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Be Careful. Only Hire Licensed People - 3/27/2018
This is a good old boys and girls town. Just walk through Walmart and you'll see what I mean. Most of the houses are very old. Jut look at the real estate listings.

If you are having a house built, or if you need an electrician or a plumber, or if you want home repairs to be done correctly, then make sure that you are hiring a LICENSED builder or technician.

Someone in Paris is building a lot of houses, but he does not have a current license on file. So be careful. If you are going to pay someone to build a house for you, then look up his license. If he cannot show you a current license, run the other way.  Read More

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paris tn - 12/7/2014
as for cost of living paris isn't quite so bad. though it is slowly going up like everywhere as a single mother it isn't to bad. however, it is a fast growing meth city. the widespread drug problem is getting worse day by day and recently caused a shooting at a park my boys used to enjoy going to. I know its everywhere but would like to move away to some place Read More

Concerns of Government Actions - 5/30/2007
My concerns cover various areas. The first is the fact that Paris is trying so hard to become a tourist area, which is fine. However, now and especially after it does there has been no effort made to put in place a Hazmat unit. We had a very small one in one of the ally ways recently. A police officer walked straight into it with a lite cigarette to look around. This was a very dangerous move on his part, but too he had no training. Just think what would happen on a major roadway to the lake or in a crowded area if a tanker turned over. First no one would know what the placard would tell them about what was in the tanker. Then they would not now how to handle immediate response for the people in the area closest to the accident. My husband worked with solid and chemical waste for many years. It doesn't take long to kill you.

The second thought in conjunction with the above is the person who has been the account for the City of Paris for 14 years wants to handle the Read More

Looking for Mayberry! - 7/8/2006
We are looking for a great place to live......A friendly place where people take pride in their homes and the community. We are also looking for a place with little traffic, a slower pace, but plenty of community activity. We currently live in Colorado where the air is dry. Best Places comfort level score is only 32.....Is there a lot of humidity? Anyone care to give their Read More

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564 Somerset Dr
Bed 7 | Bath 9

615 N Poplar St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

103 Harrison St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

102 Patterson St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1305 Clifty Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 1

120 Greenacres Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

22 Hillcrest Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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