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Top 5 worst cities - 5/16/2019
First of all i have lived here for 45 years. It was really good until the last 15 years. We have 6 months of winter now, no spring and when Summer comes around it's sticky and hot. The crime rate has tripled and has the most dangerous zip code in America 53206. They made a movie about this. If you like cold weather, bars, and bowling your ok here. The economy has stalled in last 15 years and Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha has suffered from low wages and crime because of it. Milwaukee is also very segregated where the black and hispanic outnumber the whites. Don't believe me check the 2019 stats. The pros are Read More

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Tons to do in this mid size city! - 7/29/2018
Milwaukee, an underrated but consistently pleasantly surprising place to visitors is experience a renaissance like never before. The amount of new projects and developments is exploding. The city is mid size but has the amenities and features of a city double its size, from the thriving theatre and arts scene, to live music venues and events, a booming and emerging restaurant scene, shopping, affordable housing, and an easily accessible sprawling lakefront with an unexpected beach painted with tiki huts and volleyball nets, this city has something for everyone. Read More

Not a bad Medium Size City - 4/16/2018
I lived here for 22 years, and have a love and dislike of the place at the same time. In the like category are the city size as it has most of what you want from a city, folks are proud and friendly in their somewhat defensive way, there is the uniqueness of the city dialect, nice museums, good suburbs, a pace of life that is not too fast and not too slow. It's Teutonic history means it has great outdoors events with music like Summerfest, and yes given the German heritage, drinking beer goes without saying. It has 2 professional sports teams which is rare for a city metro area of only 1.5 million. The local colleges are good, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is a gem too for getting a college degree either as a full time or part time working student, and the vocational tech college MATC is top knotch. Work ethic and accountability are strong here. Being on Lake Michigan is a god send for this city.
Views looking over the lake remind you that you may be at the ocean on a Read More

Most Violent City in America - 7/23/2015
Milwaukee is one of the most violent cities in America. I should know, I have lived here for over 50 years. Everyday the news is filled with the violence that takes place in this crime infested city. Little kids get shot and killed on a daily basis. Car jackings and accidents from car jackers occurs everyday. My neighbor was shot and killed by four "house jackers". If you report anything, your house will get burned to the ground. It happens everyday. I pray to god everyday that I will have the power to leave this miserable excuse of a city. Living in Milwaukee is pure hell, and that is the best I can say about this place. Read More

It's actually pretty decent - 3/5/2015
I've lived here my whole life, that's 23 years of Milwaukee experience and let me just's changed. But that's what's great about living here, you are constantly having to adapt to different living conditions. So let me break down our areas. You've got the north side, not as racially diverse, a majority of African American and Caucasian population. The only jobs you'll find up there are scattered fast food chains and factory buildings. People are generally friendly, some areas are shady but if you stay on the main streets you'll be fine. Then you've got downtown/upper-lower eastside/lakeside. It's hippie nation in that area. Great food, diversity, depending on what you're looking for reasonably priced for the view and easy access to public transportation, Water Street (google it), business and college oriented, museums, during the summer the lakeside has plenty of outdoor activities. I'd say one thing that you've got to have is a hefty wallet for anything besides a pizza and Read More

Painted Parrot Restaurant - 5/30/2014
For the over 55 crowd, the talk is, quite a few senior citizens dine for lunch here. And right accross the street is a senior apartment, that is not Read More

Response to the 2010 "Don't even think about it" p - 1/26/2014
I love these responses! Wish I had been aware of this sight when she was posting.

I think the $10.50 an hour job with a college degree might have something to do with a lack of spellchecking? (she used nickle and becuase several times) I've lived in Detroit, Chicago and now Milwaukee suburbs. We travel to the city often and maintain a residence there as well. I think the taxes could use some help and unless you live in “White folks Bay” or Shorewood, I would recommend private schools, but this isn't isolated to Milwaukee. Larger cities are all suffering from a school and services perspective right now. The bigotry piece isn’t unique to Milwaukee and its far worse in Chicago.
I do find it funny that she’s now in Texas and calling Milwaukee and suburbs bigoted with bad government.(unless she's living in Ausitn)

Milwaukee is no worse than most from an education\taxes standpoint and the parking rant, that’s big cities again, no difference.
It's Read More

Quality of life in Milwaukee - 11/28/2013
Hey...These people who are complaining about Milwaukee...Whoaa...There's so much you're not aware of...
Milwaukee is a beautiful, clean city with excellent city services of sanitation, snow - removal, leaf - removal, garage pick - up, etc. The hospitals and clinics in the Milwaukee area are world - class: second - to - none. The city itself is very, very beautiful, with one of the most extensive and gorgeous park systems in the country. The parks are clean and huge. The lakefront is lovely and extends north and southward for hundreds of miles. There are many very nice neighborhoods in the city with old, charming homes which go quickly if they are on the market.

The city has had a rennaisance in the past 20 years because living in the suburbs has become so expensive. The city is filled with churches everywhere. The MIlwaukee Symphony Orchestra and( Milwaukee Symphony Chorus )is a world - class resident orchestra which you can go to see without any parking Read More

Climate - 3/16/2013
Very Cold!!!  Read More

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