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Heaven On Earth - 8/21/2021
I have lived in this awesome city for the past 2 years and believe it’s best described as either a breath of fresh air or a slice of heaven on earth. Read More

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Depends on what you are wanting... - 9/20/2020
I moved here in 2001 due to a work transfer. It was small and quaint then. Today, there are too many people for the infrastructure, water resources, and schools. The city and county are both in the top growing areas in the whole US. It is also a HUGE tourist town, which is usually good for taxes (not during COVID though), but not good for traffic, congestion, etc. Tourists come all summer, for fall festivals, holiday festivals, etc. Basically, a fun place to visit but when you plan your grocery run for late evening on a weekday well... Summers are VERY hot (consistently in excess of 100F) and droughts are prevalent. Weather is generally nice from Oct to March. The area is very conservative politically (in excess of 60% Republican). We have had a lot of folks move from CA to Texas which has driven up real estate and added to the challenges. At this time there is no income tax but sales tax and property taxes are quite high to offset the income needs of the city, county Read More
Diana | ,  | Reply | 2 Replies

Cement polution is a major problem in NB. - 7/17/2017
I lived in NB for only about 4 months because of the extreme reaction I had to the cement polution in the area. There are two large cement plants to the north and south that polute the area. I had to leave because I was having trouble breathing. If I had to do it over again, I'd pick a place to the west. If you drive to the west of NB about 15 miles, the air is noticable cleaner and the sky is more blue. But the downtown area of NB is really nice. That's why I moved there to begin with. I didn't realize I was so allergic to cement dust. When it rains, you can see the white streaks of stone dust on your car. yuck!! Lots of fire ants Read More

Just North of San Antonio - 12/16/2012
Behind the times. Not pleasant. Horrible place to Read More

The skinny on New Braunfels - 1/20/2012
I came here from a smaller city close to I-40 and I thought the traffic on I-35 was terrible. This is a tourist town so traffic downtown can get very congested especially during summer. Some of the streets have a lot of patches which makes for a bumpy ride. There is need for a lot of road construction in town, especially on Walnut street which is being widened, but there are others areas that get really bad, esp., around rush hour. A good home runs about 130k and we are surrounded by big metropolis such as Austin and San Antonio. Lots of motorcycling in this area and a lot of curvy roads leading to all the small scenic towns around this area known as the Hill Country. Also, since I enjoy tennis there is a lot of tennis considering that Newt's tennis ranch is here and there is a USTA tournament every weekend within 250 miles or closer. The weather is very mild in winter and I enjoy it because I'm used to low humidity but in summer, it gets very hot and the humidity makes it Read More

Good and Bad - 12/2/2009
I grew up in New Braunfels, being politically unawares in my youth it was a great place to live. Lots of stuff to do if you like swimming, rivers, lakes and waterparks.

It is REALLY hot and humid in the summer--after all it is Texas.

A lot of VERY conservative people live here. Churchy Republican--if you are in to that sort of stuff then this is the place for you. If not, perhaps you can overlook that and enjoy it for what it is.

Right in between Austin and San Antonio provides a lot of convenience for Read More

The best kept secret is in Texas! - 7/12/2008
New Braunfels, Texas

Having relocated my family here from Los Angeles two years ago after retiring from military service, the small German-ish town has much to offer and continues to grow everyday. With one of the U.S. famed water-amusement parks, being situated along two rivers, and scenic hill-valley views, it's the ideal place to live, work and play.

Currently, 3 new shopping centers are near completion with established outlet malls just 10 miles away from the town's center. New Braunels is also ideally located between Austin (Texas capital) and San Antonio, with excursion to Dallas and Houston within a few hours drive. So there are always places to explore over long weekends, or any weekend.

For housing, rent is very reasonable and buying is practically a steal. Half of my neighborhood are ex-Californians, who beat the hosuing market slump. There are plenty of good builders in the area, to include KB Homes, Ryland Homes, Ryan Read More

New Braunfels or bust ! - 6/22/2008
My husband and I are San Antonio, TX natives and moved to New Braunfels to raise our family. Don't get me wrong, San Antonio has a lot to offer the locals, but New Braunfels has it going on. From the smaller population, rich German heritage, New Braunfels School District to it's friendly neighbors! I haven't even mentioned the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers that are running through different areas and all of the great water sports that are associated with that. Schliterbahn, Canyon Lake are a close second from the tourists. Basically it's great relaxation and Read More

relocating - 6/12/2007
new braunfels looks like a beautiful does the place i live in calif where my mortgage is too high, gas is too high, jobs are limited and i'm tired of being strapped for cash!!! so, tell me, is it really a good place to Read More

Moved from California - Love this place - 6/12/2006
After reluctantly moving here from California due to a job relocation, I couldn't be happier with this area. The people are very friendly, the prices of most items extremely reasonable, and there are lots of places with water to cool off in.

You'll need it because this place is hot! Slightly more humidity than I experienced in California, but less than either a Minnesota summer or in Florida.

It's South of the major Tornado areas, and North enough to not worry about Read More

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