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Alittle crowded now
Star Rating - 8/22/2018
Was a nice place 9 yrs ago over crowed for such a small area and property taxes are very high. Average 1 bedroom apt 1200 two bedroom 1700 my home cost 226000 i pay $8000 in taxes another 1700 in home owner insurance that adds about $800 extra to my mortgage bill
renee | Mansfield, TX
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- 4/13/2014
Cost of living
Moved here from the mid atlantic area. Big drop in cost of living. First time we got gro...
Flyfishtex | Mansfield, TX | No Replies

- 11/22/2013
Missing Austin
Born and raised in Austin, it is bitter sweet to return for a visit. I return several ti...
Belinda | Mansfield, TX | No Replies

- 10/17/2011
Wonderful Small City
We moved to Mansfield in 2006 due to a corporate move- what a great event that was. With a...
Wayne | Mansfield, TX | No Replies

- 7/12/2011
loving mansfield
Loving Mansfield is easy! New neighborhoods, shopping, good schools....
Ken | Mansfield, TX | No Replies

- 4/25/2010
Great but expensive
I love Mansfield for all kinds of reasons. It has all the feel of a small town, with all t...
Dafydd | Mansfield, TX | No Replies

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