Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

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Schools in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 186 Found

Name Grades Type Rating
Adams ESPK - 06Regular2
Alexis Rainbow CSPK - 01Regular
Antioch Christian AcademyKG - 08Private
Arbor Grove ESPK - 05Regular7
Arthur ESPK - 06Regular2
Astec Charter HS09 - 12Regular8
Astec Charter Ms06 - 08Regular3
Barnes ESPK - 05Regular7
Belle Isle Ms06 - 08Regular10
Bishop John Carroll SchoolPK - 08Private
Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Bodine ESPK - 06Regular2
Briarwood ESPK - 06Regular9
Bridgestone ES05 - 06Regular2
Brink JHS07 - 08Regular9
Britton ESPK - 06Regular2
Bryant ESPK - 06Regular7
Buchanan ESPK - 06Regular4
Canyon Ridge IES05 - 06Regular7
Capitol Hill ESPK - 06Regular2
Capitol Hill HS09 - 12Regular3
Carl Albert HS09 - 12Regular9
Carl Albert Ms06 - 08Regular8
Casady SchoolPK - 12Private
Central Oak ESPK - 05Regular5
Cesar Chavez ESPK - 06Regular3
Christ the King Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Classen HS of Advanced Studies09 - 12Regular10
Classen Ms of Advanced Studies06 - 08Regular9
Cleveland ESPK - 06Regular8
Columbus ESPK - 06Regular7
Coolidge ESPK - 06Regular2
Cooper Ms06 - 08Regular7
Coronado Heights ESPK - 05Regular8
Council Grove ESPK - 04Regular2
Country Estates ESPK - 05Regular3
Creative Kids Learning CenterPK - 06Private
Crooked Oak HS09 - 12Regular2
Crooked Oak Ms06 - 08Regular2
Crossings Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Crutcho Public SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Dennis ESPK - 05Regular9
Douglass HS09 - 12Regular2
Douglass Ms07 - 08Regular2
Dove Science Academy (Okc)06 - 12Regular10
Dove Science Academy ES (Okc)KG - 05Regular7
Earlywine ESPK - 06Regular7
Eastlake ESPK - 06Regular10
Edgemere ESPK - 06Regular2
Edwards ESPK - 06Regular2
Emerson Alternative Ed. (ES)KG - 05Regular2
Emerson Alternative Ed. (HS)09 - 12Regular2
Emerson Alternative Ed. (MS)06 - 08Regular2
Epic One on One Charter ESPK - 05Regular
Epic One on One Charter HS09 - 12Regular
Epic One on One Charter Ms06 - 08Regular
Eugene Field ESPK - 06Regular3
F.D. Moon ESPK - 06Regular2
Fairview ESPK - 06Regular7
Fillmore ESPK - 06Regular2
Fisher ESPK - 06Regular9
Gatewood ESPK - 06Regular2
Good Shepherd04 - 04Private
Greenvale ESPK - 04Regular2
Greystone Lower ESPK - KGRegular3
Greystone Upper ES01 - 06Regular2
Harding Charter Preparatory HS09 - 12Regular10
Harding Fine Arts Academy09 - 12Regular10
Harper Academy09 - 12Regular2
Harvest Hills ESPK - 05Regular8
Hawthorne ESPK - 06Regular3
Hayes ESPK - 06Regular3
Hefner Ms06 - 08Regular7
Heritage HallPK - 12Private
Heronville ESPK - 06Regular2
Highland Park ESPK - 05Regular4
Hillcrest ESPK - 06Regular3
Hilldale ESPK - 05Regular8
Horace Mann ESPK - 06Regular6
Hupfeld Acad. Western VillagePK - 05Regular8
Independence Charter Ms06 - 08Regular7
Jackson ESPK - 06Regular
Jackson Ms06 - 08Regular2
Jefferson Ms07 - 08Regular2
John Glenn ESPK - 04Regular2
John Marshall HS09 - 12Regular6
John Marshall Ms07 - 08Regular2
John W Rex Charter ElementaryPK - 02Regular
Johnson ESPK - 06Regular4
Justice A.W. Seeworth Academy03 - 12Regular2
Kaiser ESPK - 06Regular2
King's Gate Christian SchoolPK - 05Private
Kingsgate ESPK - 06Regular5
KIPP Reach College Preparatory05 - 08Regular10
Kirkland ESPK - 05Regular8
Lee ESPK - 06Regular2
Linwood ESPK - 06Regular5
M.L. King Junior ESPK - 06Regular2
Mark Twain ESPK - 06Regular3
Mayfield Ms06 - 08Regular5
Messiah Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Millwood ESPK - 08Regular2
Millwood HS09 - 12Regular3
Mission Academy08 - 12Private
