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Fort Worth - 7/9/2013
Cost of living is excellent here, as are housing prices, but it is awfully hot in the summers. Not many close outdoor areas for hiking and other recreation.  Read More

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Don't come to Fort Worth if you have health proble - 3/15/2013
My children relocated me here from Denver, CO due to the cold weather. I was having respitory issues, and back problems. But this was a HUGE MISTAKE! First of all the Doctors here are a joke at best. I have had to change doctors about 5 times in 2years. I had a doctor that her office had roaches! She still used the chart method and kept losing important information in my chart. Then all the doctors asked me why I didn't bring my medical record, and I couldn't believe that they didn't have forms to just send to your old doctors office in order to get your records. They actually thought people should be running around with stacks of their hospital records when they moved from another place. Then because I have pain, I have had the worst time just trying to get my medicine. It seems that a lot of people in Fort Worth, abuse pain medication here, and so it makes it hard for people who really need it. Also, they take forever to get you in to see anyone, and when you do they can't help you Read More

Climate and weather patterns - 11/17/2012
Overall Fort Worth has what I would describe as a mild year round climate with Hot and Relatively Dry Summers, with the recent scorching summer of 2011 being an exceptionally harsh summer which is not truly representative of the Dallas/Fort Worth area's typical summer climate and weather patterns, Winters some years are comparatively almost non-existent.But other winters may have occasional bouts of wintry precipitation as gulf moisture overrides cold and dry air from the north; heavy snowfall and indeed even snowfalls truly noteworthy are rare as a rule. Springlike weather can arrive in almost full force for several days in a row in the middle of January, but Fort Worth winters are rather tame, which is typical of much of the southern u.s. at this latitude, winters as a rule have become noticeably milder overall since about 1995. Spring time weather can bring volatile weather conditions at times but temperatures are comfy. Overall Dallas/Fort Worth has a climate that I would class as Read More

allergies - 2/24/2012
Since North Texas never really has a winter, the growing season is year-round. Allergens are abundant. Even if you don't have allergies you will suffer here. We are trying to relocate to get away from so much Read More

Fort worth - 1/18/2012
Plenty of jobs. Great museums. Great performng arts at Bass Hall. Cost of living is great.  Read More

Water Shortages - 10/13/2011
We've lived near many Southern metropolitan areas. (New Orleans, Pensacola, Mobile, Nashville, etc.) We moved here in 2004 and have been very happy, but there are areas that haven't pleased us. Texas schools are the worst I've ever been involved with either as parent or teacher. There are decent private schools beyond our budget. It took me one year to get a teaching license, even though the tests I was required to take were the same as in the pervious state we lived. Auto insurance is the highest we've ever had by about $500.00 more a year. We had to pay $400.00 for our son to attend a driving school because the schools here no longer provide Driver's Ed. Our light bill averages $450.00 a month from May-October, and that's with the thermostat set between 82 and 87 degrees! We must drive everywhere since there is a very limited public transportation system, mostly near downtown. We are avid cyclists, but this is not a biker friendly town. Meat is high; a 3-4lb roast cost about Read More

great city - 6/14/2011
great city and plenty job Read More

Fort Worth - A Great Little City - 2/11/2011
Having lived in Fort Worth TX, my entire life I have seen the highs and lows. Today Fort Worth is a fantastic city to live in. From our museums, to the parks, to Bass Hall concert hall to the cultural district and of course our famous stock yards; Fort Worth has something for everyone.

We are also very diverse as well as progressive in social issues.

Now that I "sell Fort Worth", it could not be better.

www.StarStateHomes.comRead More

Interesting Place to Live - 10/14/2010
Although the population is fairly large, there is a small town atmosphere to almost everything. We have colleges, parks, libraries, a zoo and many other attractions and are not far from Six Flags over Texas. We take pride in the stockyard and history of the western cattle drives. Although there are places in town (like most big towns) where you may not feel safe, the downtown has been totally updated and is a safe and fun place to go.

Our biggest hangup is the traffic which is bad during the morning and afternoon business day start and end Read More

retirement - 8/25/2010
Looking to retire on S. S. and small Read More

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1425 Avondale Haslet Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

13820 Horseshoe Canyon Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

3616 Canyon Ridge Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1113 E Richmond Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

2416 NW 25th St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

3216 N Houston St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

10211 Holly Grove Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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