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Parking Nazis - 8/4/2012
Watch out! Parking Nazis will make you feel very unwelcome if you move Read More

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2 high security deposits - 6/1/2012
I just dont understand why our sec. dep. here are the same as rent !?!?!? Lots of other states i've noticed only charge $100 or $200 for sec. dep. !!!!!!!! Not Read More

Great Arts & Culture town - 1/25/2012
Lots of theatre, music and art Read More

Cost - 1/16/2012
Too high. Looking at other cities, the comparison is Read More

Still an underappreciated gem - 11/8/2011
When over half a million people live in a city it may be hard to call it underappreciated, but I think Milwaukee fits that bill. We lived in MIlwaukee 30 years ago, first in St Francis and then in the North Avenue/Farwell area. Recently we revisited, and marveled both at the improvements to the downtown and at the overall availability of parks, shops, good restaurants, and on and on. Good job, Read More

cold - 8/22/2011
im a black man that has lived in wiscosin all my life and the weather here the best where else can you get four season in one day no where and fall is the best time around here i love snow im ready to relocate and the reason for that is becasue im board ive been to every thing here but im almost willing to stay if i cant find a place with the weather we have  Read More

Specifics? - 1/8/2011
I tried posting this as a reply, but Sperling's seems to have a website problem. Regarding the two vociferously critical comments in Dec 2010: Two such hateful reviews make it very hard to take what you're saying to heart. In particular, could you give specific examples or links to stories to which you're referring when you mention the "child abuse" in public schools? We've lived in a fairly difficult city (Brooklyn, NY) for almost 20 years, and having been in Milwaukee twice in the past three years, I can't honestly say I've seen the things you talk about. I also know Madison pretty well, and it's always seemed, well, rather self-satisfied and overly idealistic. Bigots are everywhere--e.g., your comment about "insufferable yuppies"--but open minds may change the places they live. I appreciate other comments, however, that give specific feedback on specific issues--like the woman who talks about how difficult it was for her to meet an appropriate partner, or reasonable Read More

Milwaukee: Don't Even Think About It - 12/28/2010
Perhaps the happiest moment I had in Milwaukee was the day I left and realized I would never have to return. Yes, it's that bad, and since our new governor is the former County Executive of this hole, we can expect him to drag the rest of Wisconsin down to Milwaukee's level.

First of all, the taxes in Milwaukee are so high they're crippling, and you don't get anywhere near what you pay for: the streets are in awful condition, snow removal is so-so, police often don't respond to calls, and the schools aren't schools in any sense of the word;, they actually border on child abuse. As for things like sewers, during heavy rains Lake Michigan is used as a septic tank. In fact, about all your taxes get you in Milwaukee are an army of parking checkers that nickle and dime people handing out tickets for some of the most arcane parking regulations in the nation. I understand that taxes are the price we pay for civilization, but Milwaukee rips off its residents

As Read More

Don't Even Consider Milwaukee - 12/28/2010
As a former resident of Milwaukee, I cringed when I saw that my two choices for governor were two Milwaukee politicians becuase I fled that huge bucket of FAIL years ago.

Why am I so hard on Milwaukee? I think the question should be why am I not harder on the place? As the years went by, I pretty much discovered that even when I got a degree my job prospects would more or less consist of working as a temp for $11 an hour out in New Berlin. And even if I got a decent paying job that allowed me to utilize my skills, my housing choices would consist of a) enclaves on the far eastern end of the city populated by insufferable yuppies, b) dysfunctional crime ridden neighborhoods, or c) dull, overpriced suburbs full of bigots.

Making matters worse are the taxes. I understand that taxes are the price one pays for civilization, and though Milwaukee's are some of the highest in the nation you don't get anything approaching civilization. While the city is begging Read More

Going to church twice per week - 11/7/2010
I have four non-denom Christians in my household, all with different Read More

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