above-average salaries + below-average cost of living + average taxes = "the American dream" still remotely possible.

7. Low unemployment rate.

8. Nice art gallery and orchestra.

9. Well educated populace.

10. Clean, attractive downtown.

11. Most restaurants per capita in the continental US.

And now the cons:

1. Horrid schools.

2. High property crime.

3. Inane sales tax.

4. "Good ol' boy" conservative types everywhere.

5. Over-reliance on the oil industry.

6. Issues with illegals and drug cartels.

7. Corrupt politicians.

8. Oppressive summers.

9. Horrid traffic.

10. Sprawl that makes Southern California look like Scandinavia.

11. Nightlife consists of High school football and bible study.

12. Two words. Giant. Spiders.

In short: if you can get over the cons and find a job, it's actually a pretty nice place, but if you seek arts and culture or livable summers, look elsewhere.



Thank you for the postings on what it is like to live in Oklahoma City. I am interviewing for a job in the area and now I am having second thoughts about even considering to live there. My plan was to get the job experience and move on, but I'd have to square away money for another move.



Not so cheap
Apartments range from 500 to the thousands, but salaries are in the low 20k so COL, very relative



ease of use
I enjoyed myself at this site



Housing in Oklahoma City is one of the cheapest in the country. The city is fairly big in size so it is not as densely populated as some other cities. As of 2013, the population was 610,613. The area growing the fastest is the Edmond area which is just North of Oklahoma City. The downtown area is one of the worst when compared to other states in my opinion. It is a pretty boring city overall, which is why I am looking to get out of here ASAP.



Possible Relocation to OKC

I am considering a possible move to Oklahoma from the Baltimore, MD area with my Fiance'. We are both of asian decent and are in our late 20's. We do not do much partying anymore and now for the most part enjoy going on date nights and to the theater. We are looking for a place to start a future family.

Anyone have any thoughts of what type of a lifestyle change that we will need to consider moving from Maryland to Oklahoma? And we do not have any family or friends in Oklahoma, so will it be difficult to assimilate to the local population?



Oklahoma City is a mixed bag
I lived in OKC altogether for about 25 years, mostly because of my business. It's true about not being able to make friends unless you grew up there and/or have kids. People aren't so much unfriendly as they are content in their own little bubbles and not curious about anybody who isn't in their bubble. There are a lot of immigrants, but they mostly stick to their own ethnic communities.
Housing appears to be cheap, however repair costs and insurance are high due to the weather--ice storms, snow storms, hail storms, tornadoes,etc. An average year will see lows of 0 degrees to a high of 110 degrees.
Grocery stores are mostly a sorry lot. The library system is actually quite good. If you're into outdoor recreation head for the lakes, especially Hefner (bike path), Overholser (boat house with kayak rentals), or Arcadia (hiking trails and camping).
Jobs outside of health care, government and oil and gas are mostly low paid. Regulations are poorly enforced, especially in real estate (buyer beware.



The only pro I can think about OKC is that low cost of living.
We moved here from Chicago a year ago for a job and we are just waiting for an opportunity to get out of here.
People here are odd as ever. I use to think they were just un-friendly but I also realize they are incredibly dumb and act as if you’re odd for wanting to have an intellectual conversation or if you show any kind of energy in your conversation. Most people here are rude as hell and customer service in this town is shocking. No grocery stores, well Whole Foods and Sprouts but they are like novelty stores, not regular grocery stores??? July and August you will be inside, too hot to go out, and the winter is milder temperature wise than the upper Midwest but the wind is wicked and very cold. Trash is everywhere! People do not pick up trash here and the winds are always whipping the trash all over the city. THE UGLIEST CITY you will ever see is OKC. It is so ugly it’s depressing. The phony Christians will drive you nuts quickly. If you’re single, a black professional, non-Christian, or LGBT you will have a difficult time here. Very few sidewalks in the city, they force you to drive everywhere. You will need a home security system here in OKC, this has to be the burglary capital. Auto insurance is high because of the yearly hail damage. You HAVE TO have a garage or carport. Tornadoes are a huge threat here, especially in April and May. But oddly, they talk about them here almost like they’re proud of them?? I guess because it’s so boring, tornadoes bring a little excitement. There is a reason why OKC has a bad reputation in the United States.



Oklahoma City is Cursed by God
A year ago my wife and I moved to OKC. Yes, there are some good folks there, but it is a dishonest lot of folks that call this red dirt town home. I got to know some local realtors and they were a shady bunch, deceitful, crooked and double-talking. Beyond the weekly earthquakes (which they all seem to have no idea why they have become so frequent . . . Ahhh it's called fracking), the 4.5 mile wide tornados that stay on the ground for 45 minutes, the scorpions, the monthly hail that leave tattoos on everyone's cars, the highest home insurance rates in the nation, the fact that they had to give the land away in the first place to get anyone to live here, the blood red dirt from all the underhanded broken deals with the Indians, or the UGLY lack of scenery, this place is hell on earth. Two months after relocating to OKC, I got a call at 2AM from my employer letting me know I was fired, with no prior warning or complaint, and the threat of arrest if I returned to the office. What a bunch of nincompoops. Further, while they profess to be "Christian" instead they are liars and embrace all kinds if unchristian lifestyles. If you want to go to hell, go to Oklahoma City. Even their state motto, "Sooners" embraces a cheating concept (Sooners were settlers that stole land before it was lawfully available).



