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Tacoma, Washington is a mid-sized port city located 32 miles southwest of Seattle. With a population of over 213,000 people, it offers a mix of urban and suburban living, with a diverse culture and a strong job market. The city boasts beautiful views of Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound, as well as a variety of outdoor activities and a thriving arts scene. However, like any city, it has its pros and cons, and the following user reviews offer a glimpse into what it's like to live in Tacoma.

Overall, many users seem to have a positive experience living in Tacoma. One reviewer, Chris, shares on bestplaces.net that "Tacoma is a wonderful place to live. It has a unique blend of natural beauty, great food, and friendly people. There is always something to do and see here." Similarly, another user named Sarah states that "Tacoma offers a great quality of life, with a lower cost of living compared to Seattle. The job market is strong and the community is welcoming."

However, some users have expressed concerns about safety in certain areas of Tacoma. According to David, "Tacoma has its rough areas, but the city has been working hard to improve them. Overall, I feel safe and enjoy living here." Another user, Jessica, also notes that "while there are nice areas in Tacoma, there are also areas that are not as safe. It's important to do your research before deciding where to live."

In addition to safety, the cost of housing and traffic are also commonly mentioned by users. As Kayla shares, "housing in Tacoma is affordable, although it is getting more expensive. Traffic can be a headache during rush hour, but overall it's manageable." Similarly, Maria adds that "the cost of living in Tacoma is reasonable, but it can be tough to find affordable housing in desirable areas. Commuting can also be a challenge, but there are public transportation options available."

In conclusion, while Tacoma may have its drawbacks, it seems to offer a good balance of city living and outdoor attractions. As user John states, "Tacoma has a unique charm that draws people in. It's not perfect, but it has something for everyone." With its growing economy and diverse community, Tacoma seems to be a desirable place to call home for many individuals.

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Tacoma isn't perfect, but it's pretty damn great - 12/28/2021
I've lived in Tacoma for 3.5 years and love it! It's not a perfect city, nowhere is perfect and Tacoma does have its' share of problems, but overall have found T-Town to be pretty damn great. I have lived in many places all over the world. I moved to Tacoma from Norfolk, Virginia (which feels a lot like Tacoma BTW) and it feels like home here.

My favorite thing about Tacoma is the people. Tacoma prides itself in being a rough around the edges kinda town and is known as Grit City. Tacomans are friendly, but don't let that fool you, they are fiercely loyal to the city and will go toe to toe with anyone throwing shade. That said, there are some of the kindest and lovely people anywhere here. The sense of community is very strong and there is no shortage of things to get involved in with fellow Tacomans doing something to help others.

The parks, weather, and outdoor access. Metro Parks Tacoma is one of the best park systems I've ever seen. Between the trails Read More

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We LOVE it here - 7/31/2021
We LOVE tacoma. Grew up in Seattle, and tacoma is so much better! Easy access to the water, hiking, and Mt Rainier and the Olympics. We love the coffee shops and restaurants here too. And apartments are so much more affordable than Read More

Not after 23 years - 7/14/2020
Having lived over half my life here I can tell you real friends are few and far between. You will go through many and only have a handful who stick with you. Your aquantances will be numerous and easy to get along with once established for many years but it's a great break it period and many many others will reject you all together with that wonderful Tacoma atttude. That's the human life aspect. The outdoors here great for 3 months Jul-Sept but the secret nice areas away from everyone else doing the same thing you are which crowds everything take long hikes and a few hours driving to get to. (One positive for Seattle area is that their sports teams are so horrible the ticket prices to see the good teams play them is inexpensive.) The other 9 months expect rain... Rain and rain sometimes for months on end so if you enjoy grey skies and indoor activities or getting wet, camping wet and wet all the time and mowing wet grass but it sure is green...this is your kind of place. Drugs Read More

Best Place I've Ever Lived By Far - 6/27/2020
Here's the thing. I've lived in nine states during my lifetime (I'm 51 years old at the time of this writing). I grew up and lived most of my life in Indianapolis, but I've also lived in Colorado Springs, a couple towns in Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, and Montana. Tacoma is HANDS DOWN the best place I have ever lived. The weather is pretty much perfect. It is almost never too hot, never too cold, and the humidity is so mild that the air usually feels perfect in the summer. Yes, it rains more here, but it's not the kind of hard rain you get in the midwest. Usually, you can still function and go about your business even without an umbrella. Where I live, close to Puget Sound, we can sit on our balcony or deck and not have to worry about mosquitoes or flies at all. One fly might come along every tenth time we sit out there, but that one usually just flies into our house and leaves us alone. We usually sleep with our balcony door wide open at night, and no bugs Read More

