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Reviews for Milwaukie  based on 4 Reviews

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Terse Unhelpful Review - 8/12/2018
Beautiful place to live. Just enough liberals in the Portland Metro area. High unemployment right now but never a great time to buy a house. Read More

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Milwaukie, Oregon Review - 8/14/2015
Since I moved in March 2014 the cost of rent has increased including all of the Portland Metro area. The Oregon state minimum wage is 9.25 hr and there is no sales tax and the state income tax is 10%.

There are parks, rivers, and family recreation activities such as Oaks Park, Oregon Zoo, OMSI, Children's Museum, and Gardens that are about 20 minutes away. Spring and Summer months are great and the rest occasionally is the rainy season. Read More

Livability - 6/17/2010
Beautiful place to live. Too many liberals in the Portland Metro area. High unemployment right now but great time to buy a Read More

if you're into suburbs and "quiet" - 4/27/2008
My parents currently live in Milwaukie. My family has been in the area for three generations now. My grandparents originally moved to the area because of the influx of jobs on the west coast during the depression. My parents lived in Chicago, Port Angeles, and other pockets in the Portland Metro area before choosing to permanently settle in Milwaukie. They bought their house for $280K in 01 several people in their housing area have sold since then because of the increased housing prices. They love the area because it is close to dog parks, is a short drive to anywhere important (the city of Portland, schools, work, etc), is incredibly quiet for it's accessibility, and its small town feel. There isn't any exciting nightlife in Milwaukie, but if you like the suburbs and are looking for a cheaper housing market for the west coast, it's not a bad Read More

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