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Frisco is great - 6/1/2019
Best place we have ever lived. Getting better all the time Read More

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Generic suburb full of the status-obsessed. - 12/19/2018
Never really understood why Frisco was so popular. It's easily the most overhyped, overpriced, and overrated suburb in the Metroplex. It's surrounded on two sides by toll roads, is in the middle of nowhere, has no public transportation, and the physical setting is flat, bland, and extremely unappealing. Despite all that, people still fall all over themselves to shell out $400k plus to live there. In case you're wondering - that's pretty close to Denver housing prices with absolutely none of the scenic appeal of the Rockies, but hey they have a mall, an IKEA, and a ridiculous number of chain Read More

One of the best places in the nation to live. - 7/19/2017
I've lived in Frisco since 1997 and it is one of the best places in the nation to live. Frisco is one of the few cities in the country that has managed to keep that small city atmosphere while continuing to grow. Everything is extremely convenient especially on the south side close to Plano--shopping, hospitals, sports, parks, schools, libraries, and recreation. The water and air are good. People are friendly and the community represents true diversity. Jobs are abundant. Even the roads are nice and wide and very smooth! The police and fire departments are great-- if you ever need them, they are there within minutes (not hours like Dallas or other big cities). Couldn't think of a better place to Read More

crime is OK with some. - 11/5/2016
So we moved to Frisco! What a nice place, but the crime is a crying shame. We had a young man in our garage in day light stealing power tools. I had the jump on him and could have left him there for the coroner, but i did not want my son to be in school and a friend of his say my dad is gone he was stealing power tools and my son say oh yea my dad got rid of a guy stealing power tools. So if you don't mind having a guy cut your grass for 2 bucks. Have a guy rob you home in day light, then your good.Unfortunately I called a friend and the 2 bucks to get your grass cut is about to stop the IRS and immigration are now in Frisco documenting activity. Thanks to a power tool thief. Cops are all over this place and are very nice, which makes the power tool thief story worse, he is more than likely not working or can't but stealing right down the street for his family or cash paying hustle he was doing. Next time around I will allow what the military trained me to do the next time someone Read More
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Growing Fast - 5/18/2015
Frisco is a great place to live i have lived here for 6 years now and there are lots of great schools and places to go to but Frisco is growing and getting more expensive it may not be Frisco exactly but McKinney and Plano and Frisco are definitely growing because lots of companies are moving here for instance gearbox and Toyota of america sadly me and my family are moving because we will be able to pay of our debt if we do because our house right now is very high priced on the market so yes it is a great place to live but right now the whole fort worth Dallas area is exploding with people coming in.  Read More

lovin' Frisco, TX - 2/21/2015
We retired to Frisco from Southern CA. I love it here. Summers are hot for sure but we have a pool, so who cares! Winters offer just enough snow and cold to be fun, not misery. Houses are way less expensive than Westcoast props, so we live in a house that would cost close to two million in SoCal today. Close to DFW, the tollway, shopping, theater and arts. I'm happy!Read More

Great Place to Live! - 12/9/2013
Frisco, is a great place to live when considering raising a family. Great schools, plenty of parks and other amenities to Read More

Counting the days till we LEAVE - 4/21/2013
If you like chain restaurants, bad BBQ and lots of shopping frisco is for you. Every street is 8 lanes, you can't walk anywhere, all the houses look exactly the same and there's nothing interesting to do. All people do here is eat and shop. And diversity is stuck at white people and Mexican people, unless you shop t the Asian markets.

I have a one year old daughter and I'd hate to have to actually raise her here.

People assume its cheap to live here but I spent less on groceries while living in ct than here...guess that's why everyone eats out. The weather is horrible. The summers are indescribable

I've noticed transplants from actual cities hate it here. So if you've lived in Boston, Philly, NYC, D.C., or any other major city (Dallas isn't one) you probably won't like it.

Move to Austin at least there's culture and character there. Dallas/frisco is bland.
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Frisco Texas is a great place to be - 1/1/2012
We have lived in Frisco for 10 years and it is wonderful. It is a small suburb north of Dallas that has everything you would ever want from shopping to restaurants. My husband refers to it as a "bubble" and I wouldn't want to live anywhere Read More

Frisco Texas - 9/18/2011
I'm also very sad to hear someone complain they felt put upon by the schools in Frisco. I would initially be inclined to assume it is either paranoia or overly sensitive kids who maybe don't have very thick skins? The world is a rough place and indeed most other places are MUCH rougher than the Frisco schools in my humble opinion. Sheltered children might do well to get their feet wet outside of the isolated realms from which the LDS folks originate and learn that water does in fact roll readily from a ducks back.

I've raised and put four kids through the Frisco schools over 15 years. My youngest is 18 and just started college now. I assume LDS is a reference to Mormon Christians? I do recall the influx of Mormons which occurred perhaps five or six years ago around the same time they built the new Mormon and Lutheran churches on Coit road.

While I expect all children are prone to treat any new and different children as outsiders initially, that is Read More

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75034 75035

691 Meandering Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

2125 Olive Branch Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2700 Carmel Valley Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2198 English Ivy Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

8366 Cotton Patch Ln
Bed 6 | Bath 4

8442 Happy Hollow Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 8

6845 Tranquility Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 8


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