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Crime in Cocke County - 9/4/2015
worst place to live in Tennessee, crime, corruption, crooked police, mean rotten hillbillies, drugs and the list goes on. Read More

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Reap What You Sow - 3/5/2014
I am a native Texan, however I have traveled all over the world in my professional career. The one thing I have found common about everywhere I've traveled is that you normally receive what you submit. I try to never judge a person at our initial introduction (regardless of their dress or word pronunciation). I've met good people everywhere I've traveled and some not so good one's along the way. The not so good one's I elect not to build a relationship with, however, if I meet them on the street I do greet them pleasantly and proceed on my way.

Another thing in common with all the places I traveled is jails, weed, booze and ladies of the evening. In all these places I had a choice, be involved with these elements or choose not to be involved. Is America great, or what, you do have a choice.

Although I never been to Newport, TN, I have driven past it on I40. I have never seen a more beautiful place anywhere. It's apparent to me that GOD loves Newport, TN ... Read More

wanting to move there - 5/26/2012
I rode through the town and spoke to several people that seemed to be very friendly. Now we had read all these comments on your city about the crime, burglaries, etc. We are in the middle of buying a house there and are now worried about our children especially if you are not welcome in that town and the comments also stated the police are corrupt. We would like to feel safe if we need help and protection. Any suggestions or advice you can give me and could you tell us who is replying to us. Thank you, very concerned Read More

Cosby Elem. School - 8/22/2010
My son really enjoys going to school Read More

Quiet,beautiful little town. - 3/24/2008
Well,I read a review about my town on this site and it really bothered me. It had some truth,but mostly it was just untrue and obviously written by someone with limited experience concerning small town life. I have lived here my entire life. It's quiet,laid back,and a beautiful place to live. We have our unfortunate bad economy,lack of jobs,and yes,I'm sure,illicet drugs and such. What town does'nt? Would I trade the relative lack of crime,serious stuff,like rape,murder,and child abduction for a bustling night life? Umm,no! So,Newport is a wonderful little town,and most people are very friendly,unless you make fun of our "hillbilly accent",which is part of our heritage and we ARE'NT ashamed of that thank you very much. Also,We d love our Tennessee Vols,and I don't know any racist people,although I'm sure they are here,just like everywhere. Anyway,it's not a big city so if you're looking for 24/7 activity,it is'nt here. However,if you are looking for beauty,good people,and just Read More

This place truly sucks. There is nothing to do here other than the WalMart Super Center. The high school kids cruise the parking lot on weekends for lack of things to do. There are no jobs, ESPECIALLY for those with anything requiring a college degree, and the people aren't very friendly, especially if you don't speak with the annoying redneck accent that most people in this town have. Oh and UT Football...people are way too obsessed with UT Football. You will be so sick of hearing Rocky Top and people talking about the Vols that you will be ready to throw up. There is so much drugs and illegal activity that go on here its insane. There were recently several police officers that were arrested for smuggling drugs to Miami, and beating up one of the many Hispanics that live here. Not that there's anything wrong with the Hispanics, the closed minded rednecks aren't too welcoming of them. How sad. Traffic is pretty bad too, since we have a lot of retirees moving into the area. The climate Read More

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1421 Higway # 73
Bed 4 | Bath 3

425 W Carson Springs Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1639 Cedar Haven Way
Bed 2 | Bath 2

655 State St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

644 Forty Ft St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

126 Odell Rd
Bed 2 | Bath 3

544 English Mountain Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 1


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