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Fort Worth, Texas
Star Rating - 1/24/2014
A friendly, vibrant city with a wonderful mix of culture, food and neighborhoods. The economy is very good based on stability and innovation.
Steve | Fort Worth, TX
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- 4/6/2019
Awful city
I've lived 4 years there ... Lot of rednecks living here......
John | Dallas, TX | No Replies

- 1/23/2019
Fort Worth - Large City that feels like a town
I lived in Fort Worth for 5 years while going to college and it amazed me how that large o...
Connor | Dallas, TX | No Replies

- 4/30/2018
Texas for life!
Ryan | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 4/30/2018
Meh still texas
I would like this place a lot more if it wasn't in Texas...
Ryan | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 2/10/2018
Hot flat and ugly
I lived here for 3 years and it was a trial every day. However the good about it was w...
Brian | Murrayville, GA | No Replies

- 7/8/2015
not too bad
Actually, the only thing I dont like is the weather. Fort Worth has a reasonable cost of l...
Leah | Fort Worth, TX | No Replies

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