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Bristol, Virginia Reviews

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Life hack if you are new to the area - 3/31/2019
Eat and live on the TN side, shop on the VA side. Read More

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Not for me - 9/5/2018
I’ve lived here my whole life and the crime/drug rate keeps going up. This area is starting to go downhill. Not to mention the property taxes are Read More

If you’re on meth then it’s the town for you! - 9/1/2018
Lived here my whole life basically and this place is going downhill. It’s a drug area. Mostly people on meth and pills. I feel like the crime rate just keeps going up. You can’t drive down the street without seeing someone stumbling trying to get where they need to be. Property taxes are ridiculous too. Read More

Fast growing retirement community - 5/19/2018
Most industry has left, mostly minimum wage jobs in retail or fast food. No sustainable income for Read More

Beautiful but Boring - 10/21/2011
The terrain of this place is beautiful. You can see mountains and hills. If you like a small town you will probably like it. I don't care for the downtown; it's like one long street. It's mostly made up of antic shops but does have a few places to eat and a few places you can have coffee. It has 1 really great bakery donut shop but if you get something you don't like don't even try to get your money back or you will get a "no" answer. They have free music playing downtown every Tues and Thur from like 7pm to 8:30 or 9pm. But I think they don't have the music during the cold season except all year around (I think) they have free (donations welcome) bluegrass music at Bristol, TN mall starting at 7pm (like to 9pm). This is a low crime city although there's probably some bad neighborhoods like any city. Nobody ever bothered me and my son. If you are hungry you can get good free meals at the 2 soup kitchens. I met some friendly people here. But my son and I been depressed and Read More
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Climate - 3/5/2011
Tremendous four season mountain weather with little Read More

A real conservative town - 9/17/2010
It's so great to live in a place where the Obama bumper stickers don't assault you at every turn. From what I understand, this area, the city and the county, went about 85% for the GOP ticket in 2008. It's fairly Caucasian and very, very country. Read More

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