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Little Seattle - 9/25/2021
The city is horrible. The business have been chased out by homeless. The city government makes it for difficult for businesses to thrive. If you like what Seattle is right now then Olympia is perfect for Read More

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We love Olympia and retired here - 5/13/2021
Having lived all over the world we decided to retire in Olympia and live on the Puget Sound. Yes it rains but the weather can change dramatically in a day with sun and rain. The flora and fauna are magnificent with lush greens from spring to fall. We see orcas several times a year and grow oysters, clams and mussels on our tidelands. We are close to big cities but have a small town feel. We love it here. Read More

Great place for real people (!) - 1/22/2020
Olympia is great. It's a big small town with a political lean due to the location of the states capital, and draws people from all over the country due to it's experimental- learning based liberal arts college. The vibrant downtown offers a large farmers market, multiple super affordable restaurants, art galleries, bars, live music, unique businesses, and a children's museum. The dense neighborhood sections are cozy and extremely walkable, and very accessible free public transit can take you to the majority of the city and surrounding areas of interest. Downtown may have some homeless residents, but most people who I have interacted with have been polite, and I have never felt unsafe. The violent crime rate is very low in the city, although property crime is quite high. Avoid north commute past the base. Although there are not many high paying jobs within the city, but if you're the type of person who strives to be middle income, this is a good place for you. Most Olympia residents Read More

Not much change over the years - 4/26/2019
I've lived here nearly two years now and while it is a beautiful area like much of the NW, there are many issues which detract from its appeal. As the state capitol I would have expected to have seen more growth over the years. I lived and worked near SEA for over 25 years. While I certainly don't expect the range of jobs in OLY as I would north, there really hasn't been any significant growth in jobs, affordability, etc. in OLY as compared to other WA areas. Jobs here are in retail, medical, Gov and small biz and the salaries are significantly below average. If you are career-minded and want stability, be prepared to pack some boxes and move elsewhere. Not much has changed for the better since I first did a job search in OLY nearly 15 years ago. As one other comment noted, as a Capitol you'd expect more growth in tandem with other WA areas. If you're retired with family in the area or have or are satisfied with a job in the industries mentioned you'll be fine. It's just not Read More

Oly - 12/25/2018
When I first moved to Olympia in 2012 we we're excited to be in a small town in the Northwest. The city has exploded population wise, apartment rent has exploded & housing has exploded. Hate crime is on the rise, homeless population has risen & through out the city you'll find tent cities. Crime has increased by 50%, all the public schools are in failure mode. The summers are warm & most apartments/ homes do not have ac. While the minimum wage continues to go up so does food & everything else dramatically. My family & I will be leaving soon, not the place we used to Read More

It's decent, not great - 3/24/2018
Housing and rental prices made a dramatic jump in the past two years. Average rent for a 2-bedroom in 2018 is about $1200. 2-3 bedroom houses are priced around $300-$350K and sell fast. If you're not paying cash, be prepared for a bidding war. Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater are small so it's easy to get used to the area and know where everything is. There's a Trader Joes, a couple of Fred Meyers and Targets, Westfield (Capital) Mall, and lots of coffee shops. SeaTac airport is about a 60-90 minute drive. If you're headed north, driving around lunch and rush-hour is a pain and going near the Army/Air Base really jams up traffic starting at 7 a.m. and again at 4 p.m., and pretty much all day Sunday when military are coming home from the weekend. Basically, don't go north on Sundays if possible. Road rage is an issue. Decent hiking trails are further north - at least an hour's drive. There are a few flat trails around Olympia but it can be a bit dangerous to go alone or even in pairs because Read More

Looking to move to Washington...help? - 8/21/2016

Hey so im looking to move to washington ive been researching alot and im having trouble. Im moving from southern cali to there at the begining of the new year. Me and my partner would like to get away from the terrible summer heat and actually afford an apartment with a friend. Our max for rent is 350 each, so 1050 for a 2 bedroom. I really want to expierence all the seasons but not so hot summers. i love the cold! also i work at starbucks so if anyone knows if there is one in a 30 minute drive that would be helpful. im gonna go back to searching . thank you to all and any who Read More

Great Recreation Opportunities - 1/16/2016
Nice trail around Capital lake and close to western chehalis trail. Views of Mt. Rainier and close to puget sound. 1.5 hours from seattle. Read More

Mixed Bag - 2/9/2014
This city is exposed to four different seasons. Being close to water, it gets more fog than cities away from it. Overall, it makes for a interesting place to Read More

Green City - 5/18/2013
Moved to Olympia about three months ago and it is not what I expected some of that is a good thing and bad thing. It's green, with tall trees and plenty of rain which I enjoy coming from phoenix, arizona. The public education system is not that great, my son has plenty of health conditions and we were told the two local hospitals cannot treat him so he will have to be airlifted to Seattle Childrens if a problems comes up, jobs are scarce, plenty of tourist and traffic. Olympia has potential but refuses to grow up and be the diverse capital city it's suppose to be. I love the state and if it were not for my son's health conditions would stay here but we are looking at moving closer to Read More

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