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Town Sucks. Don't move here. - 1/5/2019
My Wife and I have lived here for the last 2 years. Janesville is the pit of Hell. Nothing to do here, especially during the winter time. Closest places are 45 min to either Madison or Rockford, IL IF there is no traffic. Retail stores are closing left and right. The Mall only has 2 big major stores left. Kohls and Dicks Sporting goods. Everything else is closed. And how many gas stations does 1 town need?

Very rude and unfriendly people. Not many people with college education. People are very racist and very liberal ( Yes you read this right.....both liberal and racist at the same time ) They absolutely hate people from North East or South or anywhere else that has people with an accents. This town will never shut up about a GMC plant that closed 10 years ago. So stuck on the past and won't move on. A lot of people are overweight....
SO MANY STUPID DUPLEXES !!!! Not many decent renting options and only one nice apartment option off Racine Street, but good Read More

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semi-poor quality of life - 2/15/2016
Janesville has pros and cons to living here depending on what is important to you. Janesville has a cheap cost of living and liberal-below average schools. Since you can send your child to any school in the city my children's friends do not live in our neighborhood. There are very few activities to do here especially in the winter. I have lived here for 2 years and have not been able to find decent medical care in regards to quality. For the most part strangers are friendly but it is very hard to make new friends has most people will not let you into their social circle. There are lots of bars and churches but very few quality restaurants and they are always packed. I am considering moving to a bigger city to have more quality choices in medical care, recreation, jobs, and Read More

Living in Janesville, WI - 3/13/2015
I have lived in Janesville for 8 years and it is undisputedly, absolutely the worst place I have ever lived and I have lived in many cites from San Diego, Los Angeles, Eastern Shore Maryland/Delaware,Kansas City, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Denver, Chicago
Hands down the rudest, meanest, most bigoted racists I have EVER encountered. DO NOT MOVE HERE! DO NOT LOCATE YOUR COMPANY HERE! Unless, of course, you want your friends and kids to ignorant, bigoted, mean, unkind, unfriendly, rude racists. If that appeals to you along with Arctic weather it is just right for you. Thank God I live in the country and do most of socializing and going out in Chicago. Janesville is one pathetic, sad town. From the big grocery store to the local farm supply and hardware company who is located here to bank tellers and service personnel to servers and bartenders...rude, rude, rude! And...consistently so. Most visitors comment to me how mean and angry the people are.  Read More

Moving to Janesville, WI. - 4/21/2012
Janesville WI. was a great place in the 70's. However it has become one of the most depressing, ugly places. The people are snobs and think there better than everybody else. The woman & men are overweight and have no fashion sense. There are no jobs unless you know somebody. The laws are very laid back as far as drunk-driving. There's a bar on every corner and absolutley nothing to do. However if you got kids and you like welfare you'll get it in Janesville the welfare system is very giving. Janesville is one of the worst places to relocate or move too.
The only reason some people stay here is they are creatures of Read More

Consider Janesville - 8/4/2011
What I love about where I live: affordable housing; great school district; good proximity to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago; fantastic civic-mindedness of community members; the gorgeous landscape in Southern Wisconsin that reminds me of the Burgandy region in France.

What I wish could be improved about where I live: more cultural diversity; better employment Read More

I really hate janesville - 11/25/2010
there is no diversity, people treat you like crap if you are not from here and another race. people are very jealous if you are a woman of a different nationality. everybody is fat. they have a attitude that they are better they are fake they only are nice to you if you are a stranger just to see how you are. then they will lie on you i do not recommend living here for no one it is no diversity and they say they are not prejudice but if you are a minority they are ready to run you out of town. I can't wait to leave this trumans world place. no culture to it. no one would want to invest in it cause the people are hateful including the ones who say that they go to church i am done with this place and so sorry i moved here to many prejudice viewpoints of minorities could be why GM Read More

Not a nice place to live - 8/24/2009
Janesville is not diverse. They are also not welcoming and open to those of other culture, education and income levels. This is a very close minded city. I would not want my child to attend school here. They people and schools of this city are not open to the views and cultures of the world around them. Parts of this city are racist and discriminatory. The poverty levels are very apparent through out the entire city. Also, being from the city, I do not appreciate the farm smells you experience from the surrounding town's farms. The only benefit that comes of all of this is that the housings costs are Read More

Not a nice place to live. - 8/24/2009
The people here are not very friendly. There is very little diversity. This is not somewhere I want my children to attend school. The schools are very segregated and close minded to culture and the world around them. The poverty levels are extremely high for such a small city, especially being so near Madison. There is not much openess in the community for those who are not from the area, have money or white. Now that I have started a family, I would like to move somewhere with more value and Read More

Great City - 4/7/2009
Janesville has great schools, low crime, and it's near Madison, Rockford, Chicago, and Milwaukee (less than 1 1/2 hours). The weather is cruel, but the friendly people make up for Read More

Janesville - 2/11/2008
Pretty cold and snowy Read More

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