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Good place to live - 4/28/2019
We've lived in Saratoga Springs for over 13 years and it's a good place to live.

The GOOD: Crime is low and most people are very friendly. Great weather if you like four seasons that are not too extreme (not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer). Salt Lake City is only 30 miles away and it has pro and college sports. Schools are pretty good (not great) despite Utah having the lowest spending per student in the nation (all credit goes to the teachers). Great access to mountain recreation. Very picturesque location.

The BAD: House prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Traffic is horrible, City leadership has done a terrible job of getting infrastructure installed BEFORE growth occurs. While nearby cities have brought in retail, restaurants, and employment opportunities, Saratoga Springs has been very slow to improve these services. You have to commute at least 20 miles north or south for a shopping mall or chain book store (there are Read More

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Thinking of moving to Utah - 1/24/2019
New to this sight . I did post a previous posting but not quite sure I did it in the right place . Sorry for the repeat . We are thinking about moving to Saratoga springs Utah. The few times we have been to Utah well we must admit its beautiful . I'm concerned though, there's not much diversity and well we are Hispanic and I fear my kids getting bullied because there Hispanic. Having experienced myself racism at the age of 10 it's not something I would want my kids to go threw. The few times we have visited Utah we have had nice experiences expect for one time we visited park city and stoped at a Starbucks for some hot chocolate . We feel Utah would be a nice place to raise a family. I have been looking up news articles and have read an article regarding the police in Saratoga springs being under investigation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Read More

Saratoga is a great place to live, but be warned i - 7/18/2013
Saratoga springs has got a lot of good qualities. It is beautiful and quiet. The climate is pretty good; there is a nice amount of snow during winter(not too much). Shopping is close. It doesn't feel crowded at all. Here is what is frustrating about Saratoga. First it seems that too much of the city's money is given to the police and not enough money is spent on schools. There are way too many police driving around Saratoga. The police have all kinds of different cars; cars which seem way too fancy and expensive. I have never gotten a ticket from the Saratoga police, but it seems to me that they pull over people way too often. Realistically there is not much for them to do except give out tickets! Also, it is disappointing to me whenever the stop lights are out or there is an accident and the police don't help direct traffic. Meanwhile, the schools my children attend are seriously lacking money for even the basics. We are often put in the position of paying our children's Read More

Peaceful, calm, nice, friendly - 7/15/2008
We've lived here for 6 months now and we absolutely love it! It's very peaceful, plenty spacious, and the residents are friendly. My wife and children feel safe taking walks at night (unlike the last area we lived in!). Any families looking for tranquility would be wise to consider Saratoga springs, UT.Read More

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