Monroe ESPK - 06Regular4
Mount Saint Mary High School09 - 12Private
Mustang Valley ESKG - 04Regular8
North Highland ESPK - 06Regular2
Northeast HS09 - 12Regular5
Northeast Ms06 - 08Regular2
Northridge ESPK - 05Regular7
Northwest Classen HS09 - 12Regular5
Oakridge ESPK - 06Regular2
OKC MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
Oklahoma Centennial HS09 - 12Regular5
Oklahoma Centennial Ms07 - 08Regular2
Parkview Adventist AcademyPK - 12Private
Parkview ESPK - 05Regular5
Parmelee ESPK - 06Regular3
Pierce ESPK - 06Regular7
Pleasant Hill EC CenterPK - 05Regular7
Positive TomorrowsKG - 05Private
Prairie Queen ESPK - 06Regular3
Prairie View ESPK - 04Regular
Providence HallPK - 10Private
Putnam City HS09 - 12Regular7
Putnam City North HS09 - 12Regular6
Putnam City Smart Start EC CenterPK - PKRegular3
Putnam City West HS09 - 12Regular4
Putnam Heights ESPK - 06Regular3
Quail Creek ESPK - 06Regular7
Ralph Downs ESPK - 05Regular7
Rancho Village ESPK - 06Regular2
Red Oak ESPK - 06Regular7
Ridgeview ESPK - 06Regular5
Rockwood ESPK - 06Regular2
Rollingwood ESPK - 05Regular8
Roosevelt Ms07 - 08Regular2
Roserock AcademyKG - 10Private
Sacred Heart Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Santa Fe South ES (Charter)PK - 05Regular2
Santa Fe South HS09 - 12Regular6
Santa Fe South Ms06 - 08Regular3
Schwartz ESPK - 05Regular10
Sequoyah ESPK - 06Regular2
Shidler ESPK - 06Regular2
Sky Ranch ESPK - 06Regular8
Sooner ESPK - 06Regular8
South Lake ESKG - 06Regular
Southeast HS09 - 12Regular8
Southern Hills ESPK - 06Regular3
Spring Creek ESPK - 04Regular9
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Eugene Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. James the Greater Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John Christian Heritage AcademyPK - 05Private
St. John's Episcopal SchoolPK - 08Private
Stand Watie ESPK - 06Regular2
Taft Ms07 - 08Regular2
Telstar ESPK - 05Regular2
Thelma R. Parks ESPK - 06Regular2
Tinker ESPK - 05Regular7
Trinity SchoolKG - 12Private
Tulakes ESPK - 05Regular8
U. S. Grant HS09 - 12Regular6
Van Buren ESPK - 06Regular6
Warm World SchoolPK - TrKGPrivate
Wayland Bonds ESPK - 06Regular10
Webster Ms07 - 08Regular2
West JHS07 - 08Regular7
West Nichols Hills ESPK - 06Regular8
Western Heights 9th Grade Center09 - 09Regular2
Western Heights HS10 - 12Regular4
Western Heights Ms07 - 08Regular2
Westminster SchoolPK - 08Private
Westmoore HS09 - 12Regular8
Westwood ESPK - 06Regular5
Wheeler ESPK - 06Regular2
Wiley Post ESPK - 05Regular5
Will Rogers ESPK - 05Regular7
Willow Brook ESPK - 05Regular2
Wilson ESPK - 06Regular7
Winds West ESPK - 04Regular2
Windsor Hills Baptist SchoolsKG - 12Private
Windsor Hills ESPK - 05Regular5
Young Achievers Christian AcademyPK - 06Private
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Oklahoma City    75 Reviews
I hear McDonal's is hiring... - 10/24/2020
I have lived in OKC going on 20 years now... and still don't call it home. I love Oklahoma, born and raised in a small town in NE "green country." I find OKC is a dirty... Read More

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It's average or below average about everywhere. - 7/30/2019
Oklahoma City is one of those cities that constantly appears competitive on lists about starting businesses and having low costs of living and yet doesn't have any more... Read More

High Standard of Living; car-oriented - 6/26/2019
I live here. Physically, it feels like any number of sprawling, flat, low-density cities in the central USA. Socially, people are very friendly, personable, and polite.... Read More

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