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Bryan/College Station/TAMU - 9/29/2015
I am amazed at what I read on these items about the twin cities of Bryan/CS and Aggieland in general. I was dragged there from Houston by my husband in 1980, kicking, screaming and cussing. Because I was too old to be transplanted in a place I had never been before and no intention of going. It was twice the size of College Station. The main thing wrong with it was it was not HOUSTON, where I had lived as an adult for 17 years. Also, there is a very serious difference in the cost of living as to if you are buying or renting a house. Those that bought when things were cheap, thought it was a low cost of living. Those that bought after prices sky rocketed were paying far more than we had in Houston for fantastic houses. Now, if this was not bad enough, MY salary was about 65 percent what it was in Houston. Those friendly people were head over heels jumping with joy about my husband coming there. They thought I was very lucky to get out of Houston (that I loved). Now, I was 40. Finished Read More

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I swear the only thing I love about Beaumont is my FAMILY who lives there. That's IT! Everything else, I HATE IT! There's nothing to do in Beaumont what so ever! The mall SUCKS! Everyone wears the same thing because every store in that mall sells the same clothes! The movie theaters SUCK! Especially Hollywood! There's a lot of Unnecessary rules they make up at Hollywood theater it's just stupid. The restaurants are disgusting! No good food what so ever. Plus, the staff are unprofessional and rude. Don't even get me started on the schools! I attend West Brook High School and the AP's are big fat JOKES, the teachers don't know how to teach what so ever and they're very unprofessional! NONE of the high schools in Beaumont has school spirit at ALL! The other two high schools in Beaumont which is Ozen and Central are SOOOO GHETTO!!!!! West Brook is STUCK UP and has lots of cliques. Whoever drives a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Escalade and lives in the West End of Beaumont is considered "rich" Read More

Hot and Humid most of the time! - 4/20/2011
The humidity here is why I want to investigate other places to Read More

OMG - 4/3/2011
This place is gross and so are the people. Everyone's fat, obese, lazy, uneducated, boring, small minded and the food blows. Coming here was the worst thing I could have ever done. Can't wait till this assignment is over so I can get out! Oh and there's no culture nor sidewalks. No wonder people are so big. Read More

Beaumont is a Joke and completely Filty place to l - 10/29/2010
Beaumont is a filty, dirty place to live, work, breath. I have lived all over the US and other countries and I can honestly say this place IS the worst. It makes Newark look clean and LA look as though they have no polution. Face it, it is NASTY. And how about the corupt Dr. Carole Thomas. What a joke. He wouldn't make it as a McDonalds' supervisor. His school is system is one of the worst in the state yet he makes more money than the president. And how about his idea of a hotel. He works for a non-profit school system, Read More

Setting the record straight about Beaumont. - 8/26/2010
Let's start off with the attitude of Beaumont citizens, some of you say that people in Beaumont are rude and cliquish unless you are a doctor or a lawyer. I have lived in Beaumont my whole life and have meet a lot of really nice people, does Beaumont have some rude, snobbish, stuck up people yea but doesn't every city. I would have to say that the majority of Beaumont are really nice so I wouldn't judge awhole city by a few bad eggs.

Josh said "Beaumont is terrible, period. within a 40 mile radius there are 4 huge oil refineries and literally dozens of petrochemical plants." Lets get this straight there is only one refinery in the Beaumont city limits and it is in the south end of town. There is really no reason to be in the south end because there isn't much down there unless you live there or work there. There is the Good Year plant and a paint plant on the outskirts of the city, all the other refineries and petrochemical plants are in Port Arthur and there really is no Read More

I agree with Josh in Sour Lake - 12/18/2009
Josh is exactly correct. The people here have attitudes and are very rude. You can even watch the local news station weather man "Brown" and see how smart ass these people are. The town is very cliquish, unless you are a doctor or lawyer.

You cannot make any money here, the cliquish people here will not allow it. I worked for a doctor in Beaumont for over 5 years. One day I was talking to his wife and asked her about her facial cream, her response was, "oh honey, you can't afford it." Yes, people are just like this.

The beaches are covered with trash, the roads here have not been repaired, unless you are a doctor or lawyer. So driving down the roads will tear your car up. Dive in fron of the Beaumont-Parkdall mall, that is a joke. The city has trash all over it and people don't care. There is alot of racism here too, blacks against whites.

The university is a joke also with a refinary across the street, so all during the day you can Read More

bevil oaks - 10/25/2009
in bevil oaks we really need a school and we dont have any people have to be late to work just to go out the city and go to school then go out the city again to go to work so i was thinking that we need a school over here so our kids can walk to school or ride a bus there it will be easier to the parents and to the adults we really need a scholl what do u say man we really need this i be late to school/work almost everyday because of there school nad cuz they have no schpools out here expect roy guess ans sour Read More

The worse place I've ever lived - 6/18/2008
Beaumont is terrible, period. Within a 40 mile radius, there are four huge oil refineries and literally dozens of petrochemical plants. The air quality is marginal and if the sight of industrial flares dotting the landscape seems attractive to you, you'll love it.

The place is infested with ignorant, slack-jawed, inbred rednecks who cannot seem to force food down their gullet into their expansive midsections unless it is fried. "Oh, but the beach is close by." The nearby beaches are absolutely HORRIBLE. The water is brown and the sand is strewn with seaweed and more trash than you ever thought possible. On this last point, I cannot emphasize how disgusting the beaches are. Fishing line, rusty old lures, cans, broken bottles, syrofoam, food wrappers, etc., etc., etc. In the years I lived in Beaumont, I brought my children to the beach perhaps twice and both times I did not let them get in the water.

The temps start hitting the high 80's in early May, Read More

Beaumont is a Great place to live. - 5/13/2008
Beaumont is a great place to live. The cost of living is less than alot of the country. There is a university. The weather is mild, and the people are friendly. It is small enough to get around easily, yet there is good shopping and Read More

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1430 Sheridan Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 5

6480 Dakota St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5695 Calder Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1965 Delaware St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1430 Sheridan Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 5

935 Edson Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

701 19th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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