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NOT RECOMMENDED!!! - 3/21/2019
Bad drug problems. Poor economics. Too remote. Mixed bag of humanity with some nice folks & social derelicts. NOT Read More

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terrible. - 6/11/2018
I came here from upstate NY a year ago to what was sold as "heaven with very, very little crime". I arrive here to find no housing available, a bigger drug problem that anywhere else I've ever seen and zero jobs outside of healthcare or tourism. The property crime is out of control. I have lost thousands of dollars of property including a bike with a 50$ cable lock that was cut like it didn't exist. I came here to serve a community as a professional healthcare provider and was repaid with a bitter disappointment. The weather is VERY stable, 34-64 degrees with rain/ full overcast 5-7 days a week, year round. The view is wonderful, the people are passive aggressive and miserable, DUI is unbelievably common along with deaths and injuries that go with it. Ferries and bridges are realistically the only way out and are often down, late or crowded out. Back woods mentality and alcoholism and/ or drug addiction seems to be a requirement here. I will be leaving the millisecond that I can. Read More

Drug infested, dead economy, terrible wet weather. - 6/11/2018
I came here from upstate NY a year ago to what was sold Read More

Doesn't Get Much Better! - 4/20/2016
I have lived here for 16 years. As a dear friend used to say, "This is 'The Land of Ahhhs'..." Having lived in PA near Philadelphia, on Long Island, NY, and in Southern CA, the Olympic Peninsula is my all-time favorite place. Yes, there are overcast days, but what the chart fails to take into consideration is that even on those days, the sun usually comes out for a little while at some point. Washingtonians call them "Sun Breaks". This makes those cloudy days tolerable -- and the sunny days MORE than make up for any dreariness! It is warm enough to be comfortable 9/10 of the year, spectacularly green, friendly people, views that are unsurpassed. If you enjoy nature and don't mind being quite a distance from city conveniences (airport, up-scale entertainment, etc.), Port Angeles or Sequim are the places to live. I have never been happier! Read More

Found my heart home! - 2/11/2016
4 years in March and I'm still in love with Port Angeles. Came for the Olympic National Park, stayed for the community. This is an inspiring, and unique community full of character, charm and ingenuity. Downtown is full of small, private businesses, a fantastic Farmer's Market, orca and grey whales in the harbor, wineries and craft brewers and specialty coffee shops.

Fantastic area for vacations!

If you're thinking of relocating, now is the time - especially if you're an entrepreneur or work in the health field. The area lost a major industry (logging), and is building back from that but everything is trending positive. I think we were lucky to get in while prices were Read More

Wonderful City That Is A Diamond In The Rough - 2/5/2016
Our family (me, husband, and three little girls all under 6) moved here about a year and a half ago from UT, and we LOVE it here. There is so much to do outdoors and such beautiful scenery. There is always something going on in town, from the Dungeness Crab Festival to Brew Festivals to community events. Most of the population here is older, but they are friendly and kind. Many people here kind of keep to themselves, which is a nice change from UT-- where it seems everyone is nosey and judging their neighbors. There is quite a diverse mix of white and blue collar in the area, as well as a diverse mix of housing-- there are often large, expensive homes located right next to older, run-down mobile homes. There is an incredible view from everywhere in town, whether you want to see the water, the mountains, or both. The climate here is pleasant, with a fairly cold spring and fall, warm, comfortable summers, and rarely does it snow in town (although you can drive up to Hurricane Ridge and Read More

elemerty schools in PA are the best!!! - 6/3/2012
Wow, the Port Angeles schools are very great!!! Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Dry Creek, Olympic Christan School, and Queen of Angels. all of the teachers are so great, they teach what is above and beyond of what you would except. The kids are great and everyone has a friend. some of the schools have field trips (all have field trips, but not all have big field trips), I know that Jefferson at the end of 6th grad goes to Sol Duc natural hot springs in the Olympic Mountains. Also Jefferson goes to lake crescent for 3 day and 2 nights for school. Franklin goes to one huge field trip (if you are in the MAC program), and one time they went to Victoria B.C. and once they went to see the Seattle science center and saw the king tut, and all the artifact from Egypt. then all the schools get to have one big one of the year. and the awesome activities during and after school are tremendous. you should really move and Live in Port Angeles, Washington. (I recommend Jefferson, I go there). Thank Read More

Tail wags dog public works & utilities - 2/2/2012
Port Angeles Public Works Light Operations and Electrical Engineering departments are guilty of violating WAC 296-45-045 on a regular basis, willfully placing the public in danger to save a buck. Extreem lack of education with current practices and minimum code requirements adopted by the state of Washington in 1996 have gone ignored by City management and line crews. Keep your family safe, stay away from Port Angeles, WA!  Read More

comment - 8/20/2009
Great place, people, scenery, cool Read More

This place is Wonderful - 7/31/2009
We moved here 9 months ago from Wyoming. We absolutely love it here. We have two young boys and there is so much to do outdoors. The people are great and we feel very safe. I think that sometimes I do feel a little isolated from the rest of the world out here but all in all I would recommend this little secret gem to Read More

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1951 Finn Hall Rd
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134 Spring Rd
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1925 W 7th St
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131 W Forest Ave
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1354 W Lauridsen Blvd
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138 Shale Rd
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