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Reviews for Park City  based on 12 Reviews

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Park City real estate in a bubble (2019), IMO - 4/28/2019
I lived in Park City for 6 years. Vail purchase of resort(s) and capacity reached in school system have caused a real estate bubble, in my opinion, with 500-1,000 per sq ft prices. Traffic and parking downtown are horrendous now. I've seen this movie before, it usually doesn't end well. Utah is a well-run state and will continue to grow but there are other attractive areas and places to look besides PC. Read More

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great community in the winter and summer - 4/12/2017
we have lived there off and on for 27 years and love it in the winter and summer, the muddy months starting in april are not so good but we head back to calif. at that point. We bought our lot in Deer Valley in 1989 when prices were low buy now it is a tough place to buy a home due to the Ski home demands. The location next to Salt Lake City is the by far the best for cost of living items such as Costco, low cost shopping for the stables of life, if you are into outdoor life with a major city next by you can not go wrong but bring money! Skiing and mtn. biking is the best anywhere in North America, restaurants first class and Quality of life issues the Read More

Cool place to Live - 3/1/2016
I like this town Read More

Sadly Not the Best Air - 2/16/2016
Despite its attractions, Park City failed to deliver the clean air we hoped to find in the winter. My husband and I like to visit, but would not live here. I did quite a bit of research and, before Park City opted out of the Air Quality monitoring network, it's ozone and particulate pollution were equivalent to Park City. For its isolation from the main hub of Salt Lake, it didn't deliver the health benefits we Read More

Great place to play - 12/30/2012
Whilst a lot of people come for the amazing winter sports - Park City has fantastic hiking, mountain biking and water sports in the summer months too.
Winter can see snow in town from November thru to the end of April, but summer is hot and dry without Read More

Park City, UT - 12/22/2012
Beautiful mountain Read More

Outdoor Opportunites Galore! - 1/15/2010
This place has the best of everything recreation. 5-10 min drive to the ski resorts and 300+ miles of Mt. Bike trails out your backdoor. Abundant fishing on all the local rivers and lakes. Hiking trails all filled throughout the Wasatch Mountains and Unitah Mountains. Lake Powell is a five hr drive away, and Moab is only 4hrs. Jackson Hole, the Tetons, and Yellowston are approximately only 4 hours away Read More

Park City, UT - 12/28/2008
Park City is a wonderful resort community offering the best of summer and winter recreation. The comunity is very family oriented, the school system is terrific, and crime is basically non existent.

Housing can be pricey, but no more so than most upper middle class communities across the country with more benefits via the resort atmosphere and support Read More

Great Schools - 12/31/2007
I am a graduate from Park City High School in 2000. The school system there is designed to be very competitive and offers a very good education. When students graduate and move on to College they are very prepared for the work load and study habits needed to succeed in higher education. Park City is made up of predominately wealthy and highly successful people. Its easy to find good community role Read More

For families and quality of life, you can't beat i - 9/15/2007
I was prompted to join this website and write a review on Park City based on the other two reviews posted. I have lived in Park City 4 years and started my family here, which by now has grown by two boys. Yes, cost of living is somewhat higher than the U.S. "average", but, hello, we live in the mountains, in a ski town! Compared to other similar areas (ie; Colorado, where we lived previously) the cost of living is less.
I have found a very large, strong, and active group of middle class families that live and work here full time (not ski bums!)and are not just surviving but thriving and loving it! Our friends and ourselves are very middle class and I can assure you, have jobs with good wages and living in nice homes. There is definitely an "in-between". Plus we have the amazing benefits of every outdoor activity imaginable right outside our doors! I have literally lived in states all over this country and for raising my family and enjoying quality of life, Park City, UT beats Read More

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