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Beware of the Snobs in Lexington, SC - 7/8/2015
Over the years Lexington has grown and there are indeed good schools, low cost of living, chain stores & plenty of churches. However, there is a high percentage of individuals who have an over-inflated sense of self-worth and there spawn are bullies. The schools in the center of town are over run with helicopter parents & holier than though stay at home moms. Of course their children can do no wrong...so they are jerks. If your child wears sweatpants to school, watch out...because the bullies will throw out words like white-trash and the like. The new high school here, River Bluff is being touted as the perfect utopian place, but buyer beware. They employ expeditionary learning, which does have evidence of being an incredible form of education...but...the school district does not understand that the reason EL works in programs like outward bound, are because the kids are broken, contrite and do possess a modicum of compassion. The demographic of the majority of the children that Read More

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Lexington - 9/3/2012
It's a great place to raise a Read More

Living in Lexington - 3/2/2010
We moved down here from Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago and have enjoyed every minute. We really miss our friends from up there, but that's about it. Just like everywhere else, there are good and bad areas, but Lexington is almost all good,...and, no, I don't work for the Chamber of Commerce.
First of all, Lexington (Columbia-area) is known as 2 hours from everything, and it is: The beaches, historical Charleston & Savannah (GA), The big city (Charlotte, NC), the mountains, boating, hiking, lots of golf and, of course, the beautiful weather to enjoy it all. You will never run out of places to take the family.
The schools in Lexington (specifically) are amazing and award winning. Our kids are in elementary, but we have many friends with high praise for the middle and high schools too. Speaking of friends, we've noticed that Lexington is a melting pot of the South and the North without prejudice to either. The people here are wonderful and friendly.
Restaurants (my Read More

Public Transportation - 2/12/2009
There is no public transportation system available in Read More
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Love/Hate Relationship - 7/3/2008
My wife and I are continually torn about this place. Some days we love it and others we don't. I can't say that we ever really "hate" it - it's not that bad - it's really just us. When coming from a major metro area the transition can be difficult. After having been raised in the heart of Silicon Valley and spending most of my life in the SF Bay Area, it's hard to go ANYWHERE and not feel like something's lacking. That being said, South Carolina has totally won us over when it comes to sensible government, low cost of living, southern manners, family values, clean air and open spaces. Most of these are things that have long since disappeared in California (believe it or not they once existed!). Unfortunately, Columbia is an area with virtually zero big-city amenities, aside from a nice zoo and a couple of decent museums. There just aren't a lot of quality services here so the standards tend to feel kind of low. People seem to be really okay with chain restaurants, strip malls Read More

I have lived here for almost 4 years... - 1/14/2007
First of all let me say that I love change so coming from Colorado where I had to endure terrible storms and cold,I have thoroughly enjoyed the southern climate. I have never been a snow or outdoor enthusiast so trading that for "almost" (stretching it a little) year around decently warm temperatures has been truly wonderful. The summer humidity is way out there, but I can survive as long as there is air conditioning in my car and home and in all the stores I shop in. I am two hours from the beach and really nice campgrounds when I want to camp out. The Palmetto palms are nice along with the gorgeous azaleas, pines and the abundant woods that are natural to this area. The state is made up of three areas, the midlands, the upstate and the low country which is really interesting in culture. Everything is so different of course than Colorado, and I love it. So much to learn and experience. Barbeque is the name of the game here. It's either tomato based or mustard based flavored pulled Read More

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