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Reviews for Clarksville  based on 35 Reviews

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Friendly in the south they say? - 3/2/2020
High crime rate
Judge mental people
Horrible weather
Worst drivers
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Nice...but not if you have allergies. - 12/30/2019
We lived here for 3 years and it wasn't bad. The downtown area is nice, if a bit run down, and there's a lot of cool/artsy stuff to do there. The Wilma Rudolph area (it's basically the strip where all the restaurants and stores are) is pretty bad. Traffic is horrible, and there are a lot of rough-looking people that hang around down there. There's some fairly decent restaurants in the area, though. I recommend Rafferty's. It's the bomb! However, this area in genera....It's not the nicest area. The weather in TN is horrible and changes like...every three seconds. It's unpredictable. If you are someone with seasonal allergies or you are allergic to grass/trees/pollen/ragweed, you are going to be miserable in Tennessee. All in all, I probably wouldn't go back. Read More

Great place to live - 10/23/2019
Clarksville TN is a great place to live. The people are friendly for most parts. There are a ton of outdoor activities to keep you busy if you like to fish, hunt, hike, mountain bike... The cost of living is super low compared to almost anywhere in the US. Housing is silly cheap and we are close to Nashville and to LBL, what's not to like. Read More

Unremarkable - 4/4/2017
If you enjoy being overwhelmed by a town congested with mediocre restaurants serving terrible food for twice the value, Clarksville is for you. Read More

Wal-Marts - 2/2/2016
Just to be correct, there are indeed 3 Wal-Marts in Clarksville, and 1 more in Oak Grove, KY. Not that I'm proud of that fact but these are the facts. One is on Wilma Rudolph, one is on Madison, and one is on Ft. Read More

Weather - 3/4/2015
Too much rain, and too little sunshine. There are several days at a time in a row that it is cloudy and overcast. The figures are incorrect about days of sunshine. At least from March 1st 2014 to present since we have lived Read More

Clarksville Academy - 10/6/2014
I notice nothing has been written about Clarksville Academy in the last few years. I am very skeptical of the positive comments listed here as I know the school solicits these comments from family members, faculty and friends in order to put a positive "face" on this school. It is anything but. The Head of Schools is probably one of the most unprofessional educators I have ever met. Many of the teachers are extremely good instructors but others are not. Many classes are unsupervised and have little or no structure. Tuition and other cost keep going up every year until it is cost prohibitive for anyone but the wealthiest in Clarksville. Good teachers leave because of the person in charge of the school. Students leave for the same reason. Many students going back to the public schools find they are a grade level behind. Not a good place.  Read More

2 wal marts - 1/1/2013
I earlier stated that there were 3 wal marts in Clarksville, there are actually 2, 1 is in Oak Grove, Ky. But still serves ft campbell area. Just to be Read More

It's not much but it's like most typical army town - 12/24/2012
I've lived here for 2 1/2 years starting may 2010, deployed for 10 1/2 months of that time. Clarksville is like most military towns, it's kind of run down, although they have a very small downtown that is not bad, most of the city is along 41a or along wilma rudolph boulevard, that would be where most of the action takes place. Clarksville does have a mall, 2 movie theatres, 3 walmarts and a Target, not exactly booming but it has the essentials. Around post it's an absolute dump, all the businesses and housing looks so grubby, beat down and ghetto it makes you wish you were stationed somewhere else bedides ft campbell, but this being my 1st duty station I had no choice in the matter. There's some restaurants and pubs mostly by the mall and a few downtown, but after a few weekends of that you've seen everything in clarksville and then your counting the days til your out of this place. The unfortunate thing is it rains constantly here, I wondered why ft campbell was the highest military Read More

good place - 10/7/2011
clarksville tenn was alot smaller when we moved here 22yrs ago. there are more things for kids to do. the schools arent terrible, alot of family functions. i wish there were more (small town) type community evenys. but all in all, not so bad. very close to ft campbell army base, so a large variety of backgrounds. close to nashville as well, so many things to do with the Read More

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