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Not a good place - 12/6/2019
I moved to Amarillo when I was five and left at 34, the best thing I ever did. Sadly, I came back to help care for my aging grandmother, and as soon as I can, i am leaving this place for good. I refer to this place as the black hole of TX. There is nothing positive about Amarillo. There is absolutely nothing to do; it smells, it is dirty, it is so dry that it is unhealthy for your respiratory system, the people are rude you might get lucky and met a few genuinely nice people who are not fake. It is hard to make friends in this town unless you go to pubs or drink. The culture of this place is pretentious and think if you are not in Read More

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Amarillo Texas, Sucks. - 2/5/2019
Amarillo is not a good place to live. For me it was like living in Hell. I lived there for 50 years. I graduated Canyon High. raised two kids. went through a divorce were the judge put me on the street in 48 hours. My X padded pockets,Texas is a 50/50 state but for most women they walk away with nothing some even end up homeless. Amarillo Texas is very hard on women, also Democrats, anyone who thinks different than those who run that town are done badly. If you notice there are only two different Convenience stores in all of Amarillo. Pack-a-sack and T-N-T. There is a reason for that, Same with donuts, car lots, real state, Non-profits, Thrift Stores, Etc. I knew a lady that owned a spa, They chased her out of town. This is no joke. The people there are mean. They do not like competition. And most are very greedy. You can not feed the homeless or let them camp on your property. The city code enforcement is dirty. If you go to a city meeting don't clap they will put you in jail. The Read More

From Nashville - 12/10/2018
People are great. some awesome pubs and eat spots. i really like the people here but there just ain't anything cool to do other than eat drink and play golf. when its cold no golf. Smokey Joe's Cafe is awesome both entertainment and the food. Not a long term destination. But again awesome Read More

Simple and enjoyable living - 3/3/2018
Good place to set down roots and live an affordable life style. Disagree with Stacy about it being more expensive then H town. Not sure what part you are describing?. Stacy make netter financial decisions.

Stacy Ann Bagcioglu, aka Stacey A. Burnside, Stacy Burnside, Stacey A. Rober, Stacey A. Roper, Staci A. Roper, Stacy A. Roper, Stacey A. Barnes. Amarillo. Chapter 7 Read More

Amarillo Texas is a ridiculous place to live. - 1/26/2017
Amarillo is hot. Like high 90's -low 100's hot. When the wind blows you feel like you live in a confection oven. Sometimes it gets so windy that you almost get blown over just trying to walk to your car. Wind gusts can get up to a category 1 hurricane wind speed. It never rains. Well sometimes it rains but expect to go months with nothing but heat, sun and wind.
Amarillo has the most boring weather on the face of the earth. The only thing we really worry about is the fire danger brought on by the heat, and sun and wind. I've lived here for over 10 years and we did have 1 bad hail storm. But thats about it. People from Amarillo will tell you that we live in tornado alley. We don't. I've never seen a tornado. Storms go around us. Its boring. Winters are boring. We get some snow but it melts the next day. Boring !!!
The cost of living is horrendous ! I moved here from Houston. Houston !! In Houston I can get a really nice big house for Read More

amarillo - 11/19/2014
Great size town, but very hot in summer. Must belong to a church to develop Read More

Amarillo - 5/16/2014
Amarillo is a city of about 220 thousand people. The cost of livinbg there is one of the cheapest I have found during my cost-of-living analysis of other cities. The climate is good for the most part with a low humidity. The only down other than heat in the summer is the constant wind that blows through the panhandle. I describe Amarillo as the best place to fly a Read More

So glad I got out of here! - 3/17/2013
I unfortunately spent my first 18 years in this city. On a positive note, growing up here taught me not to take more lively, active cities for granted. Had I grown up on the coast, in the mountains, or in a sprawling metropolis, I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much. That being said, everything else about Amarillo is quite depressing. It's extremely segregated, wildly lacking in diversity, and a culturally-poor city. In terms of economy, this place leaves much to be desired. The majority of jobs here are low-paying, service occupations, and if this trend continues, I can see the area having major financial problems in the future. The scarcity of water is another thing to monitor. Not many people want to live here, and that's why the major high-tech and creative industries are not blowing up here. Salaries are low, education levels are low, and crime is fairly high for a city it's size in this part of the country. Recreational opportunities are practically non-existent, and Read More

A REAL opinion + Facts - 1/3/2013
I've lived in Amarillo all my life and reading these opinions of other people disappoint me. I want to do our city justice. Amarillo as a city has everything you need except an apple store. - The restaurants are numerous and great! The schools.. education is above standard in the primary high school (Amarillo High) but lacks in other schools. Jobs are easy to come by and pay well. The housing is excellent! Real estate is very popular and there are new housing developments. Healthcare is mediocre. The public sanctuaries... awful. A city of this size deserves a aquatic center. People are kind and calm, tough and resilient. Amarillo's weather is mild, warm bare able summers and a swift cold winter. There is a lot of sun! Sports are competitive on the high school level (Excluding Amarillo High, they dominate at there level) but most great athletes go on to other places. It's a great place for your kids.. as long as your decent people. Amarillo is renowned for is crazy High school parties Read More

Leaving Amarillo: Bitter Sweet endings The GOOD Th - 11/23/2012
We lived in Amarillo for 5 months after my husband took a job there. We went sight unseen and I honestly tried to find great things about Amarillo before going and had a hard time finding anything "good" about Amarillo online. When we pulled into town my husband and I wanted to turn around... YES it was that bad, but I rest assure you there are some great things about Amarillo, which I never thought I would be able to say.
Most of the people are very lovely when we first moved in to our house my husband was at work and our neighbor came and helped us unload!
The cost of living/Housing: When you look on line it looks like Amarillo is cheap to live, but they are under going a housing crisis there are A TON of jobs there, but there is a housing shortage. If you have a large family get ready to pay big bucks or get a lower priced 3 bed for around 1200/month if you want to be in a descent neighborhood. Housing is usually much higher like 1400-1600 for 3 beds and up to Read More

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2816 S Washington St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

4449 Lyndale Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4208 SE 33rd Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2822 Palm St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1513 Birch St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4001 Amarillo Creek Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

4706 Chisholm Trl
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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