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Lot's of changes but still fun - 8/13/2020
I lived in Issaquah for close to 30 years. I have seen a lot of changes in the city - some good and some not so good. I was very sad to leave and even sorrier to have moved to Redmond. The old downtown of Issaquah will stay in place and I am glad the city did not sell out to developers. The old downtown is a really fun place to walk around and just hang out. Cheers to Issaquah. Like all other cities in Western Washington, it is now very expensive to live here.  Read More

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Issaquah has vanished. - 9/20/2019
Issaquah WAS a 5-star place to live, play, work, own a home, and raise a family. That was up until the late '70s and early 80s. Issaquah was a country utopia for over a century. My parents moved our family to the plateau in the late '60s from the cesspool called Seattle, to live the country life. It was paradise of unspoiled farms and wilderness. I recall ice skating on Yellow Lake one very cold Winter with my family. The lake was accessed by a very rough and narrow dirt road, and we rarely ran into anyone during our ventures there throughout the year. Locals living on Beaver Lake had mostly modest homes, some not much more than large cabins. Downtown Issaquah wasn't even close to "bustling". It was quiet, slow-paced, folks knew one another, and people smiled. The high school mascot..."The Issaquah Indians". I've heard that neurologically deficient PC flooded the area and changed the mascot to The Eagles. Indians were brave and strong. Hence, the name. Seattle and California Read More

Great Location for now - 9/2/2012
Issaquah provides great proximity to Seattle, a short morning commute (35 mins one way, just enough time for a short nap or reading), convenience to shopping, but also hiking trails (Cougar Mountain, Tiger Mountain) and boating (Lake Sammamish). The school system has been highly rated too. We've lived here for 11 years and It checks most of our boxes for now while we still work. For retirement we are looking for somewhere warm and sunny - something Issaquah does not have a whole lot of.  Read More

Good quality of life - 7/30/2010
Issaquah is mostly an upper-income community and, as such, has quality amenities. It is a fairly expensive place to live...especially Read More

Issaquah is not the same - 1/3/2010
I grew up in Issaquah when it was a small cute town. At night the few stop lights that we had would just flash red because there was no traffic. Half of the town was open country and there was still some farms. Big corporations like Costco have come in and made this town ugly. I dont even recognize the place anymore. Huge traffic jams and condos everywhere. The town is so ugly now and at the rate it is growing forget about its future. It has been rated #1 for retirement. If anyone understands exponential growth they would not move there.
Im very ashamed of the people who let such a cute town go to crap. I can only hope the town of Fall city doesnt fall into the same Read More

People Who Hate San Diego - 10/20/2009
Initially I was going to write a long response to people who hate San Diego and decided I would try to make it as short as possible. I wouldn't go to another state or city with a negative attitude and not give it a chance. If you don't like San Diego because of your experience's there than leave. It all has to do with perception or how we perceive things and if we are willing to accept. You are not going to find many historical homes/buildings like in Boston or Seattle. But to say San Diego has no soul would be wrong. What people fail to remember is that people with families and loved ones live here. They have made their lives here and it works for them and really if you have nothing nice to say it would be better to say nothing at all. Than to come to someones home and insult them. To the lady that thinks San Diego is full of meth-heads. I moved to Seattle in 2008 and comparably there are more addict's here than almost anywhere else in the nation. And truthfully a lot of people here Read More

Outdoor Recration Paradise - 11/23/2008
Issaquah nestles against the Cascade foothills with the "Issaquah Alps" (Cougar, Tiger and Squak Mountains) as its backdrop. Hiking opportunites on those three mountains alone are expansive, with many many more to the east. The area also offers great mountain biking and road biking; swimming and boating on adjacent Lake Sammamish, and downhila skiing only 45 miles away at Alpental and the other Summit at Snoqualmie Read More

Don't like traffic? - 10/14/2008
Issaquah is a great city on the out skirts of Seattle. It is about 15 miles east of Seattle so you are far enough out that you avoid most of the traffic yet you are still close to most anything you want. Seattle is only about a 20 minute drive in off peak traffic times and about 35-40 minutes in heavy Read More

Congestion - 2/28/2008
The Puget Sound area in general has not invested in infrastructure improvement to nearly the degree the regional governments have permitted growth. The result is that over the past ten years congestion on pretty much any major arterial and I-5 and I-405 has become manyfold worse. If you are considering a move to the "east side" (the eastern side of Lake Washington, east of Seattle) and will be commuting to Seattle, give consideratin to the towns along I-90 - Issaquah, Snoqualmie, and North Bend. I-90 is the only road into Seattle that is not over capacity, and it is toll-free. The other bridge, State Route 520, has been approved for addition of a toll starting next year (to fund its replacement), and the projected cost is $6-$7 per round Read More

Crowded Little City - 9/6/2005
I've lived here for 10 years and like my little city overall. The town has tried to stay small but the encroaching city has swallowed it. Seattle is a great town, but the suburbs are now LA with Read More

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98027 98029

395 NE Birch St
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

117 Sky Ridge Rd NW
Bed 2 | Bath 2

739 Bobcat Ln NW
Bed 4 | Bath 4

717 Bobcat Ln NW
Bed 4 | Bath 4

Big Tree Dr NW and NW James Bush Rd
Bed 4 | Bath N/A

2525 NE Larchmount St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

290 NE Creek Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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