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Hood River Oregon - 6/27/2015
Hood River Oregon is a amazing place to live the winters are awesome lots to do.The two things that i found that sucks about hood river is the cost of living and the summer time it is way to hot i hate the heat love the Read More

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Register Voters - 5/16/2010
I would like to know how many Hispanics are register voters in the city of The Dalles OR.
And how many Hispanics are there in the ciy of The Dalles Read More

The Dalles, Oregon and Hood River, Oregon - 4/14/2009
Local transportation is available with private taxi cabs, small city bus service to surrounding cities and the major metro area of Portland, Or. Greyhound Bus Lines has a depot downtown, to service other major cities and states. Amtrak train service is available in local cities in the border state of Read More

Troubling Trends... - 4/5/2008
Sometimes it feels like one of the Worst Places in the country to do business... People from East Portland like to come out and rob buildings. There is an organized movement to make it a Mexican "Harbor" city, as if they need more. This will certainly drive down wages for an already over represented blue collar labor force.There are irresponsible business owners here, whose parents gave them the means but not the ways. Not as educate as is reported. An okay place to visit, I'd Read More

What else besides recreation and weather? - 3/21/2007
I've visited HR several times and agree that the recreation is awesome and the climate warmer and dryer than cities near but east of it. I've thought about living there, but for such a small town with limited ways to earn a living I find the housing to be almost as expensive as Portland and Vancouver. Can anyone elxplain how real estate prices got so inflated?

On the subject of retail and service businesses, I know it's a small town and choices in goods and services will be expectedly limited, but I can't figure out why a community like this, whose restaurants proactively and proudly support local, organic growers, doesn't have a natural market or coop where abundant produce, meats and dry goods can be purchased. Even the farmers market is curiously small and devoid of organic items. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?

Just trying to figure this place out. HR seems to appeal to the simpler, active, earth-conscious person, yet at the same time, the Read More

And what about the winter - 12/17/2006
Okay for summer, but what's Hood River like in the winter? Anything open, anything to do? Too Read More

"Gorge"ous place with tons of outdoor activities. - 7/11/2006
I have traveled all over the US and this place can't be Read More

Beautiful - 7/11/2006
One of the most beautiful places anywhere in the Read More

Hood River is a great place to live - 7/10/2006
I lived in Hood River for a Summer and I wish I'd never left. It has a youthful fun atmosphere. There are tons of outdoor activities. Truly a great place to Read More

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3430 Broken Tee Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

309 Eugene St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

2800 Elder Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 2

1321 Wasco St
Bed 1 | Bath 1

1321 Wasco St
Bed 0 | Bath 0

912 Cherry Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2871 Cottage Ln
Bed 2 | Bath 2


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