Tacoma's potential - 4/28/2018
I decided to start taking all public transportation and walking the rest of the way to work every day since my taxes were paying for it. I live on hilltop and work on the border of Fife and Tacoma. After taking the Tacoma Link LR(which is free) it is a 3.2 mile walk each way. After the expansion of the LR it will be about a 1/2 mile walk. On the upside public transportation is getting really good. On the downside I'll have to find a different way to get exercise. Love it here even though my property taxes are going to get Read More
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Beautiful city--Choose your neighborhood wisely - 7/10/2017
I moved to Tacoma from South Seattle and wanted to give an honest opinion having lived here 5 years:
Pros: Beautiful waterfront, Great restaurants, little traffic if you stay off the freeways, Beautiful parks and museums, Great people. Seriously, it's all the beauty you love about the Puget sound with none of the crowds.
Cons: Depending on what neighborhood you are in, you may experience more crime than you are comfortable with. I've been in the Dometop area and I have great neighbors, but I must confess, I've grown tired of the crime. Am I in danger? No, but I can't leave anything in my front yard or it will get stolen. It's not unusual to see prowlers walking down the street looking in cars and yards for something to steal. If I lived in North Tacoma or university place, this probably wouldn't happen nearly as often. Do I recommend Tacoma for someone living in the Puget sound--Absolutely--just make sure you research your Read More

Re: Most Stressful cities - 8/31/2015
My family has lived in the metro Tacoma, Wa. area for more than 40+yrs, and we have never felt what is being said regarding this area....precisely that Tacoma is the #1 most "stressful place to live".
I would very much like to know your company has come to this conclusion, because I have never encountered anyone who felt this was a "stressful" town! Seattle, which is not even on this list, is much more stressful, just in the number of people who live there!
Tacoma has many venues to explore. We have a beautiful waterfront, which...by the way, is very safe to take walks & or have a meal at any number of fine dining restaurants any time of the day or evening!
Check out the Washington State Museum...Tacoma Art Gallery...Dale Chihuly Glass blowing business, and you can sit in the guest area and watch the highly skilled glass blowers, who create beautiful pieces!
We also have a wonderful Pierce County zoo and aquarium..."Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium", which Read More

Browns Point / Tacoma WA 98422 - 5/3/2015
Beautiful Sound Views, Affordable housing from affordable to million dollar water front homes and everything in between. Quiet Community, great Schools with parental involvement and only 15 minutes to downtown Tacoma 20 minutes to Seattle Tacoma International Airport and 30-35 minutes to downtown Seattle depending on traffic. It is a secret. Most people think it is too far away from everything, but its not. And if you have to drive an extra 5 minutes to where you are going, and that is approximately all it is, for the beauty, quiet and safety of this low crime community, most would drive the extra 5 minutes. There is actually a high population of people from all over the nation who have discovered Browns Point when they moved here, compared to the locals who live in the communities around it. I have lived in Seattle and in Tacoma and I would look across the Puget Sound at this sunny point of land with its quaint Lighthouse and finally said I want to live there. Now my Sound views are Read More

Tacoma is really cool - 8/6/2014
I moved to the north end a year ago, from Seattle, and found Tacoma is actually a really cool city. Small enough to be affordable and livable, big enough to have culture, close to amazing recreation (ocean, mountain, rainforest). Tacoma has certainly turned around in the last 5 years or so, but it's still somewhat of a hidden gem. Most people in Seattle kind of dismiss it, but as most people can't afford to live in a house in a decent part of Seattle anymore, I think Tacoma, being so much more affordable, is becoming a great Read More

Tacoma is making a turn for the better - 2/7/2014
I know some people have bad things to say about tacoma. But thats all old news!! Tacoma is up and coming! I know it has to be because companies are building mid-rise luxury apartments...Go and take a look at The Pacifica Apartment Homes they are pretty awesome! No one would dare build something so nice if the city was crap! Tacoma is awesome just like Seattle but less traffic and city noise. Read More

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