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Staunton, Virginia Reviews

Staunton, VA, located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, is a charming city known for its historic downtown area with the Victorian architecture and vibrant arts scene. It offers many attractions including the American Shakespeare Center and Blackfriars Playhouse as well as unique restaurants and boutiques. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as hikes through the George Washington National Forest and fishing in nearby rivers. The reviews of Staunton, VA emphasize its breathtaking countryside views, friendly locals and variety of attractions that make it an ideal destination for visitors looking to explore nature or experience culture. Whether visitors are seeking a relaxing getaway or an active vacation, Staunton has something to offer everyone.

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Small Town, Big Culture - 5/10/2017
Summer in Staunton is the place to be for classical music lovers. Violins can be heard throughout July when students from all over the world convene for the Heifetz Festival followed by The Staunton Music Festival's summer program in August with world renowned international artists performing days and nights. There are many social events to be enjoyed during both festivals. The music, beautiful mountain scenery and great restaurants make this a real jewel in the Shenandoah Valley. Read More

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Small Town Charm - 7/9/2014
Staunton has lots of small town charm, especially in the historic downtown area, which seems to be featured often in various Top 10 lists. Read More

Best for families and retirement - 8/3/2011
Staunton is a charming town of about 22,000 in the Shenandoah Valley about midway up I-81 in Virginia. There is a small downtown that has been revitalized. Numerous expensive (for my budget) restaurants and a music venue are relatively new and nice to visit on occasion. In general, though, there is not much of a "scene" for middle-aged singles. This is probably due to the size of the town. If you are raising kids or plan to retire, however, this can be a safe and excellent Read More

Lack of culture and young people - 4/21/2008
I grew up in Staunton and recently moved back for a short time after being elsewhere for 5 years. I think Staunton is a "cute" town, but does not have much to offer in the culture and entertainment area, also there are not many people under 30 here that are not married. There are great outdoor opportunities, but where do you go when it is cold or rainy?....there are a few coffee shops and a library that the homeless crazy people hang out in. You have to drive 30-40 minutes to another city for any good stores and there are not many employment options here. Maybe Staunton is ok to raise a family in, but DO NOT move here if you are a young single that loves culture, shopping and nightlife...there is none to speak of. Too small for me and very depressing...I can't wait to Read More

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