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McAllen, Texas Reviews

 based on 17 Reviews
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Not for us, thanks. - 12/17/2020
My wife and I are snowbirds from Iowa. We tried the McAllen area for a couple of seasons. We didn't like it, and have since opted for Mesa, AZ. Mesa ranked No. 8 in the nation for safest metropolitan cities, according to
In McAllen, the terrain is flat and unappealing. Two police officers were killed in 2020. We didn't experience much crime ourselves, but then again, we're pretty strong believers in the 2nd
The locals just weren't friendly, and seemingly suspicious of outsiders, in my opinion. No museums of any stature. We're active retirees, and unless you drank, the sidewalks rolled up pretty early. Traffic was good, but tailgating is a big hobby there. We tried it for two seasons, that was enough for us, thank Read More

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A mixed bag, but ultimately falls short. - 1/30/2020
On transfer here for two years now.
Pros: Daytime traffic is pretty decent, when using Interstate 2. Home prices are cheaper, when compared to the national average. You can still buy a good house for 150-200K. If you like Mexican food, this is a good spot. The hospital care system is adequate (except for the VA). Since you have a choice in Texas for electrical providers, your utilities will be somewhat reasonable. The area is served by most of the national bigbox stores. There are some interesting local wildlife refuges. South Padre Island is an hour to the east, and can be interesting and fun, especially if you like to drink a lot.
Cons: The economy isn't really all that good. It's like a mix 25/75, meaning 25 percent have decent paying jobs. The 75 percent seem to be struggling... badly. Crime is excessively high, for this size of population. Aforementioned Interstate 2 is a dragstrip at night, and downright dangerous. If you want to drive at night, you're taking your Read More

family - 5/5/2014
with 3 Read More

McAllen, Texas - 2/25/2013
McAllen, Texas: If you are a transfer from any type of metro-area in the United States you will want to reconsider relocating. The best way to describe McAllen is that it has all of the conveniences of any cookie-cutter suburb with Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Applebee’s and Best Buy, but it lacks the access to the bigger cities in Texas.

The first attraction listed in McAllen’s “Things to Do” is South Padre Island. South Padre Island is over an hour away and if you are a local to McAllen this can be a long drive and an eventual bore unless you are an avid fisherman or sky diver. There are a not many nooks to find in this city that are fun and interesting, but they are few and far between and if you are used to a conglomerate of cities together you can yearn for more that you will not find unless you drive at least 3 hours.

Mexico is always a possibility, but I felt very uncomfortable crossing the border and having military armed with machine guns and tanks Read More

10 miles west of McAllen--Palmview/Palmhurst - 10/26/2010
As a winter texan we enjoy the weather,cost of living,fresh fruit, veggies. Great medical care & in 10hrs by plane we can be back in Read More

Rio Grande Valley - 8/2/2009
The RGV is a great place to live. Though a bit hot during the summer, most of the year can be spent outdoors. Its proximity to Mexico adds an interesting twist to your weekend and/or shopping options.

Health care is among the most expensive in the country, and dining out is always a mixed bag - lots of options but few *great* options but in all the time we've lived here our kids have never been bored and we've always felt Read More

Mcallen - 3/2/2009
The Mission-Mcallen-Edingburg is a nice area.There are many hosptiols, movie theatres,a couple high rises, not mutch traffic,a Vealero at every corner, and Wal-Marts everywhere.There are many libraries,coffee shops, auto repair and everything you need to survive.When the northern part of the country is in an ice storm and -40F degrees were are at a comfortable 75-85F degrees.If you like live performances, such as symphonic bands,big time musicians, and if you are lucky,the opera may come down and play at the "New Mcallen Civic Center", also not far away is the Dodge Arena where the Major Major musicians and enents happen such as BorderFest,Brad Paisley, WWE, and of coursethe home to the RGV KILLER BEES!! Also other bands may play at the Cine El Rey in the downtown area next to the Bentsen Tower and a block away from the ScreamfactorX(a popular haunted house, open only in October).Cine El Rey is also in the middle of the shopping district, 3 blocks away from the bus station, 15 mins. Read More

McAllen,TX - 3/2/2009
McAllen Texas is great place to raise a family. I lived there for 25 years before relocating to California for a job. Overall, cost of living makes this south Texas town an excellent choice for anyone looking for warmer weather and close travel time into Mexico. The downside, summers are HOT & HUMID and winters are mild to warm.
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McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley - 10/16/2008
The McAllen-Edinburg-Mission Metropolitan Area and Rio Grande Valley is a great place to live. Some of the nation's best schools are found in the Edinburg area. The area is also one of the top 10 areas in job growth so if you are looking for a job, this is the place to be. There is also cheap and affordable housing. The climate is great- if you want a cheaper alternative to Miami or Ft. Laudradale- then this is the place for you. The area also offers a unique bi-national culture of Mexican and American influences seen everywhere from the architecture to the people themselves. Not to mention all the palm trees you see- no wonder why the city is nicknamed "The City of Palms". Also, Mexico is just miles away. South Padre Island is an hour drive from the city. During the winter, "Winter Texans" from the Midwest come and live in the area for the winter and they add a contrast to the Hispanic ethnic make up of the area and they also contribute to the local economy. The city is also one of Read More

fgd - 9/17/2008
mcallen is a pretty great place to live but the people here are really not that great, everyone is in there own thing , the nightlife is pretty awesome, and the food is pretty great..mostly fast Read More

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