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Annandale, Virginia Reviews

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Humble Urban City for the Humble Family - 10/9/2018
I've lived here for 3 years. This is by far one of my favorite cities in VA. There are plenty of food options within a 5 mile radius, ranging from Korean to All-American to Middle Eastern and everything in between to include The Block, one of the most hip places to eat across Northern VA. There are plenty of ethnic grocery stores for your culinary needs. I mostly enjoy the people. They are multi-cultured and humble type people. There are a large number of different types of churches in the area for the spiritual inclined. I find that the people are not uppity like the surrounding cities, more urban than Springfield, and within the beltway making public transportation very accessible. Unlike the other reviewer, my children go to Poe Middle School and Annandale High School, and they are performing exceptionally well. I am very pleased with the passion of these teachers. The one negative I have about this place is that the parents do not participate as much as Potomac Falls or McLean Read More

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The Reality of Annandale - 8/23/2008
We've lived in the Western part of Annandale for years now. Anyone considering a move here should understand a basic reality. It is that Annandale is not one place but two.

The first Annandale is the large part inside the Beltway. Although there are pockets of beautiful homes, I could not in good conscience recommend it. This is the part of Annandale that has been going downhill over the last decade. Good shopping, but not a place you want to live.

The second Annandale is the smaller part, outside of the Beltway. This is where we are. It has been a lovely place to live: quiet, safe, clean, beautifully wooded ... the nicest place I have ever lived. The people are terrific and take excellent care of their property. The neighborhoods are largely upper middle class with a few very exclusive areas but some good real estate deals can be found.

One other thing. Everyone raves about the local elementary school, but no one I know sends their Read More

Annandale - 5/4/2008
We've lived in Annandale for almost 20 years. It is a Washington DC suburb in northern Virginia. Overall, it is a nice place to live, although the cost of living particularly housing is quite high. The public school system is very good, access to Washington and all its museums is good, crime is not high. Summers are hot and muggy and winters are mild to cold. The downside is the continuous growing population. Traffic around here is a nightmare. Pollen is terrible in the spring, and cost of living is Read More

NOVA - 3/9/2008
Annandale is a pretty nice place to live-it isnt too expensive compared to the rest of Northern Virginia, and it is mostly family oriented. Lots of great Asian food, and some nice dog parks. NOVA in general: a bit unfriendly compared to my hometown in NC. A little more shallow, sophisticated and slightly snobby. Traffic sucks! The highlight to me? Proximity to all kinds of museums and international Read More

Annandale Today - 12/8/2006
Probably compared to many other places in the country, Annandale is still a good place to live. However, having lived here for 32 years I can say that the quality of life in this area has decreased markedly since the late 1990's.

What had always been a nice, quiet, family oriented suburb of Washington DC has recently taken on a less than family friendly flavor. With a huge influx of immigrants (especially from Central and South America) we now have social problems that we never experienced before. The people who come here are not doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. They are the dregs of society where they came from and they are no better here. Day laborers line the main street by the hundreds and the crime rate has risen dramatically. Large hispanic gangs once prevalant in California have taken up residence here with the accompanying murders etc.

Within the past 4 months, two elderly women who lived alone were murdered in their homes during the middle of Read More

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