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Way too expensive for normal people - 1/5/2021
I grew up in this city. It used to be a sleepy, humble and affordable place to live. Now? The rent is skyrocketing, and the housing prices rival that of Portland. The average income here is pretty low. House prices went up $100-200k in the last 6 months. There's a shortage of available homes, and what is available is too expensive. Find somewhere else. Sure, OR is pretty. But it's also getting overrun by price gougers for housing. And the other cost of living expenses are high as well. Not to mention the homeless and addict crowd has increased exponentially. Just so you are aware. Read More

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"It's the Racism" - 8/17/2020
I give Grants Pass 3 stars for her natural Beauty. The trees, Rivers, and Mountains. If it werent for the beauty of the outdoors I would have left long ago. Now that I am retired, I am actively looking for a place to live that is less judgmental & racist. I want to belong in a community of people that respect others, regardless of age, race, lifestyle, language, ability etc. If you look at the history of racism in Grants Pass BEFORE you move here, you will see that underneath her natural beauty is a deep seated darkness that goes far beyond comprehension. Sadly, I will bid her adieu! #SundownTown Less than 1% of population is a POC because they run everybody else out. #StopH8 Read More

Living the good life! - 2/26/2020
The weather is mild 4 seasons! You can still buy a really beautiful home for about 350k, nice people, beautiful scenery, the Rogue River runs through the heart of town! What more can you ask for! Living the good life for over 25 years. Read More

Great Retirement Town! - 2/26/2020
Moved here in 89 from Southern California...wouldn't live anywhere else but Grant's Pass! Love love love it Read More

I hate it and here is why you will too. - 8/15/2018
First off, I have lived in Grants Pass 25 years. Do you suppose I would know the city I grew up in? Don't believe the hype. As I type this you cannot see the mountains that surround Grants Pass. There is too much smoke from all the wildfires. We have have hazardous smoke from wildfires for the last three summers. It didn't use to be like this. At one point the air quality was sitting at 500, that is as unhealthy as you can get. People are wearing face masks to breathe because the smoke is suffocating us. I would never move to this city in a million years, I am here because I grew up here.

Dismal. The economy is sustained by customer service industries. Fast food places on every corner. Dutch Bros Coffee on every corner. Nothing but hotels, gas stations, mom and pop shops and antiques. Most of the jobs are either customer service based on health care based. The majority of the population is elderly people. For this reason, most of the jobs are stemmed from Read More

Worst town ever to live in!!! - 7/27/2018
First off, if the fire season ( during summer months) doesn't kill you the people will. The fire season here is pretty severe. Grants Pass is totally surrounded by mountains, and it gets hit hard during fire season! So, if that doesn't kill you the people will. People here only care about their own skin. Please do the research. Look at how many pedestrian deaths there are in this area, and many of them are hit and runs. In 2017 alone, there were 2 deaths in the area of school kids that got run over while waiting at school bus, and the city officials do nothing! One of the kids was mine, and what did did they change, nothing. City officials are heartless here. Run, don't move to Grants Pass. Worst town ever to live in!  Read More

Beautiful place on the downturn - 10/4/2017
5 Years ago, I would have given Grants Pass 5 stars. However the recent passage of Oregon's recreational marijuana laws have started a downward spiral that is unclear whether Grants Pass will ever recover from. Pot growers consider the climate in Grants Pass perfect for growing marijuana and thus I will start my review listing the pros and cons of someone who has lived here for the last 5 years.

1. Grants Pass has a beautiful "old town" district which is vibrant, full of culture, festivals, live music, farmers markets, and offers a lot to all.
2. Grants Pass's Riverside Park is perhaps one of the most beautiful small town parks in America with regular festivals and concerts.
3. Grants Pass has successfully separated the "strip mall" shopping of the east side from the Historic Downtown district.
4. The Rogue River, nearby Oregon Coast, Redwoods, Crater Lake, and plentiful National Forest areas offer much for the outdoorsman.
5. Even Read More

Southern Oregon is BEAUTIFUL! - 3/10/2017
I have lived in Southern Oregon, outside of Grants Pass for twenty years. It is gorgeous, especially the surrounding towns---Wolf Creek and Sunny Valley a bedroom towns in the lush mountains and only 20 minutes from GP, with all the shopping and activities you could want in a small, clean, friendly town. I especially like small town living and the grade school, Sunny Wolf Charter School. in Wolf Creek is rated the highest possible, 5, by the state. The school is small, has wonderful staff and my daughter learned 7th grade stuff in 5th grade. Wolf Creek and Sunny Valley have everything you could need in a pinch...with gas and general stores. It's private and you are literally surrounded by trees in Wolf Creek. In all the years we've lived in Wolf Creek, we have never once been burglarized or anything negative. Small town living in southern Oregon is the best! Read More

No Justice - 9/16/2014
As corrupt as people can be, Grants Pass is by far the most deceitful city all of Oregon. If the courts or political parties don't know you, you will go to jail for a misdemeanor or infractions no matter what until you can post bail. The law is only there to serve it self. Unless fresh faces from outreach communities get elected into prime seats of the offices of Grants Pass there is going to be no end to the corruption that is Grants Read More

Small Town - 7/17/2013
Grants Pass Oregon is a beautiful place, it is a small town and has some of the issues that you find in all small towns but overall it is a nice place to Read More

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