Things you should know before relocating to Oklaho
I moved to Oklahoma City last summer for a great job offer. I moved from an east coast city that I loved very much but could never find quality employment in. I was aware that OKC has a rather negative image nationally as far as cities go but I thought to myself how bad could it really be?

First, before I get into my main points, I want to mention the good about OKC. First of all, things seem to be improving here. Though this city is well behind most others its size in terms of amenities and things to do, it offers more than most people think it does. There is more to OKC than country music and rodeos, despite common myth. The city's formely dead downtown is coming to life as new condos, townhouses, and apartments get built. The city is starting to develop the bones of somewhere that may actually be cool to live someday. The Bricktown Canal, though artificial, is a pretty neat attraction. Other entertainment districts are starting to sprout up in neighborhoods surrounding downtown. If you are used to a larger city you may be underwhelmed but compared to where OKC once was, things are really coming along. OKC is a city that is really slowly but surely coming back to life. Plus, OKCitians are generally very proud of their city and most of them have the desire to see it progress. Many other cities with similar image problems don't have that advantage. Another thing I want to mention is though its a conservative city, you don't have to be a right wing, Glenn Beck extremist to live here. There ARE liberals in OKC, believe it or not.

Also, OKC has one of the best economies of any large city in the country right now, combined with the lowest cost of living for any place its size. With the right job, you can really live like a king here compared to other places.

Now, on to my main points. While I can definitely understand people liking OKC and wish I could embrace it myself, it hasn't been a good fit for me. I advise anybody considering a move to OKC to consider these things.

1. This is a family oriented city. One of the first things I noticed when moving here is how I stick out like a sore thumb being in my late twenties and not yet married with kids. If you are single, there are much better places to live. While I am under impression that this is a fun city for college aged youth, if you get too high in your 20s and don't get married it can be a real problem socially. Because of this, I have had extreme difficulty making friends here and still spend most nights alone.

2. This is not a beautiful city. Though things are definitely improving in this department, the lack of natural beauty as well as the climate that prevents a lot of plant growth have dealt the city a bad hand in terms of aesthetic beauty. OKC isn't alone in this aspect, but other cities seem to have made up for it with stricter building codes and landscaping. Until recently, there wasn't much of this in OKC, leaving much of the city to feel like a dusty truck stop somewhere in the Texas panhandle.

3. The weather is extreme. Though F5 tornadoes don't occur every year, they are continually a threat and must be at the back of everyone's minds every spring. Summers tend to be brutal and dry and winters, while milder than in the Midwest, are a little too cold for comfort. That leaves only a few months out of the year with placid weather.

4. The culture here is decisively blue collar. Though more and more educated people are ending up in OKC and this is one negative I expect to change eventually, for decades OKC had severe brain drain in which most educated people left for other cities. That still shows itself loud and clear in the culture here. People as a whole don't look highly on intellectualism or high culture. This is a very conformist place and I have found it difficult to be at any way different from the local social norm. Maybe I just haven't found my niche yet, but this has been my experience. Supposedly there are a lot more cultural events starting to happen so maybe this is changing, as expected with the recent influx of more educated transplants.

5. Lack of natural beauty. Sorry, no beaches or mountains. No tall trees. You can decent outdoor recreation in about a two hour drive in most directions from OKC.

6. Retail is mindbogglingly lacking. Not much upscale retail to be found here. Tulsa about an hour to the northeast has quite a bit and Dallas, three hours south, has everything you could want, but OKC is hardly a shoppers paradise on the high end of the spectrum. This doesn't really affect me as much but I thought I would mention it since a lot of transplants seem to take issue with this. What has been the most surprising for me is the lack of everyday amenities, such as quality grocery stores. There are a few, such as one Whole Foods and a few Sprouts, and one called Uptown Grocery in Edmond, but there are no major national chains or even quality local chains in OKC. In most of the city, you are stuck with the Super Wal-Mart or a store called "Crest" which is a little better than Wal-Mart but still very basic and lacks the variety of a good solid grocery store that you will find in other cities.

7. The liquor laws. I am sure you have probably heard about this if you are seriously thinking about relocating to Oklahoma, but this state has probably the most backwards liquor laws in the entire country. Grocery stores and convenience stores can ONLY sell beer up to 3.2% alcohol by volume. This pretty much limits it to big-name domestics. You won't find craft beer or wine at the local grocery store. Liquor stores on the other hand can sell anything but they cannot sell cold beer (government is afraid people will chug it in the car) and must close at 9PM and on Sundays. Overall you can work around these laws, but its another added inconvenience to living in Oklahoma vs living elsewhere.

Bottom line, I would have a hard time recommending just anyone move to OKC. I would say the best way to summarize it is its great for families or if you have roots here AND can deal with the negatives listed above. Singles over the age of 25 or so should probably look elsewhere. Depending on your demographic and your lifestyle, you will either love this city or it will suck the life out of you. I personally want to like OKC and don't want to go through the hassle of moving again but I don't know if I'll ever be able to have the life I want in this city given my circumstances. Take my review with a grain of salt as this is just one opinion from one guy on the Internet.


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