Review of Janesville, Wisconsin

Town Sucks. Don't move here.
Star Rating - 1/5/2019
My Wife and I have lived here for the last 2 years. Janesville is the pit of Hell. Nothing to do here, especially during the winter time. Closest places are 45 min to either Madison or Rockford, IL IF there is no traffic. Retail stores are closing left and right. The Mall only has 2 big major stores left. Kohls and Dicks Sporting goods. Everything else is closed. And how many gas stations does 1 town need?

Very rude and unfriendly people. Not many people with college education. People are very racist and very liberal ( Yes you read this right.....both liberal and racist at the same time ) They absolutely hate people from North East or South or anywhere else that has people with an accents. This town will never shut up about a GMC plant that closed 10 years ago. So stuck on the past and won't move on. A lot of people are overweight....
SO MANY STUPID DUPLEXES !!!! Not many decent renting options and only one nice apartment option off Racine Street, but good luck getting in. Good luck trying to get a house. all over priced for value for decent options due to demand.

Don't move here!!!!

Thinking of the neighboring town of Beloit instead? Ya, its worse. Don't even waste your time going to the Beloit page.

Also, Catholic culture in this town is dying. If you are Catholic be prepared for some mission work. This could be your calling.
Matt | Janesville, WI
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