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Alittle crowded now - 8/22/2018
Was a nice place 9 yrs ago over crowed for such a small area and property taxes are very high. Average 1 bedroom apt 1200 two bedroom 1700 my home cost 226000 i pay $8000 in taxes another 1700 in home owner insurance that adds about $800 extra to my mortgage Read More

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Cost of living - 4/13/2014
Moved here from the mid atlantic area. Big drop in cost of living. First time we got groceries, I asked the clerk if she charged me for everything.  Read More

Missing Austin - 11/22/2013
Born and raised in Austin, it is bitter sweet to return for a visit. I return several times a year usually work related. I am saddened. By the homeless, beggars and yet memories are rich and I so miss it. I would be unable to afford Austin now but still she is my hometown and.I miss her. The lakes and rivers that I grew up around are no longer the same. The water situation is very sad. Nonetheless she will always be my home. Read More

Wonderful Small City - 10/17/2011
We moved to Mansfield in 2006 due to a corporate move- what a great event that was. With an activity center for my mother-in-law (+85)and a wonderful historic downtown, easy access (20 mins) to either Ft Worth or Dallas- WOW.... We have friends fly in to DFW, 20 minutes away, and we can visit during layovers!!!- where else can you have that? BTW 3 great golf courses in town and several more close by, Ranger/Cowboys/Six Flags and two metro cities within 30 minutes...we left SoCal for this... GREAT Read More

loving mansfield - 7/12/2011
Loving Mansfield is easy! New neighborhoods, shopping, good Read More

Great but expensive - 4/25/2010
I love Mansfield for all kinds of reasons. It has all the feel of a small town, with all the amenities of a medium-sized town. We are lush green, low crime, good roads, great emergency departments, and all you could really ask for. But as we grow, the taxes are becoming unbearable. Our property taxes come to a bottom line of 2-3% of the property value - which is about twice as much as normal - due to numerous schools and hospitals. As another example, water rates have recently doubled and our modest water usage (5k gallons) gives us a bill of $65/month, which is nearly double the cost of last Read More

Can't wait to get out of here! - 4/4/2010
Mansfield is good place to live if you have a lot of money. It's getting more crowded by the day, traffic is getting worse. If you like going out to eat, this is the place to live though. There was nary a bookstore in sight, until a family opened up a used book store recently. Crime is not too bad, unless you live in one of the three mobile home parks or the apartments. The schools are considered to be good because the students are well-behaved, not because they are well educated. I've lived here for years. My unofficial opinion of the town is: if you like keeping up with the Joneses, playing golf, and raising shallow children consumed with materialism, this is the place for Read More

Drilling in the Mansfield Sports Complex - 12/20/2009
City Council approves gas drilling in Mansfield Sports Complex. Trees were taken out of wetland areas and a stream encroached in areas that were not to be harmed. Gas transmission pipes run close to our home that were installed in a questionable manner. Do your own research on air quality related to drilling and the chemicals used in drilling and the impact on health.

We are very disappointed in the vote by City Council allowing XTO to drill on the property. Look up if the Mayor or his law partner get funds from drilling or Read More

Why we relocated here - 5/29/2009
My husband and I were looking for somewhere within the South DFW Metroplex when I was offered a new position in early 2007. We chose Mansfield for several reasons. These included the relatively short distance to major highways (I20, I35, 287 etc), the cost of living for what you would receive (house for the money) and the Amenities. The have improved even more since we moved. We have all the major retailers; Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Target etc, plus the charm of the family owned stores, check out Creekside Collections and Downtown!. There are also some great restaurants, Nelda's is a personal favorite. We researched crime statistics and found them to be very low and they have an excellent school system, great for resale and people are very friendly. We love it here! Alison - Read More

Just general info. - 1/6/2007
I am trying to find out info. regarding Arlington, Tx., I would like to know about the communities, environment, weather, employment, crime rate, education. I would like all the info. you can share with me as I want to take a trip to check out the area. Please tell me what are the best areas of town to live in with good Read More

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200 Bayberry Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

1421 Nighthawk Ln # MOT0RH
Bed 4 | Bath 2.5 |

1802 Middleton # 51ZEGU
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

1421 Nighthawk Ln # 2A2PVD
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

3202 Woodford Dr # 4B1GMR
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

2611 Hardwood Trl
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |


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