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Wouldn’t recommend it! - 12/21/2018
Lived here for 10+ years. I can’t wait to move out. This place is so boring. Nothing to do. The weather sucks. It’s usually always cold and the winters get pretty bad here. During the winters you’ll usually stay indoors. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to move here! The only good thing about this place is that the crime is low so it’s a safe place to live. that’s mainly it thou. Read More

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great job - 2/16/2018
they were very good at what they Read More

Moving here would be a Mistake - 4/2/2017
This is a review of Sioux Falls, SD from someone who moved here from Broomfield, Colorado. I have been living here for almost two years. Like most people I tried to researched places that may be a better place to live. I picked Sioux Falls.

That was a Mistake.

My review will be attacked by someone pretending to be a resident of the city. Ask yourself when you read it, what person spends its time perusing the review boards? So they can refute, attack someone who does a review they don’t like ? Who would do that ? Don’t they have life.

It is important to note that states as well as cities spend money to market their state or city, trying to entice people to come there because it adds to their tax base. Some reviews passing themselves off as residents, are in fact, marketing, city state proxies paid by the very location to sell the location. People put more stock in an individual review from the locale than an outright advertisement from the Read More

The beatings will continue until morale improves! - 1/24/2017
I was originally going to write a more traditional review for Sioux Falls but given how most people tend to write the same thing, I thought I'd try explaining what I think of Sioux Falls in a different format. I'm going to describe Sioux Falls by using the same joke that General Motors used to respond to a criticism from Microsoft back in the 90s (you might have seen this joke online, it's quite common). Yes, I'm going to describe Sioux Falls as what it would be like if it was a car company, like Toyota or Ford. I'll call it FallsCar for reference.

"If Sioux Falls was a car company...

The FallsCar would be a compact car but weigh 4000 lbs and has a V6 engine rated at 75 HP. It has the same length and weight as a K-Car but the ground clearance of a Ferrari (without the performance). (Please note that all specifications on the FallsCar are in SAE so don't expect metric, we at FallsCar see it as unnecessary to use metric.)

Top speed of the FallsCar Read More
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Nice town to live... - 6/27/2015
I moved here 9 1/2 years ago from Minneapolis. It's a nice town. Yes, it took me awhile to acclimate to a different environment. It is a little big city that is somewhat behind (in sophistication) compared to larger cities. (that can be a good thing at times) Sioux Falls is striving to become known as a up and coming city with much to offer. It has a nice historic downtown, that is constantly improving with new condos, river walking/biking path, restaurants etc. The cost of living is cheaper for housing, compared to Mpls. I don't see much of a difference in food, gas prices etc. The marked difference I have come to appreciate, is the genuine warmth of people here. I was surprised to read comments that said the opposite. Salt of the earth people here, for the most part. If you are not familiar with SD, don't assume it has very few trees, old historic homes etc. It's a classic Midwestern town in that sense too. When I drive through Sioux Falls older neighborhoods, I would Read More

Stay away from Eastern Sioux Falls - 5/1/2014
I have lived on both the west and east sides of Sioux Falls, and while I have had no problems living on the west side, the east side of Sioux Falls is the worst. Parked outside my home, every two months my car was hit by a drunk driver who remains anonymous. I have had to pay for a new bumper, and then a new car altogether. The city doesn't ever help when you report a hit and run, either. Filing a police report doesn't do any good in this case. I have never had any luck with the police finding any criminals for any crimes reported. (I had my car broken into while I was at work and had some personal items stolen about a year ago, and the police just told me not to park where my managers made me. They made it out to be my fault that the window was smashed and the thief rummaged through my car and trashed it.) If you want to live here, the west side is better. Just make sure you work and live on the west side and ignore the east side. Read More

what is sioux falls,sd like? - 11/22/2013
If anyone who lives in Sioux falls,sd could answer these questions, that would be great! :) My husband and I would like to move to Sioux Falls,sd in 2014 with our two kids and wanted to know if it's a family orientated city? I know it's starting to go fast, but does it seem crowded? We like to stay away from places with a lot of college students and definitely night life scenery. Just curious to know how it is in general. Read More

Disabled and looking for a home for my family. - 7/14/2013
Hello My wife and I are disabled, and we are looking to move to South Dakota. We have three children and we are looking for a good town for our children to grow up in. our problem is we don't know anyone in South Dakota so if anyone out there could chat with me I would appreciate it. We need to find a cheep place to rent so we can start looking to buy a home for our family any help would make our would wonderful. Thank you for any one who reads this. Sincerly, Shawn Phillips....Read More

Sioux Falls Is Economically Diverse and Is a Great - 6/8/2012
Sioux Falls Is a wonderful place to live. I have lived here my entire life and the city really is something new every year. I have seen corn fields become bustling communities. The people are friendly and education is the best for the money. With Ellsworth AFB, it is a relatively safe place to live. We have a nice airport. Shopping is easy, with a large mall. Traffic is mild. If someone has a vision of a perfect life, this city is one to be able to unfold it. Real estate is cheaper than the national average and is constantly expanding. Jobs, large and small, are booming. Unemployment is half of the national average. The city is very active! Sioux Falls is beautiful with trees in every direction. It seems every year this city just keeps getting better. Sort of like an upgrade. And also it is proud to be racially diverse, and also religiously diverse. The political climate is mostly conservative, but there is a strong liberal side as well. Sioux Falls is a great place for anyone to Read More

Great place to live, but - 8/8/2011
Sioux Falls is a wonderful small city. Business leaders are fairly progressive. Downtown night life. Great Symphony orchestra, colleges, college (DII) athletics, fine people, other cultural events. Great bike/running trail. However, the political climate and culture of the state lag far behind. The ruling political gang is very conservative, lacks vision, lags in education funding and teacher salaries, and doesn't do a lot to help the down and out. Otherwise, it's a great city in which to Read More

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3649 E Brewster St
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6516 W Westminster Dr
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7008 W Belgrave Trl
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608 E 28th St
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4200 S Judy Ave
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5001 S Twin Ridge Rd
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2409 E 6th St
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