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Reviews for Stillwater  based on 8 Reviews

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GREAT CITY - 6/26/2021
Let me introduce my self. My parents are from Cuba, I was born in St. Charles, MO. Although I have not lived in Oklahoma yet, one of my best friends live in Stillwater. Last spring, I visited there with my girlfreind and buddies to see him. Personally, I think Stillwater is the awesome place to live in. All the people were kind, and small town atmosphere was very attractive. I used to live in Baton Rouge and Little Rock when I was young. Three cities are both in the southern area, but former one is an amazing city while the latter ones were not that good to live in due to the high crime rates and noisy downtowns.
Also I'm a conservative and republican. Lots of big cities in U.S are somewhat liberal, but cities in Oklahoma still remain red. That's also an attractive fator for conservatives who are looking for towns to move on.
Great City! Hope to live there in someday! Read More

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Crime - 11/4/2014
Crime in Stillwater is very low -- only 1-2 murders per year max. Property crime is also low except around the OSU campus where students take things from each other. Overall, Stillwater is and certainly feels like a very save place to Read More

Great Small Town - 4/11/2008
Stillwater is a great small college town that is home to Oklahoma State Read More

very limited choices. - 1/29/2008
stillwater does have some unique qualities about it though, but for a city of 50,000 people it just does not have a very good choice of resturants, shopping, or recreation except for oklahoma state university programs. you will find some very distinct antique shops and old downtown style stores, famous resturants, which shows the stillwater history and I think is very cool. overall stillwater is growing and getting a lot better. new stuff is popping up all the time all over Read More

We just moved here - 12/31/2007
and have been very pleasantly welcomed everywhere. In just a few days we got so much done, and how unexpected to go to a DMV (Dept. Motor Vehicles) where people are actually smiling!

The schools are also top-notch. I was impressed during parent-teacher conferences with the "quality people" that are hired to educate the children. And the best thing is people want to be here; whether they're here for retirement or the university (which has tremendous community support), the feeling I've gotten is that people live here because they want to.

It does seem to be a very transient community, but that's part of its charm. And Boomer Lake is a great place to walk the dog, go on a jog or let the kids play. We are very glad to be Read More

Stillwater, OK - 6/22/2006
Stillwater is a little too humid in the summers and there is not enough snow in the winters even though the temperature can be very cold. The overall climate, however, is very good, with just the right balance between rain and sunshine. The thunderstorms are Read More

A Great Place to Live - 6/3/2006
Stillwater is a college town that creates a high quality of living for those who value an intellectual environment. Since the nearest larger city is a one hour drive, most of those who work in Stillwater to live here. Therefore, Stillwater has many nice neighborhoods filled with college professors and other well educated academic people. Combine that with a natural collegiate international diversity brought by a campus of 22,000+ students, a transient environment and the friendliness of the southern midwest US -> you have a wonderful mix for anything you seek to find in a family oriented Read More

Low Crime - 4/18/2006
Low crime rate. Great place to raise a Read More

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