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Just OK is right! - 5/20/2018
I am from a military family and served my time in the service as well. I have lived in many different places and travelled to hundreds more throughout the USA and overseas. I’ve experienced many different climates and cultures.

Tyler has a lot of things going for it but unfortunately it has a few problems which for me are insurmountable and cause me to look forward to relocation.

The pros:
Low cost of living, cheap housing, and low crime rate.
Awesome medical facilities
Awesome hunting and fishing
Very much a family friendly atmosphere and decent schools
Generally friendly people but very cliquish
Nice Fall and comfortable Winters
Easy to get around, minimal traffic
Very green and pretty. Wild flowers are amazing in the Spring!
Good fried catfish, chicken fried steak and BBQ

The Cons:
Very Humid and BUGGY all year round
Very Humid AND HOT in the Summer - Like a sauna!
Poor Read More

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Tyler A Rare Gem of a City - 10/21/2017
I moved to Tyler a couple years ago from California and I love this rare gem of a city. It is a great place to live—especially if like me, you're burned out on overcrowded, expensive, high stress urban megacities. I promise I'm not with Tyler Chamber of Commerce! High quality of life is here in a beautiful, manicured, green city close to nature that is secure with low crime. Old growth trees shade a broad grid crisscrossed with creeks, green spaces, groomed parks, trails and byways. Tyler has a very low cost of living, low taxes, well maintained infrastructure, populated by friendly, diverse people. It has grown 34% since 2000, with a population of 103,000 in a sprawling piney woods metro area of 203,000. Tyler is in the urban Goldilocks Zone, big enough to have everything you need, small enough to be pleasant.
Culture: It is young and new mixed in an easy blend with old and traditional. You'll see way more tattoos and skinny jeans now than cowboy boots and pickups. Read More

Retiring in Tyler - 12/27/2015
Pros: Awesome public library, pretty city, good gardening soil, friendly people, lovely historic homes, good medical facilities, good selection of stores and educational opportunities, good church selection.

Cons: Bad traffic; If you buy a house in Tyler be prepared to wait a LONG time to sell it, scary weather, City officials aren't easy to work with. Young neighbor who worked as an EKG technician said employers wouldn't hire her for more than 30 hrs/week so she moved to Dallas.

I moved from Austin, TX to Tyler to retire in February, 2015. I wanted to live in a smaller city with less traffic, lower taxes, and less overcrowding.

I didn't realize just how bad Tyler traffic was (Loop 323 & Broadway for example). Even people who have lived in Tyler a long time concede the traffic is bad.

I decided after living for only a week in Tyler that I'd made a mistake. I never unpacked. I found a house in a smaller town an hour away, put Read More

Tea Party Hell - 7/4/2015
I came to Tyler because I was desperate to get out of the city in Dallas. I was attracted because it was a smaller town back in 2000 but it had UT at Tyler and other higher education. I was happy at first but it started growing fast and they love to tear down what made it unique..the pine trees of the Big Piney Woods. Also it was extremely conservative but I thought I could adjust. It has become the bastion of Tea Party hell. With extreme Baptist insider culture I just can't take this place anymore. I'm looking to move. Read More

Great town! - 5/13/2015
"An Acquired Taste" - Drivel. Tyler is a wonderful town with some really great people, from all walks of life. Every barrel has some bad apples; I for one have never heard a racial slur used in public. I've lived here since '01 and it's the best town I have ever resided in (including Houston and Los Angeles). Great Read More

hot - 9/15/2013
summers are hot, hot and Read More

An Acquired Taste - 3/17/2013
I moved here in Oct '05 and lets just say it was a complete culture shock. I felt like I time warped back to the 1950's. How so .... well the residents still say racial slurs in public and act like there is nothing wrong with it. When we first moved here the realtor said we don't want to live in the north side of town because it was mostly ethnic neighborhoods ( I am trying to be a little nicer about what he said). If you plan on trying to climb the corporate ladder then you had better know someone. Just to give you an idea of how bad the good ol boy network is here almost all of management at one of the local companies (biggest employer of smith co) lives in Arp or Whitehouse (towns 15 mins of each other). If you are not religious or don't like to get drunk everyday then don't move here. Read More

Tyler Climate - 5/13/2010
It is hot, but nice for people who don't like long Read More

A great place to live! - 3/10/2010
I was born and raised in Tyler and have lived in many places across the country since I graduated high school. Tyler is a great place to raise a family. It has very little crime in comparison to other cities of similar size and jobs are pretty easy to come by. After living in Michigan, Washington, Oklahoma, California, Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah; Tyler is a dream compared to the rest of the country. People are very friendly granted not alot of nightlife and yes very conservative but would you rather have your children living in a crime ridden dirty slum or in Tyler where you are safe and not exposed to the lower rung of society? The public schools are wonderful however if you have the choice I would choose Robert E Lee high school system over John Tyler. I am a John Tyler graduate and trust me you would rather send your children to Lee. Just stay away from the northside of town anywhere north of hwy 31 avoid completely everywhere else is absolutely a dream. If you are Read More

Tyler - 9/23/2009

I don't understand what some of you people have against Conservative towns, and Christians?? Hypocracy exists to a certain extent, EVERYWHERE! For the most part Tyler is a lovely little city. As far as traffic, I must agree on the conjestion problem. I do not live in Tyler, but visit frequently. As far as having NO CULTURE, I don't agree with that either. There is also three universities. For a city it's size, and if you don't mind traffic, it's a nice town. The areas also has some of the loveliest countryside in Read More

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14340 Hwy 110 N
Bed 2 | Bath 2

1542 N Moore Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2015 S College Ave
Bed 5 | Bath 3

1929 Jarrel Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1114 W 4th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

265 Bunker Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2533 Timberlake Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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