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Too Hot for this New Englander - 6/25/2020
Originally I am from the northeast and moved to the Fort Worth area 13 years ago for my job. I have never liked the heat and I really miss being outdoors in the summer. What can I say, I miss the four seasons. Fort Worth is just different, it's fun to visit and go to the stockyards and watch the cowboys on horses, their food is incredible and the people overall are nice. I just miss trees, things that are green, mountains, the ocean, and those beautiful fall leaves. Read More

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Awful city - 4/6/2019
I've lived 4 years there ... Lot of rednecks living Read More

Fort Worth - Large City that feels like a town - 1/23/2019
I lived in Fort Worth for 5 years while going to college and it amazed me how that large of a city could have such a tight-knit community feel to it. Unlike many major cities in the US, Fort Worth has a very safe and walkable downtown area with bars, restaurants, music/comedy venues and plenty of family-fun events. While many people complain about the weather and thus rate the city poorly, it is sunny about 225-275 days a year and there is plenty to do outside even when it is 100+ because of the trinity river and the patios with misting fans and shade. Not to mention, Fort Worth is a quick growing city so there is always a new restaurant/area to go explore. Even living in Dallas now, I will always call Fort Worth my 1st home. GOD BLESS Read More

Texas for life! - 4/30/2018 Read More
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Meh still texas - 4/30/2018
I would like this place a lot more if it wasn't in Read More
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Hot flat and ugly - 2/10/2018
I lived here for 3 years and it was a trial every day.

However the good about it was we made a lot of friends the people are the best part about FTW.

Fort Worth is popular but I believe it offers more for businesses and corporations than for the residents.

It’s expensive to live there. The property taxes are astronomical and you get very little for it. The roads and infrastructure are appalling. Traffic is ubiquitous and the potholes never get fully repaired. When we moved there (with a promotion and a raise mind you) our discretionary income went DOWN because of the property taxes.

Also it’s bereft of natural beauty. All you see is prairie, stunted “trees” and the roofs of houses. Finally the smell of petroleum and fertilizer never goes away. If you like relentless heat mixed with occasional ice storms then this is the place for you.

Crime is becoming a big issue. If you leave your car in your driveway expect to Read More

not too bad - 7/8/2015
Actually, the only thing I dont like is the weather. Fort Worth has a reasonable cost of living and for the most part the people are friendly. The sweltering weather for most of the year is not Read More

culture, cowboys, and charisma - 5/31/2015
Fort Worth rocks! Everything under the sun to have fun with. We have culture(amon carter, kimball), cowboys(old stock yard, western heritage), and charisma(hi ya'll)rolled up in one big enchilada! Fort Worth can boast about our bike trails, botanical gardens, fine shopping and dining(nearly every cuisine you can think of)to enjoy. We have a interesting climate(drought then floods), but you can ride your bike or golf even in the very mild winter here most days. We have jobs, medical centers, recreation opportunities abound, good schools, diverse cultures and people. Traffic is a mess, but that is why we keep growing, once you stay in fort worth, it's hard to leave. Did I mention the Tex-Mex cuisine here? some of the best in land. Read More

Pick your area carefully in fort worth - 10/7/2014
The 76132 is heaven. Multiple private schools. Great shopping. Like its on little town with the conveniences of the big city very close. It is conservative in this area . I preferred this for my children. Many gated neighborhoods. Love Read More

Fort Worth, Texas - 1/24/2014
A friendly, vibrant city with a wonderful mix of culture, food and neighborhoods. The economy is very good based on stability and Read More

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8100 Heritage Place Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

14024 Silkwood Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5720 Truman Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3816 Oaklawn Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

4525 Mallow Oak Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 4

9241 Conestoga Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

6629 Meadows West Dr S
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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